The Illumination of Conscience
Posted by Peter and Rebekah Laue on November 20, 2017

Given to the late Pastor John Hinkle of Christ Church, Los Angeles, in 1994

On October 18, early in the morning, God gave me the most powerful vision I’ve ever had.

Suddenly, I was in this gigantic football stadium with the game going on. I do not know where it was or who was playing. I only heard the announcer say that over 80,000 people were in the stadium. As I watched, in the next split second of time, the Holy Spirit came as Light and seemed to stand beside everyone in that stadium. The Holy Spirit was not in them, but was beside them. Instantly, everything stopped. The game ceased, for in that moment God had shown everyone individually just where he stood on the pathway of life and eternity in relationship to the glory of God, or to evil and eternal darkness. It was so awesome. It is impossible to describe.

The players, the officials, and everybody in the stadium were on their faces weeping and crying out to God, either for His mercy or for the joy of seeing the glory of Heaven revealed, according to whether they believed or did not believe.

Again, let me say, the Holy Spirit was beside each one, and He showed them exactly where they were on the pathway of their present life, moving either toward darkness or Light. It was as if God had caused time to stand still for a few moments and everyone looked into eternity. Everyone knew it was God, and they knew that they knew it! There was no doubt left anywhere. It was as if God stripped away every deception that man had let come into his life, and there he stood before the reality of life as revealed in Jesus Christ our Lord.

There was no condemnation from the Lord and there was no judgment, but it was God reaching out to everyone in His love to let them see just where they stood on the true pathway of life, and whether they were going toward evil or God, and there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that it was God. I also knew at this moment that it was happening worldwide. No one looked to his right or his left. He was not concerned about anyone else, but only his personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. He knew in that moment beyond all shadow of doubt that Jesus Christ was King of kings and Lord of lords.

The scene changed and I was looking at the stock exchange, and everyone in it was on their face before God, crying out either for mercy or for more of His righteousness and glory to rule in their life. Everything in the whole world paused for that moment! How long the pause was, I do not know. Just a few moments, I assume, but it was enough.

The people on the streets of every city in the world were on their faces and everyone was shown that if they believed in less than Jesus Christ, they had been deceived. All shortcomings were exposed in the light of His love, and mercy and forgiveness awaited those who truly repented and wanted eternal glory in Him.

Tens of thousands of people began to head for the churches, and the churches were filled to overflowing, but there were no services as we know them, because every minister, priest, and rabbi was on his face before the Lord, for he, too, had had his very soul exposed totally to the glory of God and he realized his own shortcomings and wanted more and more of the Lord Himself. Every person in the world knew in that moment that he had a choice to make. God did not force, and again, let me emphasize that there was no condemnation and there was no judgment. There was just the darkness of man exposed to the glory and the love of God for him.

Immediately following this, the Lord gave me Isaiah 40:5 as a confirmation of all that was going on. It says, “And the glory of the Lord shall be revealed and all flesh shall see it together.” All flesh was seeing it! Every believer’s heart was so lifted up because he had seen the glory of God that went beyond anything that he could even imagine or conceive, and he knew that it was the power of the Holy Spirit that was revealing it to him and calling him into a new righteous relationship with God. He knew that this was in spite of his mistakes and that the blood of the cross had set him free and would set him free to continue on.

It is my personal belief that this is going to happen soon for the whole world. God did not mention a date, but scripture speaks of it and I believe it will be happening soon, for I see clearly now that only the Spirit of the Living God can change the world. Jesus Christ is still King of kings and Lord of lords, and no matter how dark it looks in the world, the power of God can change it, and will change it in one great burst of His glory if He so chooses to do it that way.

Praise God that we are all in the palm of His hand and the reality of Jesus Christ as our new life in Him is being revealed momentarily to every believer! In the moment that this great power of the Spirit came upon every person in the whole world, it was like each individual had an experience with the Lord like Paul had in Acts 9, as he was on the way to Damascus and felt that all-powerful, glorious change. I believe that deep in everyone’s heart there is a hunger and thirst for the reality of Jesus Christ as our new life and that the Holy Spirit will soon reveal this to each one of us.

Praise God! Praise God!

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