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Our Hearts Bleed
May 10, 2012

Our hearts bleed for those who are homeless, hopeless and hurting. Our hearts bleed for those who have not found their God-appointed place and purpose in this world. Our hearts bleed for those who have been strangers, misfits and outcasts from the moment they stepped unto planet earth. Our hearts bleed for the solitary who are not a part of a loving family, community, church, synagogue or workplace. Had it not been for the grace of God, many of us would be emotional basket cases and paupers living on the street and finding our meals in dumpsters and at rescue missions. But Jesus whisked us, Peter and Rebekah and others, away into safe hiding places where not everyone can or is supposed to find us.

We learned over the years that not all the people who are homeless, hopeless and hurting belong into our life or we into theirs. Little by little we are finding out who is to be a part of our life and family, when and for how long. As we all know, most of us find out the hard way what works and what does not work, what fits and what does not fit. But some never learn, want to learn or are able to learn. Sometimes the only way we learn is by having expensive, painful and life-threatening encounters. The lessons learned the hard way are the ones that shape our life, character and destiny. Sometimes we ignorantly enable people to stay weak and dependent on us or a welfare system because we lack or have not asked for godly wisdom.

At 79 & 76, Rebekah and I have a certain amount of "bubbly life" we can and love pouring into empty cups. Much of that “bubbly life” we have already poured into our web site and into the lives of those who have been guests in the Upper Room. Check this link: The Upper Room. Those who are directed here by the Holy Spirit get the royal carpet treatment and get to sit in Jesus' lap in a chair affectionately called “The Rocking Chair of God’s Heart.” That's where the real healing takes place. Angels are attending to the needs of our guests. Maybe you are familiar with what many call “angel orbs?” They are decorating the front of the garage where the apartment is located.

If you or someone you know would like to be our guest, we ask you to follow these guidelines. We ask you to first get acquainted with Peter & Rebekah via their web site: We don't make our phone number or e-mail address available at first. We ask you to peruse the site, read some of the articles and listen to Peter’s testimony via the Video Epistles and or read the book To Hell and Back. This will allow you to get acquainted with us and find out if our personalities and backgrounds will mesh. There is plenty to look at and read for anyone who is motivated, hurting and hungry for more of God. Please go to a public library if you do not have access to the Internet. Many cell phones double up as computers that allow access to the Internet.

We completely depend upon the Holy Spirit to guide those into our lives that are to drink from the cups called Peter & Rebekah. In fact, let us quote these words from the book "To Hell and Back," chapter 14:

February 8, 1981
Peter and Rebekah:

My dear children—Yes, I have overflowed your cup. I have filled and overfilled my work in the cup of your lives. The flow of my Spirit shall continue to run over in your lives so that other cups may also be filled. As my Spirit flows out of you, it shall flow into the hearts of many of my children who are holding out their cups in expectancy. Many are waiting for their filling, and I shall use you as a deep well of my living water. The water is sweetened to perfection by the sweetness of my Spirit in you. You are one cup—given for many.

Feel free to direct folks to our web site but please don't disclose our phone number or email address. The Holy Spirit will prompt the right folks at the right time to drop us a line via our web site. When they do, this will be our first clue that a "whopper" might be sampling the food offered at this spiritual pantry/pharmacy. We will take it from there and ask Jesus how we are to respond. We have learned to recognize leaches, complainers and those who find fault with everything and everyone except themselves. These individuals are asked to deal with their pesky pets before they pull into our driveway. Read the story of Joshua. Joshua is one of the whoppers we caught in 2011. It’s a heart-warming, heart-wrenching and most unusual story.

Joshua's Odyssey

In 1977 we left it all and followed God’s call when we moved to Pagosa Springs, Colorado from California. We did not have a tangible source of income apart from a small, monthly disability check. We knew no one in Pagosa Springs. Local residents and natives did not believe we could or would survive financially via our Crafts for Christ ministry. Folks volunteered these words, “Anyone who wants to leave Pagosa Springs with a million dollars has to come with two million.”

But because God directed our footsteps, the doomsday prophets were eventually silenced. We struggled hard and long and did without, but in the end we did a lot more than “just survive”. The Upper Room and living on beautiful Lake Pagosa in a log cabin tells the story of God’s love and faithfulness. We now have something for those who are ready to take their own giant leap of faith. Please let your heart hear these words, “There is a great need for many more “Upper Rooms.”

For the past 35 years we have been building what might be called an ark of safety – a place that is blessed with the peace of God that passes all understanding. We believe that Jesus is creating many such arks in many hidden locations. We believe that others are hearing the call and are ready to leave it all or have already done so. We also believe He is building an "Underground Railroad" which allows folks to travel safely from one place to another and receive shelter, provisions, encouragement and become better acquainted with their “Forever Family and their Forever God an Heavenly Father.”

Thank you Jesus for letting us grow old in this beautiful setting and see your goodness in the land of the living.

Peter and Rebekah Laue

Peter & Rebekah Laue
Pagosa Springs, Colorado

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