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Crafts for Christ

A Cradle for New Ideas

Crafts for Christ is the parent organization for Stretcher Bearers for Christ. It was birthed in 1975 in Escondido, California. In 1977 Crafts for Christ relocated to Pagosa Springs, Colorado. In 1981 a legal non-profit entity was created, Crafts for Christ, Inc. Its principal purpose is to help men, women and children discover and develop their God-given creative gifts. Crafts for Christ is best known for its ministry of signs.

Peter made his first sandblasted sign in 1975 and sold his first sign in 1976 for $5.00. That first sale shot Peter into orbit and made his life rich and full of purpose once more. Peter had not earned a single dollar since 1970 when he was hospitalized for emotional and mental problems. The words on the sign read: YES, LORD.

Peter & Rebekah continued to make sandblasted signs and have taught the craft for many years; but in 1989 the focus shifted to being stretcher bearers. An apartment was added to their log cabin home which was called “The Upper Room.” This apartment was and is currently being made available to anyone who was hurting emotionally or wants a closer walk with Jesus. An additional shift in emphasis came when Rebekah discovered her latent artistic gifts. A number of her paintings are now in print and Peter loves to brag about Rebekah’s artistic ability.

Anyone who wishes to learn more about Crafts for Christ and the steps that brought this couple to a life of high adventure may request a copy of their autobiography: “The Wood Blossom – A Search for Sanity in an Insensitive World”. The book was published in 1983. It has been amended and is now called: To Hell and Back. It can be read and or downloaded via this web site. Please click on the title of the book. There is no charge.

Many who have learned how to make the sandblasted signs from Peter & Rebekah Laue have continued to etch the Word of God into wood, stones, tiles, glass and other media. There are others who have pursued commercial sign work after learning the craft. Peter & Rebekah are blessed whichever direction their students have chosen. Being able to create employment for ourselves and others is a high calling that needs to be applauded.

In 1979 Peter & Rebekah published their first newsletter. Peter wrote a story for this newsletter that he still considers up-to-date. It reveals the principal thrust of Crafts for Christ. We hope you will be challenged when you read it. Jesus needs many more sign makers who will claim wall space for Him by decorating the walls of homes, motel lobbies, waiting rooms, and offices with His Word.

Wall Space for Jesus

A few years ago a book came into my hands that was to give direction to the adventure of claiming wall space for Jesus. I will paraphrase that portion that made such a profound impression on me.

A widow had three sons. All of her sons had chosen to become merchant seamen. With great sorrow in her heart did the widow see her youngest son leave the house to go to sea. Her secret desire had been for one of her sons to settle nearby to fill the void and loneliness of her declining years. One day she voiced the pain and sorrow in her heart to a friend.

“How is it that each of my sons has chosen the sea?” she asked. “No one in our family has ever chosen this profession before.” The friend pondered the question as he looked about. His eyes came to rest on a masterful painting of a large sailing ship on the dining room wall. The captain stood at the prow scanning the horizon. Finally the friend spoke. “Your sons saw this sailing ship every day they lived in this house. The spirit of adventure and the desire for the sea was born into their hearts through this picture. You did not have to say one word to mold their lives.”

I hid the story in my heart, marveling at the potential of the idea. My gratitude goes to Rev. Larry Christenson, author of the book “The Christian Family,” in which this story may be found.

Some time elapsed before “Crafts for Christ” — a cradle for new ideas — was born. We acquired the knowledge and skill of etching words and pictures into wood, glass, stones, and tiles. Tombstones had been made using this etching technique, but we adopted it to make “Living Stones.” We experimented with many different ideas. We shared our knowledge and skills with others and saw lives being changed and homes being renewed. We saw old things being removed from the walls of homes, motel lobbies, and restaurants to make room for the inspirational signs and pictures we created. The vision of claiming “Wall Space for Jesus” was born.

Edmund Burke, a British statesman, wrote: The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. Those words motivated me to invest the rest of my life in lifting up the name and words of Jesus. We have shared our vision of “Wall Space for Jesus” in many places and with many people. Seeing others develop their own ministries and / or businesses was our greatest joy. Chains were broken as lives were redirected and charged with new purpose. The paralysis of hopelessness was dealt a death blow.

It is written, “Where there is no vision, the people perish” (Proverbs 29:18). If you have a home, a son, a daughter, and a concern for the future of your children, your community, and our nation, maybe you will resolve to make our vision your own. Every house should be not only a home, but a sanctuary, a school, a vineyard, and a fortress for God. Proclaiming boldly and without compromise that JESUS CHRIST IS LORD in our own life and home first, and then to the rest of the world, will bring down the strongholds of Satan. No doubt about it!

Crafts for Christ
A Cradle for New Ideas

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