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Life Letters

Walking Hand in Hand
February 4, 2017

Rebekah and I were married on June 22, 1973. We spent our honeymoon at Camp Seely, near Crestline, California. This was a second marriage for both of us. Both of our first marriages went on the rocks because they were not built on “The Rock”– Jesus. Like many of us, we both had to learn valuable lessons the hard way.

At one point during our stay at Camp Seely, we were given a prophetic word which has charted the course of our life and marriage ever since. It was given to the whole camp; but both Rebekah and I personalized the words and made them our own.

(Given through Mike Doyle on July 3, 1973 at Camp Seely)

Yea, this night haven’t I even shown thee my ways,
Yea, haven’t I even shown thee this night that unless we are agreed, how can we walk together.
Yea, many of my children have attempted to walk together, yet they are not agreed
. But I am saying unto thee that I am going into every area of the life of my children; and yea, I am searching those areas out; and yea, I am searching deep into the hearts of men; and yea, I am building my body even this year. Yea, even this year shall my body begin to rise in a way in which it has never risen before.


I underlined the key words that shaped our destiny. The balance of the prophecy is recorded in chapter fourteen of “To Hell and Back.”

Rebekah and I have been walking hand in hand for the past 43 years. We held onto the hand of Jesus and one another’s hands like our very life depended on it. And yes, it did and does. For many years, every morning before we get out of bed and start the day, Rebekah reads to me out of books that chart the course of our day and life. Rebekah loves to read out loud. She has a soothing voice that gently touches my spirit. Sometimes angels and the cloud of witnesses are a part of the audience. At times she can see them and or sense their presence. The Holy Spirit is very present and causes Rebekah to quietly weep.

Some books Rebekah has read to me more than once. She loves to underline those words, sentences or paragraphs that touch her spirit. She has read one book at least a dozen times and maybe another dozen readings are pending. The title of the book is, “The Priestly Bride” by Anna Rountree.

We would like to share with you a portion of the last chapter. If it touches your spirit like it has touched ours, do get your own copy of the book and walk hand in hand with us. We are bound to meet up at the Pearly Gate if you do.

Chapter Twelve
The Spirit and the Bride

The Rose of Sharon
The path we were walking topped a hill. From there, other hills lay before us. Each was covered with the rose of Sharon. The rolling terrain was a vivid red.
We walked in silence. I could sense that something was on His heart.

Sharing His Heart
“Anna,” He said finally, “divisions are coming.” He looked out over the hills. “For those who embrace the fear of the Lord and follow His precepts, His golden goodness will pour upon them.
“But for those who do not embrace the fear of the Lord,” He continued “who scorn His precepts and His ways, that which they already have will be taken from them. God is not mocked, Anna, and the ways of the flesh are not condoned.”

The Sunshine of His Face
He continued, “But the sunshine of His face will shine upon the righteous. He will set the captives free. He will nurture them with loving-kindness, and they will eat the fat of the land. For He is a Father who has mercy upon His children, and He will not hide His eyes from their distress.
“He is from everlasting to everlasting, My love, and His goodness stretches as far as His never-ending presence.”

Fellowship With God
“For those who embrace His precepts,” He continued, “He will open every door to His storehouses. No good thing will He withhold. They will swim; they will float on the fat of the land. They will stride from mountaintop to mountaintop measuring off their inheritance and celebrating His ever-present nearness.”
He continued, “He will take these aloft. They will sit with His Son and sup with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He will bring together those who fear His name, and they will have fellowship in Him.”

The Unrepentant
“Those who are swindlers and liars also will find each other,” He said, “and their fellowship will be with their father. “Those who love themselves more than they fear the Lord will have their old nature as their companion. Fretting and self-righteousness will be their reward. They will face closed doors to God’s glory at every turn. Grace will slam its door in their faces. The wall between them and God’s goodness will be too high to climb, and they will spend their days searching for God as a blind man gropes in a foreign land.”

A Canopy of Glory
He continued, “But for those who hold to His ways and fear His name, a canopy of goodness will be their shelter; a canopy of glory will be their home. Not even a toe will poke its way from beneath the mercy and loving kindness of the Lord.”
He tilted His head back as if to proclaim over the hills.

“Rejoice, O righteous ones, your God is coming down to you. You will walk with Him as at the dawn of creation, and He will share with you as a man shares with his dearest friend. He will reveal mysteries to you and fling open the portals of heaven, allowing you to walk among the stars. From forever to forever, He is. From forever to forever, His goodness will be savored by those who love the Lord. Rejoice, you people of God. He is coming down to you, the light of His glory shining from His face, and you too will share His goodness with others to the glory of His name.”
He continued, “Prepare, for He comes, and all eyes will see Him in you His people, and you will be hidden, enfolded in the wings of His love—never to come out again. Let the righteous rejoice!”

Living Above
He turned to me, “As for you, Anna, you have begun to live above. You will no longer call Earth your home. When each day ends, you will return to your Father’s house. There you will rest.
“We will be together, My love. We will go into the fields that are white for harvest and into the vineyards to inspect the vines.” His hand reached out to me. “My beautiful bride, My chosen one,” He said.
I took His hand, kissed it, and held it to my cheek.
He continued, “There is much to see, know, and understand. You have only begun, Anna. We will go higher, My love, ever higher. “Right now,” He said, “your work on Earth awaits.” He bent down and gathered an armful of the rose of Sharon. “For you, My bride,” placing them into my left arm.
“Thank You,” I whispered, pressing the flowers to me.

With love from above,

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