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Life Letters

July 4th - Independence Day

Cruelly Enslaved - Gloriously Set Free

(when we can't walk away from it, we may be cruelly deceived and enslaved)

I am standing with you! You don't need more crutches. Throw them into the fiery furnace, make them into kindling or use them as weapons of warfare. I am enough. Do it now, do it today tomorrow may be too late. I will reveal your addictions to you carefully and kindly and without condemnation if you ask Me. My name is Jesus. My name is more powerful than a thousand atomic bombs and any addiction. I am the only One who can help you. My name is above all other names. I can't be your Strong Tower and Deliverer as long as you lean on crutches or go to the phone instead of the Throne of God for answers. I can't be your July 4th while you hold onto your crutches. Let me have them. I can't help you or heal you or set you free unless you come to Me and ask Me for help.

I want to help you but you have to ask Me and believe in Me.

How do you see yourself? How do you want to see yourself? How do you see Me?


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I am battling for you. You are worth it. I love you. Battling for you and alongside of you is my high calling from my Father. I already paid for and secured your healing and health and freedom. I am your Victory. I am your Joy. I am your Freedom. Trust Me and you will be amazed.

The Lion of the Tribe of Judah has prevailed

Who will march with me?

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