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Life Letters


September 3, 2019

To Prayer Warriors who battle for and alongside of Peter and Rebekah in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

Yes, I have recovered from the food poisoning – am still weak and am still spending time in my "man-cave", the bedroom. I am not the same person physically, emotionally or spiritually as a result of the battles for my life and sanity. My physical, emotional and spiritual taste buds have been rearranged. I still struggle emptying my bladder, especially at night. Things that tasted good and looked good before, now nauseate me. Favorite television programs have lost their luster. The view across lake Pagosa from our porch swing is my wide-screen TV. I asked Jesus to take away everything and everyone that is not good for me. It looks like He wasted no time answering my prayer.

We have had many guests in the Upper Room during July and August - more are on their way. I do like that part of our life. I haven't enjoyed a movie forever. Most bore me to tears, even irritate me. There are just a few exceptions like "The Ten Commandments" directed by Cecil B. DeMille. Moses and the way he confronted Pharaoh inspired and provoked me to write a part of this letter.

I was at the edge of tossing in the towel when I got so sick. If it had not been so severe, Rebekah would not have sounded the alarm. Prayers from the saints and a phone call turned the tide. After throwing up during the night, a good cry and some genuine unexpected encouragement, I was ready to live again, to try again, to go on carefully. Getting the engraved General's Staff from friend John Curtis honored me and challenged me to put my war boots on again. I avoided going to urgent care like it might be a trap. I would not have tapped into God’s power and purpose for my life had I opted for a man-made solution. At least not this time. No pain – no gain!

The war that is raging around the two of us, Rebekah and I, is intense; but I really don't think we are an exception. I am known for provoking the enemy with some of my writings. It's intentional. Almost a year ago, the day before posting, About Jumping Ship, a very real devil tried to kill both of us and nearly succeeded. As you will see, I am at it again. I hope a few will get angry – not at me, but with me.

I fell flat on my face the other day. My ego got flattened. It's an unusual story. You are welcome to come by and I will tell you and even show you what happened. God's grace picked me up. The word "grace" has a lot more substance now. I am more surrendered and sold out to Jesus as my Commander-in-Chief than ever. Confusion and fear bit the dust.

Spectators don’t win wars. The world has an ample supply of them. They are stationed in front of TV screens like puppets. I have prepared marching orders that need to be scattered and adopted far and wide. Are you one of God’s Generals in hiding waiting to be deployed? Are you ready to put on your war boots and armor? Are you another Moses or Jeremiah ready to get into Pharaoh’s face? The world is enslaved by many taskmasters, many Pharaohs wearing clever disguises. Debt enslaves many, even a whole nation. It is fueled by the lust for more of everything – more power, more glory, more comfort, more entertainment. We must get those monkeys off of our backs. Jesus will show us how to get rid of those monkeys and give us His strength to do it; but only if we humbly ask Him. He is counting on you and I to get the job done. We must be willing to get our shiny or dusty war boots muddy. War is not for wimps! There must never be any room for fear or compromise when we deal with the Pharaoh’s of the world, both seen and unseen. Might I be one of them and not even know it?



The "GREAT I AM", the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob revealed Himself to Moses in a burning bush. Our Creator/God has spoken to many known and hidden prophets and saints of old. He continues to speak to us today with great clarity, precision, authority and thunder. He spoke these words into my spirit. There is e-mail and then there is HE-mail. This letter is some of each.

"Peter, you must know there is a season for mercy and a season for war. I have used you as my scribe and spokesman for both. Today is the season for war. In fact, it is already in process and has been since the beginning of time. It is a most terrible war. The grotesque hidden nature of the unredeemed human heart is being revealed to others and to ourselves. Place these warning words at the thrones of worldly power and the altars of man’s achievements. Some will hearken, many will turn a deaf ear and make fun of you, even slander you. Like my servant Moses, command, yes, I say, command kings, presidents and dictators to let God's Chosen People go. Do this under the signature and banner of my only begotten Son Jesus. I have invested my power and authority in Him and all who walk in His footsteps."

"Pharaoh, unless you Let My People Go, I will visit my anger and judgment upon you like I did upon the Egyptians in the Book of Exodus. All who bow their knees to Baal, the god of mammon and the god of "self", shall know the fury locked up in Me. Religious institutions and individuals that do not honor my Son and bow their knees to other gods, shall not find their names in My Book of Life. Political institutions that use power, deception and intimidation to enslave their subjects shall be no more. Financial institutions, industrial empires and health scare systems shall be subject to my wrath if they exploit their subjects/employees/patients for personal gain, fame or profit. Many Chief Executive Officers (CEO's) will be exposed and known as Cheating Executive Officers. They will be stripped of their titles, power and positions. Schools and seminaries that do not make my only begotten Son preeminent, shall become shelters for the homeless and hurting. No man-made safety net will be adequate to stop the fury of my indignation until it is fully spent."


Moses was not popular with the Egyptians. Moses was not even popular with his own Jewish brethren until after he was dead and buried; and neither was I when I went to Israel. They stoned the prophets and still do. I was rejected–spit on by my own people because of Christ in me. That was fourteen years ago. I have no desire to go back to Israel and won't unless Jesus commands me to go. Yes, He is my Commander-in-Chief.

Winning popularity contests must never be our aim in life. Jesus was not, is still not, and will never be popular on planet earth until we have a brand new earth. To hear the words from Father/God "Well done my good and faithful servant" guides my footsteps and the words I write and speak. It's just too bad if they are making a few people mad. In fact, that’s what they are intended to do. Jesus made quite a few people mad. Only a handful acknowledged Him as their long-awaited Messiah. Have you?



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It feels like I have been in a simulator and have experienced what the last battle looks and feels like. Many are being prepared for the last battle. It’s a good thing I read the end of “The Book” and know the final score.


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