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  May 7, 2013 *


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For a long time I felt that there was something valuable, even vital, missing from what "SHRINKS" offer or are able to offer their patients; but I could not get my hands on the answer. The Holy Spirit recently directed me to it when I discovered the extravagant wisdom of Francois de Fenelon. He is generally only known and remembered as Fenelon. He was a Catholic Archbishop, born in France in 1651. The book that attracted my attention is called: "The Seeking Heart" - a collection of about 80 letters that lays bare the sickness of souls. Yes, we need our souls healed before our minds and hearts can get healed and stay healed. The book is like a manual. In fact, it is like a roadmap to heaven. It will help those who follow it find their way back home to their Father's House. I am on my way. Do come along and join me.

A fistful of pills is this world's remedy for anxiety, fear, anger, depression and sleepless nights - a temporary and expensive way to go. I suggest you try Fenelon and "The Seeking Heart" instead. It's free and there are no adverse side-effects. The publisher has graciously given us permission to copy the book and post it on our web site for all who are unable to purchase a copy at the moment. It comes with this guarantee from the greatest of all Counselors, the Holy Spirit, "Do what it says and you will never need to visit another "SHRINK" as long as you live. Do what it says and before long you will not need those little white pills.

Please click on the cover of the book or the link and you will discover God's extravagant wisdom and love. It is my prayer that you will sense the love of our heavenly Father as you open the book at random to any page. It is His extravagant love for his children that prompted me to copy the book. It is the Holy Spirit that led me to it in the first place and caused you to find these words. May you treasure and apprehend the writings of Fenelon, make them a part of your daily life and share them with others.

I found the proverbial needle in the haystack. I found the pearl of great price. I am compelled to show it to you. I am 80. Telling you about "The Seeking Heart" is a better legacy I can leave than silver or gold. If you need hope, you are on the right track; if you are looking for a quick fix forget you ever read this page.


The project to make a movie of "Joshua's Odyssey" had to be shelved, but may be resurrected at a later date. We are not discouraged! God has a way of turning what appears to be a negative into a positive.

"Joshua's Odyssey" is about a compulsive walker who walked nearly 6000 miles across America between 2000 and 2004. He lived and dressed himself from whatever he could find in dumpsters, slept in culverts, under bridges, in barns, abandoned houses and jails. He fasted and prayed and did without rather than asking for handouts. His pocket-size Bible never left his side.
At one point he tried to snuff out his life. By God's grace he failed so we could get acquainted with this unusual, courageous and godly man who loves Jesus.

You can click on the picture of the hobo or the map of America to read his story. You will fall in love with Joshua by the time you finish reading it. If you would like to correspond with this man of God, please send your letters to:

Stretcher Bearers for Christ –
Attention: Joshua's Odyssey

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Joshua's Odyssey

Precious Jewels

Is now up in a web page format.
Check them Out Here.

Peter's Nuggets

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Wearing a cross doesn't make us a saint; we have to carry it.

Jesus went all the way without murmering or complaining.

My Father said, "Receive my Son and what He has done.

As long as we bond with Jesus, our forever is secure.

If we live for degrees, we may die by degrees.

Nothing matters except God's will.

If we follow in the footsteps of Jesus, they will never be erased.

Only because of God's grace does anyone finish the race.

When you tell someone they are wrong, you'd better be sure you're right.

A person who does not keep his word, is not worth keeping.

Our secrets have to be revealed for us to be healed.

Jesus knows how to make a somebody out of a nobody.

Love does not always say “yes.”

I love you, but that does not mean I can fulfill all your needs.

Love is a greater power than willpower.

Love heals: love conquers; love forgives.

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