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Life Letters

Peter's Next Assignment

January 1, 2014

JESUS: My friend Peter, I have an assignment for you that you are well qualified to carry out for Me. Since you have also been rejected by the world and the church, you have an inkling of what I went through when I was on earth. Since you were also rejected by your own people because of Christ in you, you can feel my pain. You have also learned first-hand how precious it was to my heart, when Mary of Bethany poured out the alabaster jar of spikenard over Me and wiped my feet with her beautiful hair. The spikenard was the equivalent of a year's wages. Her act of devotion will be a memorial to her for all eternity. I spoke those words then and I speak them now. I want to remind everyone who reads these words that those who sit at my feet comfort my wounded spirit and broken heart. They bring me a gift I will never tire of - the gift of themselves.

I placed by your side your handmaiden Rebekah, a woman who has a "Mary" heart. She has served you as a Martha but has loved you and Me as only a Mary is able. She has healed your wounded heart and by doing so is also healing mine. Your heart and my heart would be desolate without her. I am now asking you to search out the hidden Marys in the world and bring them to my wounded, aching side. My heart cannot be mended any other
way. This is part of the eternal plan that will heal my Body and unify my Church.

PETER: Lord, can you show me how I am to proceed?

JESUS: I want you to offer the picture your handmaiden Rebekah painted for you and Me to all who will receive it. Only those with a "Mary" heart will respond. They will spare no expense framing the painting and placing it on the walls of their homes. In fact, for some, it will be the equivalent of an altar. Like I came to visit Mary of Bethany and her sister Martha, I will also tabernacle with those who receive the painting. Many Marthas who read these words will hang up their aprons to sit at my feet. The fragrance of spikenard will linger in their homes.


Please respond by sending a personal handwritten letter to Peter and Rebekah, c/o Stretcher Bearers for Christ. The mailing address can be found on the home page of this web site at: If this comes your way by regular mail, let us know if you would like a print of the picture my handmaiden Rebekah painted for JESUS.


"Assuredly, I say to you, wherever this gospel is preached in the whole world, what this woman has done will also be told as a memorial to her." Matthew 26:13 and Mark 14:9.

The deed of Mary, so strange, so inappropriate (in the middle of dinner) condemned by those who had no place in their hearts for Jesus' needs.

Jesus, moved profoundly by her poignant grasp of His coming death, lifted this deed to the place of an eternal memorial.

Linked forever to the gospel, exalted by Him, as no other event in the Bible.

This deed we must understand. It is His Emphatic Command to always present the story where the Good News is preached.

The question is: Does this act speak to me in the core of my salvation as part of the simple redemptive plan of Christ? Is it memorialized in me? What is the meaning of Mary's act?

The disciples raised a smug defense of humanity's need. "It should have been given to the poor." Their certainty was that Christ existed for mankind. That human crisis was God's obligation and the first priority for Christ's followers.

They were wrong!

Such is the mistake to which all believers fall prey. To serve people is the error which ends their worth to God and the hope of fruit. Turns them into bitter slaves of human devastation while certain it is God's will, sacrificial but heavy, heavy.

It is the error of Martha!


Excerpted from the book: "ADORATION" by Martha Kilpatrick.

PS: The world's aim is to place a Starbuck Coffee Shoppe at every street corner. Peter's aim is to place the story of Mary of Bethany on every coffee table and on every kitchen counter. What a grand challenge! Please give me a hand with this assignment. If you want to go deeper, order the book and go to this page on our web site: Mary of Bethany's Song.

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