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Ten Video Clips and More!

Peter Laue was invited to sit in front of a camera in 1992 so that he could pour out his heart. Ever since his own hospitalization as a mental patient in 1970 he has been eager to tell his story to whoever will listen. The transparent manner in which he tells his story gives others the courage to tell theirs. Peter has not had the need to take any medication since 1971 to “adjust” his erratic thoughts and compulsive behavior. This alone should encourage others who would like to dispense with the need of taking drugs.

Each video clip is approximately 30 minutes in length and is titled “The Lord’s Scribe.” Viewing them in numerical sequence would be best as each segment builds upon the previous one. Peter has partnered with James Stacey who lives in England. Both men desire to bring hope and healing to those battling a variety of mental and emotional issues. If you are looking for more keys that will unlock the imaginary prisons in which Peter & James have lived for many years, please go to this web site:

We also invite you to get acquainted with additional epistles by Peter. They have been posted on a web site hosted and created by Gail Wilkins: Cambridge Dove Ministries Peter’s epistles are summarized at the bottom of the site map. Of particular interest to those who have a heart for Israel will be: Jerusalem Laments

The Lord’s Scribe – Part 1

The Lord’s Scribe – Part 2

The Lord’s Scribe – Part 3

The Lord’s Scribe – Part 4

The Lord’s Scribe – Part 5

The Lord’s Scribe – Part 6

The Lord’s Scribe – Part 7

The Lord’s Scribe – Part 8

The Lord’s Scribe – Part 9

The Lord’s Scribe – Part 10

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