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God's Amazing Roar
January 1, 2018

Jesus was betrayed by Judas Iscariot for thirty pieces of silver. I was betrayed (scammed) for fifty pieces. Many of us know what it feels like to be betrayed or scammed. Judas never repented. It was a part of God's script that this was to happen. What I am sharing is also a part of God's script.

I caught and named the thief. He was careless and did not cover his tracks. God had it planned that way in order for God's amazing roar to travel through me and find an "amen" in others. Jesus said that everything that is hidden will be revealed. Sooner or later every thief will get caught and every unconfessed sin will be illuminated. Then it's payback time unless there is genuine repentance. Thieves may be sorry they get caught, but not be "sorry" for what they did. The thief picked my pocket and has probably picked many other pockets. He wore the garb of a well-dressed citizen. He had an engaging way about him. The name of the thief is "greed". Greed and need combine to drive the economic engines of the world. Greed and lust are like riptides or whirlpools; once we are caught in them, it is difficult, next to impossible, to escape on our own. John Newton survived and escaped and subsequently wrote the song "Amazing Grace". Jesus came to his rescue. By God's grace, I survived. Jesus also came to my rescue. I am singing, celebrating, roaring and paying His grace forward.

A thief is never satisfied with what he has; in fact, he even likes to boast to his cronies what he got away with. A greedy person always wants a little more, just like an addict. His appetite for more is like a bottomless pit that can never be filled or satisfied. Ask a rich man what it will take to make him happy and he will say, "Just a little more." Ask a CEO (Chief Executive Officer) what would make his day and he will say, "Just a little larger profit." Whenever fame or gain are more important than people, our soul is in jeopardy. Is my soul in jeopardy?

Today the Lion of the Tribe of Judah in me is roaring. Today I am the Lord’s scribe and whistle blower. Today I am allowing God's righteous anger to roar through me. I invite and challenge you to do the same and blow the whistle with me. You can start by sharing these words and also by adding your own. Today He is roaring over a corrupt healthcare system that is bent on maximizing profits by bleeding every possible penny out of hurting patients. Healthcare providers see Medicare, Medicaid and insurance companies as inexhaustible pots of gold that they have learned to dip into. Insurance companies fight back by raising their rates, and they have. It's a vicious circle. Who fills those pots of gold but you and I, the taxpayers and patients.

Why do hospitals and clinics need such ostentatious buildings to care for the sick and hurting? Who pays for those buildings and the large overhead? You and I via exorbitant charges. Who pays for the advertising that drives up the cost of insurance and pharmaceutical products? Even hospitals advertise their services with full-page adds and compete with one another for patients. We are no longer patients, we have become "customers". Is there anyone bold enough to expose the greedy who exploit the needy? Is there anyone who will take a stand and bring the thieves to justice? Is there anyone who will stand alongside of me and add their roar to my roar? We cannot score unless we roar. Nice does not always cut it. What can we do? Before going to the phone, make it a habit to go the Throne of God first.

When I challenged my most recent medical bill and asked for an itemized accounting of the amount, I learned how I was being scammed. All new patients to our clinic were being charged a one-time fee of fifty dollars over and above the consultation fee. I was not a new patient, but the hospital records did not show an earlier visit and neither a trip to the emergency room. Six hours in ER cost 7,000 dollars. Some CEO’s are willing to “cook the books to look good.” Crooked accountants show them how that’s done.

When Hitler attacked Britain, God raised up fearless men like Winston Churchill, Eisenhower and a Patton to fight Hitler and his cronies. When Japan attacked America at Pearl Harbor, God raised up a General Douglas MacArthur and a nation willing to go to war. When God needed a crusader to stand against slavery, He raised up an Abraham Lincoln. When the world needed a reformer, God sent a Martin Luther and a Martin Luther King. When the children of Israel needed a Deliverer, God raised up a Moses; and when the world needed a Savior, He sent Jesus, the Christ. When the world needed a teacher and guide, Jesus sent the Holy Spirit. What an awesome God we have! He knows when and where to plant generals, statesmen, deliverers, reformers, teachers, scribes and whistle blowers onto the world's stage. Today I am His scribe and whistleblower. There is a need for more.

You and I cannot win this battle against the spirit of greed, but Jesus in us can, will and already has. I am fighting under His glorious and victorious banner. This is a war as real and deadly as World War Two and even more so. However, in this war we are fighting a hideous enemy we cannot see but that is more real than flesh and blood. It's a war between heaven and hell, not between nations. We are all given the freedom to choose which side we want to fight on. Recruiters are ever present to recruit us for their side.

The world is standing on tiptoes knowing that an awesome and explosive event is on the horizon and around the corner. I have gotten a taste of it. It will bring down every house of cards, every sandcastle, every ego tower and expose every hidden sin. One roar by the Lion of Judah and it's all over. I say to you, "Do not hold back the roar that is stacked up inside of you. Ask Jesus to reveal Himself to you as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah (Revelation 5:5). Do not stuff the roar that is in your heart. If you do, it will make you sick and impotent. Let Mt Vesuvius in you erupt. Let the roar of God's indignation search out, destroy and bury the real enemy that has violated you and those you love. He is not made of flesh and blood. His name is "GREED.”

And where is that villain hiding? He may be hiding in us or near us, someone close by or far away. He is called the great deceiver because he works by deception. He will kiss us and pick our pockets at the same time. He knows where to hide and when to strike. He has an unlimited wardrobe and an unlimited assortment of masks and tricks. His voice can be threatening or beguiling. He knows who is ready to sell his birthright for a pot of porridge like Esau did. He is another Judas with the kiss of death on his lips and full of empty promises – like, “Get a good education and you will get a good job.” God needed a human being to reveal His Son Jesus. In like manner, the fallen angel Lucifer also needed a Judas. He goes out of his way to find willing candidates, willing Judas Iscariots who will do his bidding. Whose wiling candidate am I, or, am I as yet undecided whom I will serve?

The healthcare system is not the only system that is flawed and laced with greed and corruption. Maybe it should be renamed "The Health-Scare System?" The stock market is responsible for more misfortunes than fortunes. It is a cleverly disguised gambling casino. "Powerball" has more losers than winners.

If you have been violated and exploited, let the Lion of Judah in you roar until He is heard loud and clear. If you have violated or exploited others, ask Jesus to help you repent and make it right. Then add your sword, arrow and roar to mine. We cannot fail if Jesus, the Hope of Glory, resides in us. I am no longer purring, I am roaring! I will not stop until every knee on earth, under the earth and in heaven is bowing to the name that is above all other names, the name of Jesus (Philippians 2:10-11). Can you see the fulfillment of those words? I can!

May we all be able to clearly see where we stand on the pathway of life and eternity in relationship to the glory of God, or to evil and eternal darkness and the direction we are traveling. (Read Pastor John Hinkle's vision: The Illumination of Conscience)


Is there anyone willing to roar and go to war with me?

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