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Life Letters

The Highest Addiction
October 20, 2012

In January of 1971 I volunteered my time at the Olive View Hospital in Sylmar, California. On the 7th floor of the Los Angeles County Hospital the courts placed heroin addicts for 21 days, hoping they would be able to kick their addiction. They were treated with Methadone, a drug that simulates the effects of heroin. I was primarily there to escort patients to other departments for x-rays and other services not available on the 7th floor. These patients, both men and women, were prisoners but no one treated them that way with one exception; they were not allowed to leave the 7th floor without permission and supervision.

A conversation with one of the patients has lingered for nearly 42 years. The patient spontaneously volunteered these words, "Peter, you will never get addicted to drugs because you have the highest addiction. You are addicted to God. The only way to break any addiction is to have a higher, stronger, more compelling addiction." These words were God's gift to me and forever will be. I am passing them on to you today. Maybe there is someone reading these words who is lacking this "highest" addiction?

During the time I volunteered my services, a tangible and holy anointing was draped over me the moment I stepped off of the elevator on the 7th floor. Time stood still. I experienced an "eternal now" that is still real to me as I am writing these words. I was shrouded by the very presence of God. Every moment I spent with the patients was a great joy and privilege. I saw everyone, staff and patients alike, as family. I noticed that the patients were most at ease with the custodians and one another. They shared things with them that doctors and nurses seldom got to hear.

It was so easy for me to love these addicts. I was 38 at the time. My heart went out to all of them. I played ping-pong with them, watched television, listened to their stories and told mine. I remember the day the patients were invited to go sightseeing on a buss provided by the hospital. One of the patients asked, "Peter, are you going with us?" I said, "Why do you ask?" He replied, "Nothing will happen to us as long as you are on the bus."

And then the day came when the anointing of the Holy Spirit did not greet me any longer when I stepped off of the elevator. I felt vulnerable and totally out of place. I no longer fit; I no longer belonged. I had no idea at first why the anointing of the Holy Spirit had left or why I was no longer aware of Him. A few days later I quit my job. A few weeks later, early in the morning, the hospital was destroyed in the February 1971 Southern California earthquake. Our home in Sunland was also damaged. Had our children slept in their bedrooms that night they might have gotten killed or severely injured. Heavy book cases filled with books and knick-knacks had fallen across their beds. Now I can see God's hand and provision in all of this much more clearly. Thank you Jesus, thank you Holy Spirit for being with me and my family even while I was not always aware of Your presence.

It's never too early or late to say "Thank you". Today, on October 20, 2012, I am expressing my gratitude once more by penning and sharing this story. May it encourage you and fill you with hope and peace.

The best "high" is to know "the Most High"

Peter & Rebekah Laue
Pagosa Springs, Colorado

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