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Peters Audio Epistles

Peter’s Audio Epistles Posted on “You Tube”

Here is some history about Peter’s Audio Epistles

The stories were originally a part of an occasional newsletter sent to about 300 people. There was no official publication date. They were mailed to people who requested to be on the mailing list. Most of these folks had been visitors to Peter & Rebekah’s home on Lake Pagosa, Colorado and had placed their names in their guest book. The first newsletter was published in 1979. The last printed and mailed newsletter was sent out in 2001. The stories selected for You Tube came from publications between 1985 and 1997. Peter has continued to write. All stories, both new and old, can be found at Go to “Contents”. The stories are listed in alphabetical order.

Not every story written between 1985 and 1997 is included. The stories were initially recorded on ninety minutes cassette tapes and later transcribed onto six CD’s that could be played on CD players. In order for the recordings to be compatible with You Tube requirements, they needed to be reformatted. All six CD’s now fit on one CD, but they require software that accepts the MP 3 format. All computers and most newer cars allow MP 3 discs to be played. The combined length of the recordings is 338 minutes.

Click on the Audio Number to get to YouTube, click on the story title to get to the written story.

Audio 1 of 6

  • Choices
  • About Us
  • On the Road to Damascus

  • Audio 2 of 6

  • Especially for Fathers
  • Who Am I?
  • In Search of Sanity
  • A Smoker's Prayer

  • Audio 3 of 6

          A Prayer for those in
          Mental Prisons
  • The Lion and the Lamb
  • The Lion of Judah Roars
  • Don't Fence Me In
  • The Paint Brush

  • Audio 4 of 6

  • Driven & Being Driven
  • I'm Free
  • Portrait of a Heart
  • My Gift
  • Audio 5 of 6

  • A Letter from Dennis
  • The Turning Point
  • Charles G Finney
  • Audio 6 of 6

  • Confession Is Good for
         the Soul

  • It Can Happen Today

  • Thank you for listening to and or reading Peter’s stories.

    Feel free to ask for a copy of the CD. Our mailing address is:

    Peter & Rebekah Laue
    965 Cloud Cap Ave.
    Pagosa Springs, CO 81147

    Or you may want to send a letter via the web site: Feel free to copy the CD and pass it along.



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