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D-DAY in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, USA
April 13, 2008

This letter is for every heart, every home, and every hamlet.
It's from the heart of God. It's a warning and a wake-up call!

Don't get ready. Stay ready!

On Thursday April 10th, 2008 "The Pagosa Sun" printed a full page color ad on the back page of the PREVIEW section. We thank all who helped pay for the ad. God knows who you are. The ad announced To Hell and Back, authored by the Lord’s scribe Peter and his handmaiden Rebekah.

The book is free to anyone who has access to the Internet and that is nearly everyone. Most libraries allow us to access the Internet at no cost. The book is copyright free and can be downloaded and printed by anyone that has a printer. It's worth the cost of an ink cartridge and 140 sheets of paper.

Placing an ad into a newspaper is very much like dropping propaganda leaflets from airplanes into enemy territory. No one can predetermine, except God, where the leaflets or the ad will land or how they will affect the person who picks up and reads the leaflet. The intent of the book is to wake up and shake up those who have been captured by Satan, but don't have the foggiest idea that they have been had or that he even exists. The authors know all about being deceived, betrayed and have been sent on many a fool's errand. That is why they had to tell their story. That is why they had to expose the deceptive practices of Satan. They were compelled to do what they did. It was not an easy assignment. They had to experience the reality of hell before they could write about it.

The picture of the paratroopers is prophetic. Some have already seen angels with flaming swords ringing the high peaks of our valley. “He makes his angels spirits; his ministers a flaming fire.” (Psalm 104:4). Others have seen heavenly portals opening over Pagosa Springs. Some are able to see and sense that heaven is on the offensive. This letter and this picture are letting us know what is happening. It's economic crunch time, but tame at the moment compared to what is around the corner. God will not condone or tolerate economic systems based on extortion, greed, deception and the survival of the wicked. Monopoly is a ruthless game.

If we place our confidence in the next president, governor, mayor or county commissioner, our confidence is misplaced and will betray us again and again. If our confidence is in our securities or gold coins, we are building our houses on sand or with a deck of cards. Our confidence has to be in God or we are undone!

If as a child we have built houses with decks of cards and have seen them collapse, we have an accurate picture of what I am saying, sensing and seeing. Economic crunch times, when credit cards are maxed to the limit, bring out both the worst and the best that is in us. And by the way, there will not be enough drugs in drugstores or alcohol in liquor stores to placate our out of control erratic thoughts, emotions and actions. Demons of addiction will be able to play havoc with their victims. They are spoiled and unruly brats that want what they want when they want it. Most of us have learned this the hard way.

"To Hell and Back is a warring, warning and liberating book. It's an epistle, a missile and includes prescriptions for healing. Take a flying leap into the unknown. Open the file and download the book. Read it carefully and prayerfully. Read it more than once. The file is 2.9 megabytes. It will take a few minutes to download for those who do not have a DSL hookup to the web. If you need further directions, feel free to write. We hope to have a few hard copies available before long.

Peter D. Laue

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