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Life Letters

The Hiding Place

September 21, 2019

Thursday, September 12, 2019 was a monumental day at the Hiding place in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, not only for Peter and Rebekah, but also for the many unexpected and unsuspecting visitors.

The first knock on the door was about ten in the morning. Peter and Rebekah were still enjoying their first cup of coffee in their bedroom when Dan Snow knocked on the door. Dan is a stocky man, maybe about fifty. Rebekah had asked him in the Spring to see if he could get rid of the bats nesting in our chimney. He tried, but was not totally successful. In fact, a bat got
trapped in their bedroom the night before. Peter tried for an hour to catch it but was outsmarted. Rebekah suggested they let the poor creature fly out of the bedroom and then close the door. They have no idea where or when the bat has come to it’s final resting place.

Dan had left three ladders parked on their roof for the past three months. He came to reclaim them and said that back problems prevented him to come any sooner. He confessed a little later that he had driven past our house all summer but could never get himself to pull into the driveway. He also said, “I could always feel God’s presence as I drove by.” That really blessed us. Many visitors told us that the moment they pulled into our driveway, they sensed God’s presence.

I asked, “Dan, have you ever been in our Upper Room guest apartment?” When
he said “no,” I invited him to follow me. The moment we stepped into the apartment above the garage something very supernatural happened as we were standing next to one another. I had gently placed my left hand on his lower back when the Holy Spirit washed over and through both of us. All we could do was weep. We both wept profusely, a sign the Holy Spirit was touching us. Not a word was spoken. Then Dan said, “The ladders can wait. I am going to get my friend Adam. He needs to experience the presence of God in this place.”

Thirty minutes later Dan was back with Adam. Dan needed no help getting the three ladders down from the roof. His back had been healed. While Dan got the ladders, I got acquainted with Adam. We sat on the porch swing. Adam wasted no time baring his heart to me. I firmly grasped Adam’s hand and said, “Adam, Jesus is the Real Deal and so am I.” Those few words charged and sparked his life. Jesus became real to Adam. Oh, it was so easy to love Adam. He said he wanted to come back and get baptized in our lake and also learn how to make sandblasted signs. He said, “My brother Gatlin needs to experience the presence in of God in this place. I am going to get him; I will be right back.”

Gatlin did not have to be convinced. The moment he walked through the door, he knew our home was set apart. The presence of God was a visible and tangible reality for him. Wow, were we blessed! He said, “I am married and have five children, I need to bring my whole family.” A few hours later he came with his beautiful wife Ashley and their eight month old daughter. An abundance of God’s presence filled our hearts like we had seldom known before. God affirmed His presence in every nook and corner of the house and revealed Himself to all who walked in and out. He revealed his pleasure in the way we were doing LIFE. He reminded me, even warned me not to look for affirmation from people or the world at large. He said, “Peter, I am affirming you by what has happened today in your home. Let that be enough. Looking for affirmation from people and or the world can be a trap.”

Oh yes, and there was something else I must report. Dan said that he needed to bring his estranged wife to the Upper Room. She was reluctant to get into Dan’s van but he insisted. He told me later that she sat in God’s Rocking Chair and read the prayer God gave me nearly thirty years ago. After reading it, she crumbled to her knees. Here is that prayer:

(Click on the painting to learn more)

Squeezed in-between all those wonderful visits and happenings was a phone call from our good friend Bennie Johnson. He happened to be in town for the day and said he needed a hug from his friend Peter. He brought his wife Grace and also his daughter JaNae. Bennie was one of the very first people we got acquainted with when we arrived in Pagosa Springs in 1977. We have been close ever since.

And why am I taking the time to give you this report? I want you to know that Jesus loves to reveal His presence to us, but we need to first acknowledge He is Lord of lords, invite Him, trust Him and obey Him for that to happen. We created this sandblasted sign for visitors to know that the Holy Spirit is welcome in our home. It is hanging on our wall when it is not on loan. We love loaning it to folks who want to get better acquainted with Jesus. .

Jesus is the “Real Deal” and so am I. Are you the “Real Deal?”

Thanks for reading my report.

Peter~the Lords Scribe and Storyteller

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