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October 19, 2016

My web master helps me travel around the globe while I am still in my robe and pajamas. My weapons of warfare are bloodless weapons. My sword is my pen. My marching orders and my ammunition come from God’s Word. I overcome Satan by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of my testimony. My enemies are not made of flesh and blood. They are dragons and demons and discarnate spirits who are preying on those who can be seduced by the lust of their flesh and the pride of life. These discarnate spirits have never found rest beyond the grave. They look for new hosts to inhabit. They have the advantage of being invisible to most. Some sensitive individuals can see them, hear them and even smell them at times. They try to recruit hit-men to do their dirty work–like you and me. They are fiendishly clever, evil, seductive, and ruthless. Our misery is their reward and satisfaction. They have had eons of training and know how to seduce those who are unwary. They can own us, control us and rob us of our free will – just ask any addict. Their lust for “more” is like an unquenchable fire.

I do not need a pulpit to speak my heart or go to war, just a pen and a woman who stands at my side and a web master who believes my heart is trustworthy and is aligned with the heart of Jesus. And I have both. And I love my high calling of storming the gates of hell and setting captives free. It’s a blast!

When my wife is away, I do not sleep with a prostitute, I sleep with my teddy bear. When sleep eludes me, I talk to my Shepherd and Commander-in-Chief and ask Him what is on His heart. Day or night, we have an ongoing dialogue. He likes it that way and so do I. I am never bored.

My high calling is to do His will come hell or high water. I have been to hell and back many times. Jesus and I go there together to set the captives free. I have chronicled my journey. You are welcome to read it. Our web master has done a superb job of presenting it at:

When the enemy comes in like a flood; and he often does, I first go to the Throne, not to the phone. I wait there for that still small voice of God to speak to me. When He tells me what to do, I don’t ask anyone else for a second opinion. Jesus didn’t! I don’t go to the medicine cabinet first. At times I pick up a pine cone from the grave of John G. Lake. Then I squeeze the hell out of it to make room for heaven in me. My hands also reach for the hem of Jesus’ garment. John G. Lake’s life has inspired me to trust in the name of Jesus over and above man’s counsel. He pioneered the “Healing Rooms” more than a hundred years ago. “The Saga of the Pinecone” tells the story. Read it and
be blessed, healed, liberated, strengthened, and filled with courage and hope. Click on the picture to learn more.

In order for anything that I have written so far to make sense to you, your journey and mine will have had to have the same focus. That focus for me is Jesus. We must know Him as God and acknowledge him as the Son of God. Until and unless we know Him that way, we don’t know Him. Most folks have to make their own escorted trips to hell and back with Jesus before they do. That way they have gotten acquainted with God’s amazing grace and mercy. And life on planet earth will have lost its luster. They will be eager to finish the race, while at the same time being eager to help others finish their race also

Your weapons and strategy of warfare will be different than mine, but that is the way God has orchestrated our lives. Every person is created to be a unique thread and color in God’s tapestry. Some of us are called to dance and sing for Jesus, while others are called to cook and clean, garden or be His prayer warriors. I have been called to be His scribe. There are many scribes. When we do find our unique high calling and settle into it, no one and nothing will be able to budge us although Satan and the world will continue to try. God’s will shall be our focus and joy will be our strength. His eyes will shine through our eyes. A joyful heart will be our constant companion come hell or high water. And rivers of tears will easily flow when we see others in pain or distress. It is a joyful and caring heart that will attract others to us and then to Him through us. Our God is very gracious. He gives everyone of his kids their own job and sandbox to play in while on planet earth. It’s finding that job and the name of the sandbox that may take a little while or a long while. May you find yours soon. That is my prayer for those who read these words and say “Amen” (so be it) to them.

Click on the sandbox

Let me explain some more. God intends every life to be a bundle of challenges and surprises. But at times God needs to shock us first to get our attention. I had to be jerked out of hell like the apostle Paul. Christmas is to be a daily event. Life on earth can be and will be an exciting, challenging and rewarding journey when Jesus is our Commander-in-Chief and we allow Him to be in control of our lives all the time.


Now let me tell you about “Frisbees for Jesus”. They are superior secret weapons of warfare while at the same time being nothing but innocent looking toys for most who play with them.

In February of 2011 we had a visitor. She felt threatened by her husband and needed a place to hide for a few days. We invited her to hide with Jesus in what has been affectionately called, “The Upper Room, the Rocking Chair of God’s heart”.

As she was walking out the door a few days later, she stopped for a moment, turned around and said, “Peter, if you do nothing else with the rest of your life but acquaint your visitors with Jesus as both the Lamb of God and also the Lion of the tribe of Judah, you will be leaving a better legacy than silver and gold.”

When she spoke those words, it was as if God was using the lips of our visitor to hand me my next assignment. I asked, “Jesus, what do you want me to do with these words?” He showed me a medallion He wanted us to have minted. He also instructed me to write and print a story explaining the importance of the medallion. By the way, the word medallion is a contraction of two words: Medal and Lion. You can read the story by clicking on either of the two-inch medallions.

Four months later a box of two-hundred medallions arrived from the mint weighing about fifty pounds. There were a dozen onlookers in our living room as we opened the box. One person exclaimed, “I see angels reaching into the box, taking out the medallions and playing Frisbee with them.”

I did not immediately see the significance of those words; but a few months later I could see the Frisbees in my mind’s eye. And not too much later we received delivery of 3000 Frisbees that have been scattered far and wide, even dropped from airplanes and thrown into rivers. Also, I wrote a companion story explaining the significance of the Frisbees. Our web master has posted it on our web site. Click on the picture of the Frisbees and you will be able to read it.

Some of the things Jesus has asked me to do have been quite costly in terms of money, others in terms of time and some in terms of both. At one point He asked me to have 3000 wallet size cards printed with the prayer, “LORD, MAKE ME AN INSTRUMENT OF THY WAR.” I grumbled and said, “Lord, everything you ask me to do is so expensive.” He replied, “Don’t ever use time or money as an excuse not to do my bidding.” I repented and had the cards printed. After they were all distributed I asked, “Lord, do you want me to have any more printed?” He said, “Yes.” I asked, “How many?” He said, “One-hundred thousand.” We still have some left. I did not bat an eyelash and called the printer the next day. And when I asked Jesus the other day if He wanted me to order more Frisbees, he said, “Yes” and I did.

Here is what one of the wallet size cards looks like, but the prayer is on the back. I included the picture and prayer in my story: WHO WILL MARCH WITH ME? The link is also embedded in the picture.

Some of the smooth stones for my slingshot are weapons of warfare, while others are intended to be healing words carefully embedded in the stories on our web site or the stories posted on YouTube. These weapons and healing words may be the titles of authors that have helped me in my own spiritual journey and my search for sanity and meaning in life. You will need to dig them out for yourself. But I would like to mention and honor two authors in particular, Dr. Paul Tournier, a Swiss physician and Fenelon, a French priest. Paul Tournier’s book helped me in my own search for sanity and Fenelon’s book “The Seeking Heart” bonded me closer to the heart of Jesus.

Here is a quote from Paul Tournier’s book “The Meaning of Persons” that I included in chapter two of my story “To Hell and Back”. It brought much healing to my tormented mind and emotions. Psychiatrists and well-meaning friends, pastors and priests generally offered me pills as their principal solution. Sad to say, Jesus, the Great Physician, was rarely suggested as an option for healing.

There comes to me a mystic, who on several occasions has had visions. I am enthralled by what he tells me. I discover that this apparently rational man has a profound intuition regarding spiritual matters, amounting to veritable revelations. Only once, he tells me, did he broach the subject with his brother, not openly, but by a discreet allusion; and he felt, or thought he felt, that his brother was beginning to wonder if he was quite sane. Since then he has carefully kept his treasures to himself. Now I understand why he asked me a moment ago what difference there was between visions and hallucinations.
The more costly an experience is to us, the greater its significance in our lives and the more it occupies our minds—and also the more we are afraid of its being misunderstood, or that it will be cheapened by some misapplied remark or suspicions. The more refined and subtle our minds, the more vulnerable they are. When we are alone we are haunted with doubts about the genuineness of our deepest intuitions and feelings—like my friend the mystic. What hurts him in fact is the contrast between his life as seen by others, and his secret life, which is entirely dominated by the visions he has had.

We have many of Paul Tournier’s books on our Upper Room bookshelf. Here is a link to a few quotes from the book, “The Healing of Persons”. Just click on the title of the book.

Whenever we find an author that speaks our heart, we broadcast the name of the author and his book or books far and wide. We purchased two-hundred copies of Fenelon’s book and gave them to anyone who wanted a closer walk with Jesus. The publisher permitted us to include the first chapter of the book on our web site. Click on the cover of the book and you can get acquainted with the author and his beautiful heart. Another author that warmed our heart is Jill Austin. She has a beautiful grasp of the gentle heart of Jesus. She wrote a very touching story called “The Electrician”. It’s just a ten minute “read” and worth every minute of our time.

A Declaration of War
October 11, 2015

Click on the picture to read the declaration

I am no longer that tame, gentle soul that would not allow himself to get angry at any cost. Read my story: Don't Do It Again! – all of it! The gentle part is still there but not dominant during this season of my life. I am no longer that people pleasing puppet that needed to receive constant accolades from the world around me. That part of who I was is hopefully dead or is dying. A new Peter was reborn. The new Peter went AWOL – Absent Without Official Leave.

Satan and my old friends see me and treat me now as a traitor and deserter and so does the world at large. Jesus told us that this would happen if we follow Him and call Him Lord. Yes, Satan and the world hate all who bend their knees to Jesus and only Jesus as their Lord and Savior and Commander-in-Chief. Sooner or later all will and must, according to Philippians 2:10-11. “…at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord to the glory of God the Father.”

Satan and the world have tried their best to shut me up, lock me up and drug

me up. And I am not the only one. Since I played poker with the devil and ate at his table and learned his tricks and then went AWOL, I am now his archenemy. That is why I am a threat to him and so is everyone else who is a turncoat and has gone AWOL. If hell has exploded all around us, that may be a sign we are on our way to heaven. It exploded all around Jesus. Now I am the Lord’s whistle blower and so are all others who have decided to go AWOL. I’ll start by blowing the whistle with these words: The world and the devil love war. It’s good for business – big business! War as we know it today employs more people and trashes more people than any other industry.

Satan has picked my pockets long enough. I caught him red-handed. I don’t buy my firewood from him any longer or pay my tithe to him. I am angry, really angry. God has fueled my spirit with His righteous anger. What a relief it is to be permitted to vent the fury and fierceness of the Lion of Judah via a pen, pictures and songs. That fury has been locked up in many bones for a very long time. He is roaring through many pens, many pulpits, many pictures and many songs. The trumpet has sounded, who is on the Lord’s side? Click on the link. You’ll either be shocked or surprised.

As a little boy one of my biggest forms of entertainment was to start fires. All I needed was a magnifying glass, a piece of cardboard and a slice of sunshine. I could keep myself busy all day long starting fires. I still love to start fires; but today, some eighty years later, my form of entertainment is to throw firebrands

into the camp of the enemy. Jesus offered me the job of being another Gideon (read Chapter 7 in the Book of Judges) and I accepted it. I am throwing many words, pictures, prayers and Frisbees into the camps of the enemy as a part of my job. It’s a “blast.” Demons tremble and stuff their ears when they hear these prayers, while captives rejoice. Here is one of my favorites.

One day the Holy Spirit dropped a nugget into my spirit and my web master helped me to make it come alive. The Lion of Judah roared: “You have diluted and polluted my Father’s Word. I won’t stand for it and will spit you out.”

Click on the LION and you will hear Him roar

“I won’t score unless I am allowed to ROAR through you.”
– Jesus –

Jesus said, that if we go AWOL, the world will see us as deserters and traitors and treat us accordingly. He said that if we follow Him, the world will hate us, because they hated Him first. We can either be in step with the world or in step with Jesus. We can’t be in step with both. In other words, if in Rome, don’t do as the Romans do. Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus, our Commander-in-Chief and the lover of our soul. If you have not considered going AWOL, today may be your day. But here is a warning:

Going AWOL may cost us our prized possessions, prized toys and prized friendships. It may cost us our job, husband, wife or even our life. If we are willing to give up all, we will be making room for the God of ALL. Our life will sparkle with meaning and “No weapon formed against us shall prosper.” Our destiny shall be secure.

”Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you.” (2 Corinthian 6:17)

Yes, let’s go AWOL today and , yes, let’s pick up our SWORDS today, take a stand and take back the land! The apostle Paul writes, “We use God's mighty weapons, not worldly weapons, to knock down the strongholds of human reasoning and to destroy false arguments.”

“The Sword of the Lord – Strongholds are Coming Down” by Rebekah Laue
click on the picture to learn more.

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