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By what I share, you will know how much I care.

April 18, 2019

There is a lot going on at 965 Cloud Cap Avenue in Pagosa Springs. It was World War III here recently. I am the Lord’s war correspondent today. This is a heart-hitting story. It involves our beautiful granddaughter Kristina. She will be 21 next month. I am penning these words for everyone's benefit, including my own. I want parents, grandparents and the world at large to gain insight and hope. Yes, hope is very important. I want them to know that they are not alone in their battles. I want them to know that there is someone, many someones who really care and can identify with their anguish, is praying, fighting and scribing on their behalf. I want to challenge parents to exercise their God-given authority over their children. Some parents have forfeited their authority by allowing their children more liberty than they are ready for. Some are even intimidated by their own children and don't know when or how to use the word "NO!" They have allowed baby sitters, the media, public schools and universities to raise and tutor and shape their children’s lives.

I feel like a war correspondent who has been on the battlefield and has observed first-hand the battle raging for his granddaughter's soul and sanity. It is apparent that many children have little or no regard for authority – neither for their parents, the law nor the Lord. They do what they want, whatever feels good, and whatever they can get by with. They allow peer pressure to set the rules of behavior and conduct instead of parents, the law and God's Word. Parents are also at fault. They allow their children to make their own decisions, have driver’s licenses, smart phones and credit cards before they have demonstrated they are responsible adults. Peer pressure and the media has sculpted their personality. They only wake up to reality when they hear a police siren or hear about a best friend killed in a car crash or committing suicide. Parents face reality when a sheriff knocks on their door or an emergency room calls their number.

At the rate moral values are declining and decaying, things will get a lot worse before they are going to get better. Our whole social, economic, political and religious structure is at a tipping point ready to go belly up. Jesus said this would happen. It's time to be and stay on high alert, get angry, stay angry and act decisively! The media is partly responsible for that and so are the laws crafted by our politicians and the verdicts handed down by the Supreme Court. Many already know that. Yes, we are at a tipping point. I am stirring the pot. I will shake up and try to wake up as many as I can with my war stories and the stories we have already posted on our web site. This report and the pictures is only a start. It lets you know that I am hot under the collar. Writing these words helps me to unload my heart and hopefully recruit others to war and pray alongside of me. I sense the Archangel Michael standing by my side, guiding my pen which is my sword.


Here are the facts so far:

Son Peter came with daughter Kristina from California last Monday afternoon, April 8. He rescued her from Skid Row in Los Angeles where she was ready to become the sex slave of a drug addict. Those are my son's own words. A friend helped him locate her whereabouts. She is in the left corner of the picture, talking to another addict she befriended. You can recognize her by her long, red hair. By the grace of God she was not swallowed up by one of the tents before my son arrived and found her. My son Peter had to coax her into his car. He took her to an emergency room in Los Angeles where she was in lock-up for two nights. So far she has not forgiven him for violating her freedom to make her own decisions. He called us and asked if we would be willing to help by letting her stay with us in our beautiful log cabin home on Lake Pagosa. We did. We readily said, "Yes" and told our son to come and bring his daughter. He was here two days later. We have always enjoyed a good relationship with Kristina.

(click on the picture)

The below picture on the left was her 2016 graduation picture from high school. She graduated with honors and could pick any university for her education. She was never a problem child until she went to the University of California at Berkley – her decision. That's where her journey into addiction started. It started with the drug CYMBALTA, prescribed for depression by a university counselor. Psychiatrists treat depression as a chemical imbalance. The problem is a lot more complex than that and can't be fixed with just a simple pill. From the antidepressant CYMBALTA, legally prescribed, Kristina quickly graduated into a variety of illegal drugs. She began to self-medicate herself. She told us, her grandparents, that acid, also known as LSD, was her first drug of choice to deal with depression. After using acid, she graduated into using a variety of other more addictive drugs. It’s amazing how easily these illegal drugs can be purchased. Mind and mood altering drugs, whether legally prescribed or illegally obtained, can prematurely rip open the veil between this world and the next. Once we have entered into that other realm or reality, it’s next to impossible to forget or block out what we saw and experienced. It’s like trying to erase a near fatal crash or a very meaningful or pleasurable event from our memory. We will try to find others with whom we can share what happened to us. The very thought that we might have lost our mind, is unthinkable and frightening.

Her stay with us lasted only four days. Her behavior was manic and unpredictable. She wore us out by her incessant need to talk day and night either on the phone or to anyone who was handy. She violated every boundary we established to keep her safe and sane. Her Dad, our son, was not able to control her or speak sense into her and neither were we. Our local sheriff came twice to the door during the four days she was in our home. Her behavior in town and the neighborhood was bizarre and disruptive. She never attacked us with foul words or disrespectful behavior. Neighbors and people in stores and coffee shops were her target and called the sheriff. At times she was disrespectful to her dad and
then quickly repented. She would escape from our home at the drop of a hat. She called 911 reporting that she was being held hostage in our home. Here is the card of one of the three sheriffs.

I am writing these words for the benefit of the many who have fallen prey to addiction and the people who try to help them. It is also intended to alert prayer warriors to get on their faces and onto their war horses and cry out to heaven for help. There are many addictions over and above and beyond drug addiction. I will name just a few such as social medias, smart phones and other electronic devices/toys.

I am angry. I am really angry. I am motivated to do what I can but only what the Holy Spirit directs me to do, say or write. When the devil tried to abduct our granddaughter, he shot himself in the foot. Yes, make no mistake of it, there is a real war, a real devil and also a real God. The name of the real God is JESUS. JESUS is not only my God but also my Commander-in-Chief. Only Jesus knows how to turn things around for good and has the power to do so. That's for sure! What the devil meant for evil, my God will turn around and use for good. That's a done deal! I can sleep at night most of the time.

Jesus has been waiting for us to sound the alarm. That’s what I am doing at this very moment. Sound the alarm with me. You can do that by trumpeting these words. He is waiting for His Warrior Bride to rise up and go into battle. Please make it a point to call upon Jesus before dialing 911. Then do what He instructs you to do even though it may be hard or unpopular. I assure you, it will be hard, unpopular and politically incorrect. Jesus is the only one who can turn things around, who can turn us around. We all needed to be turned around. I see it as pure grace the day Jesus turned me around. I shall never stop thanking Him.

There is no doubt in my heart and mind that Jesus will prevail and that Kristina will emerge safe, sane and victorious, but not without a fight. I have already seen the makings of a crusader peaking through. The name Kristina means: 'Follower of Christ'~ 'Near to God'.

It takes desperate situations like what happened to gather together an army of prayer warriors and weeping intercessors. Please share these words with those the Holy Spirit flashes across the screen of your heart and mind.

And here is the ticket:

Yes, Kristina knows Jesus; but as yet she does not seem to know or believe that He is God and the Son of God. He is an add-on to other gods she believes in.

GOD has raised Jesus up to the heights of heaven and given Him a Name which is above every other name, that at the Name of JESUS every knee shall bow in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue shall confess that JESUS CHRIST is LORD, to the glory of GOD, the Father.
Philippians 2:10-11

Here are words Kristina penned and wanted to share with us at three o'clock in the morning. We made her a cup of hot chocolate and invited her to sit between us in bed, while her Dad watched in stunned silence. She finally calmed down and went to her own bed in the Upper Room.

As I write these words today, Kristina is on a locked ward in a Los Angeles area hospital. With great difficulty her dad managed to take her back to California. She walked out of the house the other night pulling a suitcase. She called 911 from her cell phone. We don’t know what she told the operator or police. The police found her and took her to a hospital for her own safety. Yes, many are living on the streets and the cusp of insanity. My heart goes out to them – all of them.


Something other-worldly happened to this scribe and war correspondent in the process of filing his report. And he hopes it will sooner or later happen to many others.

Suddenly I saw addicts, every person addicted to anything, trapped, yes trapped like in a wrecked or crushed car – their body, mind, emotions and soul trapped. There was no longer a judgmental or critical spirit in me towards them. There was no longer a need to file a negative report about that person, lecture, correct him or try to straighten him out. Suddenly the words and the picture “jaws of life” flashed into my spirit. “Jaws of life” are tools used to extricate an injured person trapped in a wrecked vehicle or anything else.

Firemen rescue injured and trapped people. That’s one of their jobs. They never lecture them. They don’t write tickets. They tell them to hold on and not give up if they are still conscious. In a careful way, they try to extricate them with a tool called “jaws of life” while an ambulance is standing by to take them to a hospital.

Then I saw Jesus as our “JAWS OF LIFE.” He had extricated me from my addictions. Suddenly I saw addicts, any and all addicts, trapped, bound, deceived and gagged by hideous, evil-intentioned spirits. I am not able to see these spirits, but some can. A righteous anger rose up within me toward these foul spirits. Yes, addicts are hurting and deceived souls trapped behind both visible and invisible bars. Their jailers are real but invisible to most. A fighting and compassionate spirit rose up within me. I asked Jesus to teach me to be His fireman and show me how to use the “JAWS OF LIFE.” I want to do what I can to free imprisoned souls. Helping those in pain and prison has its own reward for me, for many of us.

I saw Jesus as the epitome of the “JAWS OF LIFE AND LIBERATOR” willing to risk, even give his life for total strangers. Yes, I sensed His very spirit guiding me to write these words. Silently, through His example, He modeled for me what the Jaws of Life and Love look like. The Lord illuminated my conscience. He showed me my addictions. Without the grace of God I would still be trapped and would not have a leg to stand on.

Try this on for size. Click on: The best "high" is to know "the Most High"

Peter-The Lord/'s Scribe and War Correspondent

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