My Pagosa Assignment

Those who come to Pagosa Springs are captured by the beauty of God's creation.
Those who come to Pagosa Springs to meet their Creator, shall not be disappointed.

Narrated by:
Peter-The Lords Scribe and Storyteller


LORD, grant that Pagosa Springs, Colorado will indeed be a place of refuge and a sanctuary. Put it on the highway of holiness, revealing it only to those that You want to come. Keep it hidden, LORD, from all who mock Your Holy Name and WORD. Keep it hidden from all who do not belong and all that would hinder. It shall be hidden from evil, the snake, the adder, the lion cub and the lioness shall not be able to find it. LORD, we declare a new day for Pagosa Springs. Bring this community into a broad place where there is no lack of any good thing. With one voice we proclaim that JESUS CHRIST is both LORD and GOD in our county and country. We bend our knees to none other.


(The prayer is available in Spanish - write to: lukefour18@gmail)


My Pagosa Assignment
September 2014

The words you are reading here are "extra-terrestrial" or "other-worldly". They came through a heavenly portal at the edge of Lake Pagosa. The writer of these words is the Lord's Scribe & Storyteller. He is asking the reader not to analyze, question, critique or challenge the validity or merit of what he is reading, but just to ponder the words. They can only be apprehended by hearts that have a need to know their Creator-God more intimately.

The picture on the title page is a photograph of Lake Pagosa. The insert superimposed on the picture is a painting of an unknown artist, possibly of Russian origin. The painting is an artist's rendering of Jesus or Yeshua, if you know Him by that name. Like a mother-hen brooding over her chicks, Jesus is shown brooding over Lake Pagosa.

But why would someone take the time to create a place or web site where anyone can reveal the most secret and sacred encounters with their heavenly Father, with Jesus, the Son of God, with the Holy Spirit, with Mary, the mother of Jesus, with angels? Why would someone create a place that is "extra-terrestrial", where we are invited to disclose what is sacred, controversial, and often painful? The answer is
simple, "There is freedom, lots of freedom and healing when we can find that person, that place, that community where we can unashamedly and without fear of reprisal reveal our true self—our anguish and pain, our 'other-worldly' encounters." This web site is to be such a place. Pagosa Springs and its people is to be such a place. Yes, visitors have both seen and sensed a portal between heaven and earth here and spontaneously remarked, "It's so peaceful here."

Pagosa Springs is destined to become a place that is kindred to Lourdes, kindred to Medjugorje, kindred to the Sea of Galilee, kindred to the many places in the world where Jesus, the Christ, is a present and tangible reality. It is to be known as a spiritual destination and sanctuary for those who are hungry for more of God. It is to be known as a safe place where people are healed from their hurts, liberated from bondages, strengthened for battle and find God's high calling for their lives.

And what might that high calling look like? — making God personal and tangible to others by offering the gift of hospitality is a good place to start! But becoming a walking billboard for JESUS rather than calling attention to our self, is to be our ultimate challenge. Yes, Pagosa Springs is to be known as a place where its citizens are desperate to make God real to those near and dear to them. But for that to happen, a godly atmosphere must first be cultivated—another reason this web site has been birthed. Do get acquainted with the article that was written and the prayer that was prayed over Pagosa Springs a number of years ago. The prayer was posted in the local weekly newspaper "The Pagosa Springs Sun" on April 3, 2008. Go to: A Solemn Prayer for Pagosa Springs.

For many, the name Medjugorje will be meaningless; but for those who have made a pilgrimage to this town it is packed with spiritual significance. Any Internet search engine will lead the inquisitive reader and hungry soul to an explanation. It's that sacred soil where Mary, the Mother of Jesus, began to appear to six children in 1981. For the sake of those who are unfamiliar with Medjugorje, here is a paragraph that includes links to other sites:

Our Lady of Medjugorje (also called Queen of Peace) is the title given to the Blessed Virgin Mary by those who believe that she appeared to six Herzegovinian children in Medjugorje, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The visionaries often refer to the apparition as the "Gospa" which is Croatian for "Lady". (Please make a mental note of the similarity between the word "Gospa" and "Pagosa"—only an "a" is missing.)

It is the innocence of children and child-like adults that at times allows heaven to communicate with earth and earth with heaven. The story of the six visionaries is similar to the story of Bernadette Soubirous born in Lourdes, France in 1844. She is venerated by the Catholic Church and called a Christian mystic and saint. Five million people from all denominations make pilgrimages to Lourdes every year. In 1943 the movie "The Song of Bernadette" was made which chronicles and memorializes her life. The movie begins with these words: "For those who believe in God, no explanation is necessary, for those who do not believe in God, no explanation is possible."

A first-hand report by a friend who visited Medjugorje challenged and inspired this writer. She said, "The atmosphere of peace can be felt like a heavenly umbrella. During the day as many as fifty priests, who speak different languages, hear the confession of pilgrims. In the evening the pilgrims gather for mass and communion. I am not sure what happened to me, but I came home a different person. I just had to call and tell you what happened." She went spiritually hungry, needy, curious and expecting and was not disappointed.

"Lord, why did you want me to become acquainted with Medjugorje?" this writer queried. He replied, "I want to reveal myself in like manner to those who visit Pagosa Springs or just stop to have a picnic in the park. I want you to help bring my presence and the same atmosphere of peace to Pagosa Springs." I replied, "But Lord, how is this to happen?" The answer was unexpected, sudden and oh, so simple. He said, "Pray that those who live in this community be of one accord. Pray that I will be the highest priority in their life. Pray that those who do not belong here, who cannot find work or fellowship or purpose for their lives in Pagosa Springs be prompted to move and make room for those who belong here; and ask others to pray in like manner." But there is more!

During a trip to Israel and the Sea of Galilee, this writer picked up a rock at the edge of the sea—about the size and shape of a large Russet potato. Upon his return to Pagosa Springs he was prompted to let water from Lake Pagosa flow over the rock and back into the lake. Here is that word "prompted" again. Yes, we are to pay close attention to those promptings. It's those promptings and inklings that can connect heaven and earth—the seen with the unseen, the known with the unknown and thereby reveal the will of heaven to us. In the Book of Romans the apostle Paul speaks of that prompting as the leading of the Holy Spirit—"For those who are lead by the Spirit of God are sons of God." But caution is always prudent before following that "leading", because Satan has perfected the art of deception. "Do I leap into the unknown or stand firm, please tell me my Lord."

A pump now circulates water from the lake through a fire hydrant, which then flows back into the lake. The rock is in the cast iron pot as shown in the picture. The writer queried, "Lord, what is the significance of this prophetic act You asked me to do?" He replied, "It is my desire to make Lake Pagosa a sister-lake of the Sea of Galilee and a tangible focus for my presence. As the water flows over the rock and back into the lake, the water in the lake will be sanctified and become a source of renewal and healing. The lake is to become much more than a place to catch fish."

Miracles are stacking up at the fire hydrant and the lake. As yet, they have never been recorded anywhere. A number of visitors were so overwhelmed by the presence of the Holy Spirit that they jumped into the lake in their street clothes and baptized themselves. A divorced couple was re-married at the fire hydrant by a local pastor. Some became aware of their God-given talents as they placed their hands on the fire hydrant or held the rock in their hands. Some silently wept as the Holy Spirit became a personal and almost tangible presence.

People are being supernaturally prompted to visit this town or even move to Pagosa Springs. Some feel like they have come home. Everyone has their own unique story that brought them to this sleepy mountain community that is not all that sleepy any longer. Their stories are edifying and are helping to build a unique community of Believers in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Some are still wondering why they were so eager to leave all and move here. Others have built their dream homes, yet are still asking after it was finished, "What now, Lord?" Find your way to the fire hydrant and you may receive your answer and marching orders.

If you have had an unusual dream, vision or prompting that brought you to Pagosa Springs, do please share it. If you have a prophetic word for the community, please share it. If the Holy Spirit has touched you in a profound way in Pagosa Springs, please share it. If you have a burden for Pagosa Springs, please pray. It's OK if you prefer to remain anonymous. But do let friends and family and the world around you know where and when and how Jesus revealed Himself to you in this picturesque mountain-town in southwestern Colorado.

For years tourists have been coming to Pagosa Springs, Colorado to go hunting, fishing, hiking, skiing, soaking in the hot springs, or just to get out of the heat or smog during the summer. In time, regardless of the season, more and more will come because God's presence and peace will draw them here like a magnet. We are to be that magnet.

"Lord, I have done what You asked me to do. I now look to You, the Holy Spirit and your heavenly host to galvanize the citizens of Pagosa Springs into action. Do not allow the gods of fast, cheap and greed to control the hearts of its citizens. By faith I see and proclaim a town fully surrendered to the name that is above all other names—the name of JESUS. You told us that if we lift up your name, you will draw all men unto yourself. Your scribe and story teller is lifting up your name. and is asking others do the same."


Itinerant deaf and dumb man receives the gift of speech and hearing after living in a world of silence for 21 years. It happened in Pagosa Springs, Colorado on March 21, 1985. This simple prayer was prayed because love, faith and obedience were stronger than reason.


Tammy placed her hands on Frank's ears and spoke six words. She left to go home and so did Frank. It was late at night. A few hours later Frank woke up aware of sounds. He was confused. He walked down to the river and heard the rushing waters of the San Juan River; then he heard a cat cry. It was a strange, unknown world. Since age seven he had heard nothing after three foolish children played with TNT. His two best friends were killed and Frank stepped into a world of silence.

For four days Frank did not dare to try his gift of speech. It took more prayer and courage to tell anyone. We asked Frank, "What would you like to share with the world?" His answer was, "What God has done for me, I would like Him to do for everyone else." We also asked Tammy, "What do you want to tell the world?" This is her answer:

God is real.
The Word is real.
We could be just like the Apostles and see
people healed if we would only love enough.

To Everyone within the sound of my voice and these words:

I know that we are in the very middle of a great outpouring of God's Spirit and love.

I cannot remember the many beautiful details of the miracle that happened nearly thirty years ago, but I can tell you the highlights of what happened.

We not only had one miracle, but two, because the young woman who prayed for the deaf man also received a healing. She had felt so worthless for so long even wondering if God still loved her and heard her prayers? She was in a bad car accident four years earlier where everyone was killed (three people) except her. She was badly burnt and her face was disfigured. She has had many surgeries and will have more to repair her face. She knows rejection and that is why she stretched her hand out to the deaf and dumb man selling pencils. She had no money in her purse, so when she purchased groceries, she cashed a larger check and placed $5 in his hat. That is how it started. Then she was prompted to invite the man to a church dinner that same night. All this time the Lord prompted her to place her hands on his ears and pray a simple prayer.

When she dropped the man off at a barn where he was staying, she got out of the car and placed her hands on his ears and prayed. She did not know for four days that anything happened. When she saw him again, they continued to dialogue with pencil and paper. He told her (via written messages) that he liked to do crafts; and that is why she brought him to our home on Monday 3/25. We dialogued with pen and paper for at least two hours. Then we prayed and he and Tammy left.

It took great courage for him to break into the world of sound and hearing. At 10:30 that same night Frank and Tammy came back. He could talk and hear. The whole story is very alive in me, but I share it delicately in a world that is filled with so much unbelief.

Much love,
Peter and Rebekah


Jesus can reveal Himself as easily on a park bench in Pagosa Springs as on a church pew. He desires to reveal Himself to us and through us.

Authored and authorized by the Chamber of Commerce of Heaven!

To add your unique story, please send them to Peter at: Please provide a title with your story! And if you go to Israel, please bring back a bottle of water from the Sea of Galilee. Thank you!

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Come and See and Taste

Go to:

Build it and they'll come — They are coming!

My Pagosa Experience

Water from the Sea of Galilee

I see the Sea of Galilee at Lake Pagosa

Nancy writes on September 23, 2014
Dear Peter and Rebekah,

I am feeling like I "should" be writing something profound but in my letter of August 6, I pretty much expressed what I experienced there.

It was after I left and was thinking about the stone from Galilee, the hydrant, the water flowing over he stone you placed there with honor and reverence and the recycling of that energy through the water that I could feel the very essence of the Sea of Galilee there at Lake Pagosa. It was because you followed God's voice and by Grace this connection was made.

The vision of an arc of white pulsating light from the Sea of Galilee to Lake Pagosa stands firmly in my mind and heart. There is very much going on behind the scene. Soon it will manifest in even more dramatic ways. The peace of God hovers over the landscape you see from your dining room.

Many will come and be blessed. Some will be healed. Everything is unfolding on time.

I love you, Nancy

August 6, 2014
Dear Peter and Rebekah,

The hour is late, but I must put my thoughts into words to you. I received your note today and John's story, which I haven't had time to read but have put with my devotional material for morning.

When I held the stone you brought from the Sea of Galilee and you told me, Peter, about the water passing over that stone and returning to Lake Pagosa I thought, this divine creative God energy flows through all things at all times, and of course, it has brought the history and reality of Galilee to Lake Pagosa. There was no storm, only peace and tranquility over the water, yet I could see Jesus there walking on the water.

As I was driving over Wolf Creek, I kept seeing a picture of the lake and somewhere a bit of the enchantment of the property as seen from the deck of the Upper Room — seeing this on postcards for the use of your guests there. And are there small cards on the table which gives a short story of the stone outside which came from Galilee?

The postcards are not in the least way a commercial endeavor. Rather, as a guest in the Upper Room, there is someone very dear to me, perhaps at the moment even estranged from me to some extent.

I pick up the postcard and write something like, "Here is a glimpse of where God has allowed me to be at this moment. It is serene; it is enchanting; and I can feel the presence of God all around me. I have needed this for so long and I just wanted to share this moment with you."

I believe these cards and the words sent would bring God's blessing to each person who receives one.

If you see purpose in this, I would do the very best I could to supply the postcards to each person who receives one and definitely the stamps needed.

I love you, Nancy


Supernatural visions, dreams and spiritual enlightenment are gifts from the Divine. I have had my dreams and visions for Pagosa Springs.

In my dream I envisioned a mountain called Mesa Peak. In my dream I was happy, content, was married and had two children. The dream was so real I could feel myself walking out on my driveway to move my two girls' bikes. I was so inspired with this prospect that I got out a map and searched the whole U.S. I found Mesa Peak on the map located about 70 miles NE of Pagosa Springs in the La Garita Mountain Range.

The closest populated town to Mesa Peak was Pagosa. I made plans to come and visit Pagosa. I was introduced to Peter & Rebekah Laue through a friend. Peter & Rebekah's Hiding Place on Lake Pagosa is beautiful. I stayed there about a week in prayer and fasting. During my stay I had blessings bestowed on my life by the Holy Spirit. I opened myself up to doing and serving God with my life.

All that had come before was now meaningless. I saw through Peter's life-testimony what was really important in my life. What a glorious blessing God gave me by coming to Pagosa. God had this planned from the beginning. Now I live in Pagosa Springs and continue to have the most blessed dreams and visions.

My vision of Jesus walking on Lake Pagosa happened in September of '14. I was working around the fire hydrant, doing lawn work. As I looked to the lake, there was a white light flash and Jesus with arms outstretched and palms open, appeared.

I was in awe and shook to the core of my soul. I didn't blink; and I focused on Jesus' feet to see if they were making any marks or ripples on the water. I was amazed to see small ripples splashing as he walked and stood before me. It was an awe-inspiring vision. The Lake is blessed and Holy. I believe there are blessings to be experienced on Lake Pagosa. One just has to open up to God's voice and obey his callings, to experience all he has for us.

I enjoy my walk through life only because He Is. My hope is to share this knowledge with others to glorify God. God's blessings are great and eternal. Don't be fooled by the world's ways. Living for oneself is futile; failure is guaranteed. Be a dreamer, follow God's vision. True peace and happiness is doing for God and blessing others. Trust in God and be blessed.

Gary Creason

Another Confirmation - Stay Tuned
October 6, 2014

Dear Ones,

May the Father Above shower Peter and Rebekah with His love and the 100 fold + blessing in Jesus, our Lord and Savior's Holy Name!

Yes, we love the Pagosa Story - I knew years ago it was a "special" place to Almighty God! Amazing and I wanted to move there at that time, but it wasn't to be - thank you for the booklet. Prophetic people will understand it and I feel prophetic people will be drawn there. The prophetic will come - yes, they will have a burning in their hearts to relocate and they will know the exact date

Almighty God, you see, is never-never late.
He will show His plans to you.
He will come to those to renew -
Pour out His Blessings and peace -
Bathe them over and over with love -
Sent to them directly from Above -
Because He loves and cares for you -
These blessings are coming anew -
Pagosa is the "cleft in the Rock" for you -
And many others will not rue their plans to come and share burdens and receive healing through you -
Praise and love Me all your days - you have found so many ways.

Stay tuned!

Lancaster, Ohio

October 11, 2014

October a year ago I started having female problems. By the end of January I had had a hysterectomy and was on the way to healing. I never got to feeling really good, but went on doing what had to be done. In June I worked another "Woman's Walk" and had some kind of attack on my digestion. I laid around and rested and got to feeling better, then had another spell. Then by August had another serious one and got sick at church after lunch one Sunday; and several of the ladies said I acted like I had Gallbladder problems.

So, off to the doctor I went on Tuesday; they sent me for a sonogram and next day called me in to tell me I was being diagnosed with cancer of the liver. Back to Dr Phillips who did my surgery in January, a CT Scan, a biopsy, and somewhere during this God gave me peace about taking Chemo. So I have now had 3 Chemo treatments. I was loosing weight and getting weaker even before the Chemo—hardly had any energy.

But during all this time I have been reading healing scriptures over myself daily—out loud, never saying I have cancer; I have only been diagnosed with it. I also visualize my Liver and Gallbladder whole and healthy.

I also let all my Prayer Warriors and Emmaus and Church family know to pray. People started sending me prayers and Scriptures. My sweet husband also lays his hand on my stomach each night and prays for perfect healing!

Now to last week, we had our vacation already planned so the Chemo nurse skipped that week. So off to New Mexico and Colorado we went. I still had very little energy, but ate Mexican food the first stop we made. I kept saying I am well, I can eat this. I just couldn't eat very much at a time.

We held the Rock from the Sea of Galilee (Jesus walked on this water, the water washed the Rock.)

We held a 'Pine Cone' from the grave of John G. Lake—a symbol of his healing anointing. (You can Google him if you are not familiar with him. His ministry is still very active in Dallas, TX.)

The last morning as we packed the car to leave, Peter said he had one more assignment. God instructed him to curse the disease to shrivel and die, then for healing to come. He used a raisin to represent the cancer. He cursed the cancer and prayed over us; then he had me throw the raisin to the ground and we all stomped it! "Cancer you are under our feet and the feet of Jesus!!!"

We left and I realized when we reached Santa Fe, I had gotten up that morning feeling better than in a long time. I had energy and could go up and down the stairs without having to stop and rest. I had my energy back. I was hungry. I believe my first miracle has happened; the Gallbladder is healed. The liver is not hurting and when I know it is healed I will request another sonogram. I know the Chemo will not heal but only Jesus will heal completely.

This is the poem God gave me as we left to come home.

Jesus was 3 days in the tomb. We were 3 days in the Upper Room. We went sick and weary and tired. Jesus came to the Upper Room as the Lion of Judah and inspired. He reached in and we left refreshed and renewed. His scribe and disciple, Peter, ministered mightily. Healing has come and bondages are broken in Jesus' Name!

Matador, Texas


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