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Pentecostal Healing Portals
March 9, 2017

There are many Pentecostal Healing Portals in the world. They can open up over a revival tent, a person viewing a television program, over the home of the person reading these words and pondering the meaning of the above picture, or while fly fishing in a favorite stream. These portals are places where the healing and renewing presence of Jesus is waiting to be poured out and into and over a hurting, hungry and needy soul or a group of souls. This happened in Chapter 2 in the Book of Acts. Some of the guests to the Upper Room in our home, have stood in that portal; and you are invited.

Our individual or combined desperate needs and faith cause these portals to momentarily open. When they do, it’s like standing under a spout where the glory, the fire and the favor of God is poured out. Suddenly, everything makes sense, the pain and anguish is gone or mitigated, and we know we are loved, forgiven and healed. We are able to go on and up. We are even able to see pain and loss as a part of God’s merciful provision to help connect us to God and correct our misguided steps, thoughts and unruly passions.

Do not click on the links below because you are merely curious. Click on them because you are desperate for answers, desperate for more of God, desperate for healing for yourself or for someone you dearly love. Click on them because you are desperate to hear the voice of God for yourself. Click on them because you have exhausted all man-made options for healing and justice. You are at a point you are willing to do whatever it takes to get well and stay well. And it is at that point heaven is more likely to show its face than at any other time. And once you have established or reestablished your connection with heaven, you are more likely to go to the “Throne of God” before going to the phone, a doctor, a priest, a lawyer or a best friend for answers.

Do not keep the healing of your broken heart, tormented mind, broken body or broken relationships a secret. Whether God used a doctor, priest, friend or an author, honor those who have helped to open the door to your healing. Your testimony may spread like wildfire and cause others to take heart and receive fresh hope. Your testimony will make it much harder for Satan or anyone else to steal your healing, your joy, your gratitude. Your testimony may start a revival in your church, your neighborhood or your whole town. Your testimony will lift up Jesus, the “Great Physician and our great Advocate.” Do not keep your healing miracle a secret!

Before opening the links to the various stories or the two books listed, turn off or even better, put your smart phone out of reach and sight. Also, put a “Do not disturb sign” on your door. Hide where no one can find you except Jesus, the Holy Spirit and His ministering angels. Once you are ushered past the veil and into the Throne Room of God, do not allow anyone or anything to violate your intimate time with your heavenly Father. He is already waiting for you. Crawl onto his lap and bare your heart and hurts to Him. He has been waiting to hold you close to his heart and also give you your personal marching orders. God heals us and reveals Himself to us for a purpose. He wants us to know His love and become a conduit of His love, grace, mercy, and wisdom. He wants us to pinch-hit for His Son Jesus while we are still wearing our earth suits. He has created us to know Him and to make His Son Jesus known.

No healthcare system in the world is able to hold a candle to the healing that flows from the hem of Jesus’ garment; but we do have to reach for it and keep reaching for it just like the woman did with the issue of blood.

Open these links in the order suggested

I Had a Dream
The Saga of the Pinecone
Life Is More Than
The Healing of Persons
John G Lake ~ 15 Sermons (PDF)

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