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October 27, 2012

My sword was unsheathed this morning as I was reading R. Arthur Mathews’ book “Ready for Battle”.
Jesus said, “Peter, it’s time for you to go into battle again. Pick up your pen and write.”

My pen has been my slingshot, my sword and my bow and arrow for many years. My Commander-in-Chief, his name is Jesus, has trained me to use these weapons by sending me through basic training via the school of adversity, adventure, and obedience to His still small voice.

The Shepherd Boy David hurled one smooth stone at Goliath and thereby defeated an entire army. He was trained for battle and anointed by Samuel the prophet for his high calling. The Holy Spirit pointed out the right stone and directed its path so that it would find the unguarded temple of Goliath’s head and knock him out. David then took the giant’s sword and cut his head off. I have asked the Holy Spirit to point out those words that create confusion and panic in Satan’s “temple”.

Today I am instructed to remove two sharp arrows from my quiver and target two

giants - the giant called “Addiction” and the giant called “Insanity.”

Listen to me, all of you in far-off lands. The Lord called me before my birth. From within the womb he called me by my name. God will make my words of judgment sharp as swords. He has hidden me in the shadow of his hand. I am like a sharp arrow in his quiver.
He said to me: “You are my Servant, a Prince of Power with God, and you shall bring me glory.”
I replied, “But my work for them seems all in vain; I have spent my strength for them without response. Yet I leave it all with God for my reward” (Isaiah 49:1-3).

Yes, I will leave it all with God for our reward!

The Giant Called Addiction

If we are human, it is likely that we have succumbed to at least one or more addictions. It may be narcotics, alcohol, food, entertainment, building bigger and bigger houses or businesses, chasing after women, accumulating greater wealth, assembling arrays of titles or trophies, and so on.

One of my giants, an easy one for every one to spot and smell, was an addiction to cigarettes. It was very hard for me to quit. My children helped me. God helped me through my children and the man who picked up our garbage. Another giant, one that is much more difficult to spot and evict is pride. We all know what happened to King Nebuchadnezzar! Pride cost him his sanity and his kingdom. For seven long years he lived like an animal until he acknowledged that there is only one God and it was not him – see chapter 4 of the Book of Daniel. He had no sleeping pills to soothe his troubled mind, probably a good thing! When we are fast asleep, we don’t pray.

Pride is a devious and seductive giant. It is easy to be romanced by this giant and not be aware of it. Our world rewards and applauds high achievers. For that reason it is so hard to spot and evict the imposter. Yes, there is no greater addiction than being addicted to the accolades of this world.

Often we need to be shocked, shamed or jerked out of our addictions. That’s why I am including this graphic picture and the letter that follows. We received these heart-wrenching words from someone who read and responded to the story: “The Highest Addiction”.

Peter & Rebekah

It is always refreshing to hear from you. As I read your story, it struck me. I have pondered with the Lord for a couple of days what does this mean? With a compelling conviction I share these words. A story I keep close to my heart.

I am the youngest of six children, much younger, a late in life child. Growing up I remember my parents being plagued with my older sister; she had a heroin addiction. My sister, in southern California, was addicted to heroin for over 25 years. I remember picturing myself responding to a call in my mind "we found her dead." Thankfully the death-call never happened. Eight years ago we found her; but she was alive! The addiction left her with one limb, her arm, amputated from the addiction. She lost her arm from severe damage to her veins and body. But she was alive! And alive in greatness!

When we finally connected, she told me a story about a man at the county hospital she would go to when she O.D. etc. There was always a man there that would rush to her and scoop her under his arms, the same man every time. He would tell her stories of hope and assertively tell her she was going to lose her arm, if not die, if she did not stop abusing her body. Year after year, the same story, the same man! When the Lord came to her and she said “yes” to Him, she was amazingly lifted and saved from this world of complete darkness.

After her encounter, she is a beautiful, grateful Christian. She tells amazing stories of hope, grace, mercy and gratitude! But when she went back to the hospital to thank the man who always scooped her up, he was gone! She never had the chance to thank him for his hope and caring when she had none. So these words are to say thank you for all those who came back with gratitude and you were gone.

In love, support and blessing, thank you for loving and thank you for caring, even when hope is gone.


The Giant Called Insanity

The apostle Paul was sent to the Gentiles, the apostle Peter was sent to the Jews and this writer has been sent to the schizophrenics. Everyone is prepared and sent to someone. Forty-two years ago this writer and story teller had a “ground-zero” experience. Everything of value he had meticulously built to define his identity was stripped from him. Overnight he became a leper – a schizophrenic. The world had little use for him. He said to himself, “If the world says I’m crazy, I’ll take their crazy money.”

Please take these words to heart. If you have had a “ground zero” experience – a physical, emotional, mental or financial melt-down, view it as a wake-up call. When God smashes the old flawed clay pot, He does so in order to build a more perfect one, but only if we allow Him to.

The world of logic and science has brain-washed us to believe that healing a schizophrenic mind is equal to balancing a tire. It maintains that a schizophrenic is chemically imbalanced and that with the right drug or combination of drugs, he can be healed. Once we swallow that lie, we are trapped with endless trips to a psychiatrist and pharmacy. We lose the fighting edge of our God-given personality. Forty years ago I swallowed my last pill and spit out that lie. I substituted the name of Jesus and the power that is in that name. I was shown that the root cause of insanity is a spirit, not a chemical imbalance.

Yes, it can be clinically proven that fear and stress causes the adrenalin gland to go bonkers and release adrenochrome. This in turn causes bizarre, irrational, delusional thoughts and behavior similar to what happens when someone takes LSD. This has been repeatedly observed by Dr. Robert Jack Eardley and has been documented by the scientific community. Drugs can mitigate, even reverse the effect of adrenochrome and LSD; but this form of treatment is always associated with a degree of risk. It’s like playing Russian roulette. Our friend Stacy died at age forty.

If there is a better way of helping schizophrenics, Dr. Eardley wanted to find it. At eighty-one and after nearly sixty years of working as a psychiatrist, he came to see this writer. He filed this report on his web site. Go to:

It is unfortunate and inexcusable that the negative responses to medication are being swept under the carpet! Last August a man from our community ran into the forest in a delusional state. He had been prescribed an anti-depressant and sleeping pills. A week later he became delusional. Search and Rescue scoured the woods without finding a trace of the man. His body was found by a local rancher six weeks after he disappeared. This man and others like him need advocates. Something is wrong, very wrong. Is God pleased that we play yo-yo with our mind and emotions?

The pill approach to healing has become the SOP in our culture – standard operating procedure. If a doctor does not prescribe medication, he is subject to a malpractice suit. Swallowing them has become as automatic as drinking a glass of water or a soft drink. Filling prescriptions has become a part of a routine as normal as buying a loaf of bread or a bag of chips. I am penning these militant words on behalf of those who are six feet under the ground and can no longer speak for themselves or are able to live life to the fullest. My heart also bleeds for caretakers who spend their life taking care of emotional invalids.

The hardest thing is to convince rational, logical, educated minds that there is a world beyond what we can see, touch, smell and hear with our five senses and apprehend with our minds. God is a spirit and so is Satan. They have been at war with one another ever since pride was found in the heart of the archangel Lucifer. We will never be able to find either of them in a test tube or under a microscope. When a drunk driver smashes into a tree, who do you think steered the wheel; and who do you think gets the blame and the DUI? When the police and an ambulance come on the scene of the accident, who do you think was directing traffic? Satan is on the side of death. God is on the side of life. It’s that simple!

Folks, don’t waste your time or money at the pharmacy counter. Your liver shivers when you ingest some of the drugs that are prescribed. Instead, go to your heavenly pharmacy. Find a man of God and ask him to speak to you and serve you Holy Communion. He does not have to be a man of the cloth, but he does have to be a godly man. He will serve you and pray for you without asking for a penny and will consider it a privilege to be asked to do so.

Let’s demonstrate to the world around us that there is a better way and a best way to combat spirits of addiction and insanity! When we are heart-sick or head-sick, we don’t go to a mechanic to fix it. Spiritual problems cannot be fixed with worldly solutions – impossible! It will never happen! And if a drug makes us feel better and soothes our turbulent emotions, it is often temporary and expensive.

I searched for a sound mind and a clean heart and found there was only one person who could help me. His name is Jesus. He did not ask me for a penny. He just wanted me to surrender my “self” to Him; and I did. The Word of God tells us to let His mind be in us. Jesus is now my life preserver and the mind of Christ is my sound mind.

I am handing you the most powerful weapon and remedy in the world – the Name that is above every name, the Name that is more powerful than a thousand pills and a thousand crazy thoughts and unruly emotions. Do not pile His name on top of other names. Let His name be the corner-stone of your Ground Zero. Allow His Word to “brainwash” you and His Blood to cleanse your heart from all unrighteousness. Take the name of Jesus into every part of yourself and be made whole. Pass these words on to others and you will see the captives of Satan and self liberated once and for all.

Picture yourself as the Great Physician’s assistant. If you can or are even willing to try, it will happen. You don’t even need to go to college to be the Great Physician’s assistant unless Jesus asks you to. In fact, going to college may even disqualify you for the job. There is only one qualified guidance counselor and teacher. It’s the Holy Spirit. The world teaches us to work with our head; Jesus shows us how to work and live from our heart. Just say “Yes Lord, make me your PA.” If you do, it will most assuredly happen. The Holy Spirit, the best Teacher of all teachers, will train you.

We are all invited to sign up. Heaven and earth needs healers and crusaders. This is the fullness of time. Jesus is walking amongst us to heal the broken-hearted and to set the captives free. He has been walking amongst us for the past two-thousand years. He looks like you and me. Can you see Him in your brothers and sisters? Try! Allow Him to use you – all of you – body, mind, soul, spirit and pocketbook. Allow Him to express Himself through you every day and all the time. And if your nine to five job bores you to death, ask the King of kings to reassign you. It’s never too early or too late to start over again.

This writer is nearly 80 years young. He is passing his baton on to others via the words he writes. He makes no apologies for his warrior heart. In fact, he loves getting dressed for battle. He has heard the watchman blow the shofar. This is not the time to wimp out! It’s the time to go to war. It’s time to be militant, not mushy! It’s time to be spunky, not puny or punky!

I have no choice, but to sound the alarm – Click on the link: ARISE WARRIOR SAINTS – then get dressed for battle

Peter & Rebekah Laue
Pagosa Springs, Colorado

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