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A Cup of Coffee
March 8, 2019

If you have stumbled across this page on our web site, it was not by accident. Before you read the letter to friend Barbara, please make yourself a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate and turn off your phone and television if it happens to be on. Try to picture your own name on top of Barbara’s name. There is a good chance that there is something in the letter to Barbara that will have your name by it.

Peter, the Lord’s Scribe & Storyteller

My dear Barbara,

I was planning to have a cup of Starbuck coffee with friend Gary today. He opted going to "Urgent Care" at the Pagosa Medical Center instead. It did not sound serious and we postponed our coffee date.

So I asked, "Lord, is there someone else you want me to have a cup of coffee with?" You came to mind. So, get yourself a cup of coffee before you keep on reading. I have mine plus a piece of chocolate cake covered with lots of gooey chocolate frosting.

The Starbuck coffee is available at City Market here. It does have an extra punch over and above what I brew at home. The market also has a pharmacy and a place where customers can sit and wait for their prescriptions to be filled. It's where Gary and I hang out. I always take a few of Frances Roberts' little booklets with me that I can share with some hurting or curious soul. I often find one. I get real happy when someone is willing to share their hurts with me. That's when I function the best. Here is a picture of me sitting by the pharmacy. I am holding a copy of the little booklet "Lovest Thou Me?" in my hands.

I received 4,500 booklets from the author's son Dan Roberts. He told me that I could do with them whatever the Lord showed me. Dan just gave them to us. Our kids brought them from California last year in August. I have given more than half of them away. Most of them were mailed to friends via UPS which is right next to the City Market. The Lord said that I am not to sell them, not even to charge anyone for postage. One person sent us a check for $1,000 before their package arrived.

And so it goes. Jesus knows what we need, when and how much. Two-hundred of the booklets are now at "Wash & Dry", a Laundromat in Whiteriver, Arizona. Folks can read them there while doing their laundry and take them home if they like. Whiteriver's population is 98 percent Navajo Indians. We are very fond of these people. Whiteriver has 4000 souls as of the last census.

The Laundromat in Whiteriver and the pharmacy at City Market are currently two of my favorite fishing holes. We also catch some big whoppers on our web site.

In this season of my life, I am now 86, fishing for souls, writing letters and hosting visitors is what I enjoy the most. Many of those souls have found their way to our door, others have found their way to our web site: They are hurting and searching souls that are led here by the Holy Spirit. Most of them stay only for a few hours or a few days. Right now we have one of those spiritual casualties in the Upper Room. She has been here since the first of February. Jesus said our home was a place of miracles and wow, it has been. I have to hold onto those words when we are confronted with really stubborn and taxing situations. I do prefer for folks to come who are needy and searching. Some folks knock on our door because they are just curious about what is going on at 965 Cloud Cap Avenue on Lake Pagosa.

We have both survived some very serious physical and spiritual attacks during the past six months. You will remember what they are. We are both well again but are doing everything more slowly. I use a cane when I walk to the mailbox. You can see a little corner of it in the below picture.

Folks and friends have been and still are exceedingly generous financially and in other ways. Just yesterday we received a check from friend Brian. Brian stayed nearly a whole year with us in 1980 and 1981. We taught him how to make sandblasted signs. He was a hurting and searching puppy when he first came. He went back home to California, raised up a sign company and also got married. He just sold the company, "Third Floor North" to his employees and is remembering his benefactors Peter and Rebekah. And so it goes. The love and generosity of Jesus is being made exceedingly tangible through his saints and servants. Our mailbox is full of surprises and also a few challenges and sometimes disappointments. Rebekah sometimes reminds me that life is uncertain and to eat dessert first.

You may recall that we have put a number of ads in our local Pagosa Springs paper since last July. It gives me great joy to do that. The Holy Spirit prompts me to do these unusual things. That prompting is becoming clearer all the time. Friends have helped us pay for the ads. They cost $234. Here is the latest one we put into the paper on February 14, Valentine's Day. The Holy Spirit is very specific about when to put the ads into the paper and what part of the paper they are to appear in. You have probably already read this ad, but it's good a second time around. We have put eight ads into the Preview section of the paper since last July.


It's time for us to reheat our coffee or get another cup. What is next is quite unusual. So, hold onto your seat. I know you are unusually sensitive to the moving of the Holy Spirit. If this has your name by it, you will know it.

Many folks sense the lateness of the hour. I know you do. They are sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for that "Big Event". It has been repeatedly prophesied that it would happen - the End of the Age. Many folks are in a state of expectancy. We are! Some folks are ready for the "Big Event" and have oil in their lamps and have trimmed their wicks. Many folks have no idea how to get ready or that our world or their soul is in jeopardy.

I keep asking Jesus if there is anything that I am to do to cause the End of the Age to manifest. He said, "Peter, keep going to your favorite fishing holes and keep fishing for those hurting and lost souls. I will show you where to go and when. Also, keep writing and keep encouraging the saints. I want to use you to raise up more apostles like unto Peter, Paul, John and James. I will do that if you hearken to my voice and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit." As you read and ponder these words, Jesus may show you that you are one of these apostles. I see you as one of them. You are one of Jesus' hidden saints and a showcase of his grace.

There are two very specific things I am to do first thing in the morning. I am doing them and have been doing them for the past month. I am to read and ponder words written by pastor John Hinkle in 1994. They are posted on our web site. Here is the link to The Illumination of Conscience. I am also to read and ponder the words we posted in our local paper on Valentine titled "LIFE". I have a few extra copies of the ad. If anyone wants one, I will send it to them.

I have personally experienced that illumination of conscience on February 1, 1970. It was an overwhelming experience. I shared what happened in the epistle: "On the Road to Damascus". Most likely, you have already read it and have had your own illuminating encounter with Jesus, probably more than one. I have never been the same. A few people thought I had lost my mind because my focus and priorities changed so dramatically and so quickly. The apostle Paul was never the same after his encounter with Jesus on the Road to Damascus. God uses these people who have had a radical visitation in special ways. They become the Lord's compassionate counselors, warriors, evangelists, teachers and cheerleaders. Many become spiritual pioneers and are willing to be rejected by the world for Jesus' sake. Following Jesus wholeheartedly is very expensive.

Well, my dear Barbara, I could go on because I am a writer and storyteller. I know there will be something in my letter that the Holy Spirit will illuminate for you. I hope one day we can sit together, maybe even at the pharmacy, and have a cup of Starbuck coffee. If it does not happen in Pagosa Springs, we will have a date on the other side. We will have many dates on the other side of the Jordan.

Barbara, I love you very much.

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