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August 9th, 2000

*   August 1986
    The Lord collects His jewels out of the devil’s junkyard.

    God’s arm can reach a long way.

    Your ministry is where your God given talent and the needs of the people intersect.

    When we walk in obedience, we are eligible for promotion.

    Lord, give me a fairness without hardness, steadfastness without dogmatism, love without weakness. Jim Elliot

    Some of us are so tenderhearted, we can’t even say NO to the devil.

    Who we hang around with determines how we hang. Melvin Airhart.

    Relationships are much more important than things.

    Our hearts are restless until they rest in THEE. St. Augustine

    NORMAL is a word invented by the devil to frustrate and confuse us.

    Preoccupation with sickness is a disease.

    Satan wears many disguises. He was liquor in liquid form for me. But the Son of God has set me free. (John 8:36). What He has done for me, He wants to do for you. Call upon Him and be free. (Romans 10:13). Raymond Eyetoo, Ute Mountain, Towaco, Colorado.

*   May 1987
    Jesus has come to set us free, not just to redecorate our prison cells. Bishop M. Marshall

    Jesus is our interior decorator.

    Our house is built on the foundation of wisdom and understanding. Because of the knowledge, our rooms are furnished with valuable, beautiful things. Proverbs 24:3-4

    When we hit rock bottom, we find out what kind of stuff we are made of.

    Jesus can turn our scars into stars.

    I want you to trust Me in your times of trouble, so I can rescue you and you can give Me glory. The Living Bible, Psalms 50:15

    Where there is room in the heart, there is also room in the house.

    Love does not always say “yes.”

    I love you, but that does not mean I can fulfill all your needs.

    Love is a greater power than willpower.

    Love heals: love conquers; love forgives.

    Love without truth is sentimentality, truth without love is brutality.

    To the extent that love is not perfected, power can be misdirected.

    If you don’t treat your wife like fine china, you are mistreating her.

    If it happened to Paul, it can happen to all.

    We are more concerned about getting our feelings hurt, than getting our faith hurt.

    Let Jesus take the wrinkles out of your soul with a “faith lift.” Melvin Airhart

    Pedestals are to be reserved for statues or dumb idols, because they do nothing wrong.

    Practice makes better, not perfect.

    For efficiency experts: Peace-work is better than piece-work.

    Before we talk it, we must walk it!

    How much money does it take to make a rich man happy? Just a little more!

    Anger makes us impatient.

    Smoking is a dying habit.

    Diplomacy – practicing the fear of man. Ed Norris

    There is no such thing as a problem with a gift in its hands. You need problems because you need their gifts.

    Who cares if I am rejected; I can always fall back on Jesus.

    I am a poor man if I feel that I have nothing to give; I am a proud man if I cannot ask for help.

    We crucify ourselves between two thieves – regret for yesterday and fear of tomorrow.

    Only when we hit ROCK-bottom can we build on a firm foundation.

    Isn’t it nice to be held together by more than just a three-piece suit?

    If thy “I” offend you, pluck it out. Michael Wota

*   October 1988
    LOVE your spouse and let the LORD squeeze the hell out of one another.

    Little is much when God is in it.

    We are all keys to different locks, if we are pliable in the hands of Jesus. Dick Schuman

    God hides us in vessels that are not appealing to the world. Chloma Burke

    Jesus had the wisdom of knowing when His own need was greater than the needs of those that were pressing on him. Ervin Cole

    Abraham Lincoln said, “When I hand over the reins of this administration, I hope I have one friend left; and I hope He lives inside of me.”

    Peace is not the absence of conflict, but knowing who is Boss.

    If the devil reminds you of your past, remind him of his future.

    It is not enough for a gardener to love flowers; he must also hate weeds.

    An atheist is a man who gets all dressed up for a funeral and has no place to go. Brother Andrew

    Only God can unscramble an egghead.

    Coincidence – a miracle in which God prefers to remain anonymous.

    A revelation is the obvious that has become clear to us.

    We can always “prove” that we are right, but is God convinced? Proverbs 16:2 (TLB)

    Most anything is possible using force and deception, but will it last?

    If we spread ourselves too thin, it’s like giving a poor paint job.

    Those who say that it can’t be done, should not get in the way of those who are doing it. Melvin Airhart.

    It’s not that we’re not meant to work; it’s that we are not meant to worry. Mike Blythe

    The Church is the Body of Christ, but the whole body won’t fit into the church.

    Jesus has come to set us free from the tyranny of the traditions of men.

    The truth will set you free; but it may make you mad at first. Michael Wota

    Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever; and so are the Pharisees.

    If I had been there, would I have crucified Him? Larry Lea

*   Summer 1989
    We are asked to give God all the glory because He alone is worthy and we can’t handle it.

    When we put ourselves, a ministry, or a minister on a pedestal, we are breaking the first commandment.

    Whether someone toots his horn or His horn, makes all the difference in the world.

    God would rather hurt Himself than hurt His children. That is why He sent Jesus. That is the heart of a true father.

    God says, “I love you,” not “I love you ‘If.” He also says, “If you love Me, keep My commandments.

    We need to know the depth of our depravity before we can know the height of God’s mercy.

    Jesus is not pushy; and He is not to be pushed.

    Every student can be our teacher.

    Live your life; don’t relive it.

    Don’t rehearse your hurts.

    A Believer can confidently say, “Whether I live or die, I live.”

    You don’t care how much I know until you know how much I care.

    I am only a man. If you put me on a pedestal, you cannot learn from my weaknesses.

    Jesus unites to conquer. Satan divides to conquer.

    God will never bless our sins; but He can redeem them.

    If we are driven, we are out of control.

    When you try to pull someone out of a ditch, proceed with caution before you apply power.

    Pray me loose; don’t pry me loose.

    If money is the principal incentive we can offer a prospective employee, we will make some very poor choices.

    Don’t go for counseling unless you are prepared to surrender your “pets.”

    We can measure our frustration tolerance by how perfect everything and everyone around us has to be.

    The smallest package is a person all wrapped up in himself.

    How often do we say to a blind man, “Don’t you see” or to a deaf man, “Don’t you hear?”

    If we sling mud, we lose ground.

    I prayed and asked God for help, and He sent me.

    Failure may very well be the restraining and merciful rod of God when we engage in dead-end pursuits.

    With God in control, there are no traffic jams.

    God does not want us to go anywhere where we are embarrassed to take Him (Jesus) along.

    We can choose to live in one of two tents: content or discontent.

    When I hurt, don’t lecture me; love me.

    Worship – The highway of reverence that washes the dust of earth from our eyes.

    When we withdraw, we withdraw our love.

    What we love or hate in others is often a reflection or projection of ourselves.

    God is not nearly as concerned with my comfort as my character. Nena Anderson

    Peace is obtained by defeating our enemies, not by compromising with them.

    He who hesitates is sometimes saved. Mary Steck

    When you move, you discover who is leaning on you.

    Let’s learn to be honest without being critical.

    The reason we don’t try to get out of jail is that we don’t realize we are in jail.

    When we walk in obedience to the will of God, we walk in victory.

    No one is ready for help until they ask.

    Oh, how deceived we are to believe that dollars and degrees are equivalent to our net worth.

    Fear is the darkroom where negatives are developed.

    You may think of yourself as a small light; but I do not require a torch. You are a light in the darkness. You do not see what is in the darkness; but what is in the darkness sees the light. And that makes all the difference.

*   Spring 1990
    The “NEWS” uncovers sin, the GOOD NEWS covers it.

    It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.

    As long as we have any of our own strength left, we won’t let God be God.

    If we live in the past, we have no future.

    He who will not forgive others destroys the bridge over which he too must pass.

    In the sight of God, testimonies are of greater value than titles.

    The church struggles with ARPS – Acquired Religious Performance Syndrome. Jim. Croft

    It is more important to forgive than to give. Hosea 6:6

    Meddlesomeness is the very opposite of helpfulness, for it consists of forcing yourself into another self instead of opening yourself as a refuge to the other. George MacDonald.

    It is easier for our human nature to apply pressure than to apply love.

    Only a fool will say, “A man is not lost if he does not care where he is at.”

    The mind of the wise instructs his mouth. Proverbs 16:23

    Emotions can cause problems, not when they remain unexpressed, but when they remain unacknowledged. Lawrence J. Crabb Jr.

    Many men owe the grandeur of their lives to their many difficulties. C.H. Spurgeon

    Tears wash the windows of our soul.

    When the Titanic sank, there were only two categories of people – the saved and the lost.

    When we accept Jesus, we can expect all hell to break loose and all heaven to rejoice.

    A man without self-control is as defenseless as a city with broken-down walls. Proverbs 25:28

    Christianity defined: God in Christ and Christ in us. George MacDonald.

    When God closes a window, He will open a door.

    To the church: Feed My sheep, don’t count them.

    It’s better for circumstances to teach us than to nag one another.

    Our main prison is our unbelief.

    We are to live the Book of Acts; not the Book of Numbers.

    Loneliness is the sickness of unrelatedness. Lloyd Ogilvie

    Be a pipeline, not a pied piper.

    The Church is told to be in “unity,” not in “uniformity.”

    Sensitive individuals are like ripe fruit, but they also bruise easily.

    Overcomers are not born, they are built.

    We must not ignore the people who disagree with us; they also have something to say.

    Let’s concentrate on what we have left, not what we have lost.

    When we wrap Jesus in tradition, we put God in a coffin.

    My cup can’t hold a lot, but it can overflow a lot.

    Volunteers are not paid because they are worthless, but because they are priceless.

    A house filled with love has elastic walls.

    Give your heart to God and a hand to man.

    Get under the spout where the grace pours out.

*   Winter 1992
    Living Water – Not a wage to be earned; not a prize to be won; but a gift to be received. Ken Gire

    Jesus poured out His life once and for all.

    Jesus is the blueprint of a real person.

    Jesus should be the only visible celebrity on the stage of life. The rest of us are to be a part of His supporting cast.

    Jesus is the best life-preserver and has the best savings plan.

    Jesus bought and paid for us. Then He put us on lay-away and said, “I’ll pick you up later.”

    Until Jesus is Lord of our life, we will be ruled by self or Satan.

    God’s presence is more valuable than His presents.

    God is our Father and not merely Santa Claus.

    My Prayer: “Lord, let my life be Your glorious contradiction to the world’s definition of normal.”

    Don’t play God, obey God.!

    Anyone on a pedestal is an easy target for Satan.

    So long as I was assuming that fullness of life corresponded to what I was striving for, I was actually deifying my own goal. Catherine Marshall

    There is a rhythm to life; and I’m learning that the passive episodes – like winter – can be when the most actually happens, though it many not seem so. Paula

    I don’t want you to walk in my shadow. I want you to cast your own shadow.

    We can do no great things for God, only little things with great love. Mother Teresa

    Love is a home-made cookie. 1 John 3:18 (paraphrased)

    Our real wealth is not measure by what we accumulate, but by what we give away.

    Surrender to God is not defeat; it means peace.

    Meekness is strength under control.

    Belief is something we can hold; but convictions hold us.

    When we work 80 hours a week, we are breaking the speed limit.

    Victor Borge at 83, “I go slower now; that way I can see more.”

    When we disobey God, we have chosen death.

    Holding resentments is a luxury no one can afford.

    I must forgive to protect myself from my own revenge. D. Hart

    FORGIVENESS – the fragrance the violet sheds upon the heel that crushed it. Ken Gire

    An overcomer is not one who never makes a mistake, but one who perseveres. Barbara M.

    We cannot do a friend, we must be a friend. We cannot do a light, we must be a light. We cannot do a Christian, we must be a Christian.

    Every mighty oak tree was once a nut that stood its ground.

    An oak tree is an establish nut. Rebekah

    Lord, plant me where You can grow.

    I used to be nice; now I am honest. Lola

    In God’s economy nothing is ever wasted, not even pain.

    It’s far better to cheer than to interfere.

    When we go bankrupt or have a nervous breakdown, the world does not fall apart; our own personal fragile world falls apart; and it often needs to.

    Let God be your director and your audience. Rebekah

    Lord, have Your way, shape my clay, make my day.

*   Fall 1993
    When you see Jesus on the cross, you are watching an involved God in action.

    The Battle is the Lord’s the Victory is the Lord’s, the Glory is the Lord’s.

    Once I am all His, He is all mine.

    When we invite Jesus into our prison, it becomes a palace. When we exclude Jesus from our palace, it becomes a prison.

    If we don’t bow down to Jesus, we will cow down to someone else.

    God is never stingy with His miracles. Sharon Yerton

    A masterpiece is a piece of the Master.

    When we dwell in unity, we are like a bouquet of fragrant flowers.

    As I allow the Holy Spirit to pull in the reins on me, then I allow Him to reign through me.

    If you want to catch up with God, slow down.

    The world says, “Wait and see.”
    The Word says: “Believe and see.”

    When you hurt with hurting people, you are dancing to the rhythm of God. Lewis Smeades

    Universities educate the head, but who educates the heart?

    We teach our children how to make money; but we fail to teach them how to live.

    St. Francis is quoted to have said, “Preach the Gospel all the time, and if necessary, say something.”

    A Prayer: “Lord, I do not ask You for time to finish what I started, but to start something You want to finish.”

    Sooner or later we must all give up hope for a better past.

    If you are going to be a bridge builder, you have to be willing to lie down and let people walk on you.

    We cannot risk giving our thoughts and emotions free rein.

    Loose lips sink ships.

    An angry person is in jail.
    God always speaks, but we don’t always listen.

    It’s harder to model Christ than to preach Christ. James Robison.

    Electrify a city with your zeal, don’t burn it.

    Righteous anger attacks the problem, not the person.

    Your disability is your opportunity. Kurt Hahn

    One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

    Definition of normal – “It’s a setting on your dryers.”

    We never get stronger if we don’t know where our weaknesses are and confess them.

    Waiting is not inactivity.

    If Jesus would return today, even now, in all His MAJESTY, would you run to Him, run from Him, or conduct business as usual?

*   Spring 1994
    We spend far too much time attempting to understand our Creator rather than loving and obeying Him.

    If we have never spent time with Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, we will never participate in the resurrection.

    If we make God in our own image, we are serving a pretty small god.

    A thread, blood red, mended my broken heart . . .Thank you Divine Tailor.

    We are all prisoners. Jesus came to be our bail bondsman.

    When we bail someone out of jail prematurely we may rob them of the opportunity to repent and learn from their mistakes.

    When we see someone as evil, our tendency will be to destroy or flee from them. When we see someone as the prisoner of evil, our desire will be to set them free.

    Love is quick to believe the best in another person.

    What is the price of the sin you purchased? Dan Laue

    Our arms are too short to box with God.

    We are doctors when well patients acknowledge our healing gifts.

    The minute I think I have it together, God takes it apart.

    All the Gospels suggest that Jesus was never in a hurry.

    Hurry is not of the devil, hurry is the devil. C. Jung

    Structure your life so that you will have as few emergencies as possible.

    Question: Am I on a pilgrimage or am I on a merry-go-round?

    Godly people love to give.

    We have enough educated people in this world; now we need a few sane ones. Dwaine Wood

    We need to challenge the myth that if God loves us, our lives will be trouble free. Jane Riggs.

    I used to have the unreal expectation that God would solve all my problems by changing the people around me.

    To your old self be untrue.

    Anger punishes, love disciplines.

    First comes the vision, then the provision.

    We got to have a dream to make a dream come true.

    Failures are often the building blocks of success. Gordon Scheele

    Sometimes the best place to find a helping hand is at the end of your own arm. Swedish Proverb

    Credit: We steal from tomorrow in order to live it up or survive today.

    Intimacy: In to me see. Al DeBoer

    Men, be generous to your wives today.!

    May the Lord give you the desire of His heart. Ted Griffith

    What we know is important in this world; what we believe is important in the next.

    On earth we do piecework; in heaven we do peace work.

    You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves. . Abraham Lincoln

    Better not to follow Jesus than to be a deserter. Frances J. Roberts

    Love heals.

*   Fall 1994
    When Jesus is invited, royalty and reality enters.

    Unless Jesus is our model, we copy an incomplete or incorrect picture.

    Jesus asks little for what He has given. He just wants our idols and our failures.

    Jesus offers us His life not in addition to, but in place of the life we now live.

    We don’t have to go through a middleman or a secretary when we enjoy a personal relationship with Jesus.

    If we do not have a personal relationship with our own spiritual family, we might re-examine our personal relationship with Jesus.

    Jesus was able to be violent or non-violent in accordance with God’s will. From “The Violence Within” by Paul Tournier

    Every person was created to be a unique individual. With Jesus’ help this is possible.

    As I learn to thank God for ALL, it doesn’t hurt near as much – sometimes not at all. Tracey Perera

    God knows how to make a message out of a mess. John Curtis

    Humility – Not thinking less of yourself; but thinking of yourself less.

    Truth without love is condemning; love without truth is blind.

    Seek His presence, not His presents. Ted Allen

    An angry person is in jail by his own choice and his own making.

    Unless we are doctors, it is better that we examine ourselves than someone else.

    If you give to get, forget it!

    Our society has perfected the art of pleasing and pampering self instead of pleasing God.

    We impoverish our soul when we cheat and lie.

    Believe your beliefs and doubt your doubts.

    Trust is built by promises kept, not by promises made.

    When we confess our sins, it’s like taking out the garbage.

    Nothing is more dangerous than for us to believe we are to be the authentic interpreters of God’s will. Paul Tournier

    If we “stuff” our emotions, we become emotionally sterile and mentally ill. Our emotions are to be bridled, not “stuffed.”

    We are trapped by traditions and liberated by restraint.

    Pain is a greater motivator than pleasure. Star Trek

    Our fears give power to the enemy.

    The fear of failure keeps us from trying, but doing nothing is failure by default. John Lommler

    What is the hardest instrument to play well? Answer: Second Fiddle.

    A phone call or a letter from a friend is like a tasty treat.

    A miracle is a kiss from the Holy Spirit. Ruth Meier

    Snuggles the Clown was picketing an abortion clinic. He spoke no words. The sign he carried said, “If you let them live, I will make them laugh.” Jeff Brodsky

    Most parents would prefer a “Gerber Baby.” Would you be grateful for any other kind and promise God to love your baby? Tom, Leslie, and baby Braeden (l lb. 14oz)

    When we are in God’s will, we have “arrived,” regardless of where we are.

    Light always triumphs over darkness.

*   Spring 1995
    There is a fine line between seeing something and saying something. That fine line is called wisdom. Heather Griffith

    If you make today better than yesterday, you will look forward to all your tomorrows. Dolores Pohlman

    “Treasure Hunt” – Looking for one’s identity in Christ. Dolores Pohlman

    The Lord weaves us in and out of each others lives, and presents us as gifts to one another.

    We are like a cake mix. Without Jesus we won’t rise!

    The man who has not passed through the inferno of his passions has never overcome them. Carl. Jung

    Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves. Carl Jung

    We have to realize that we cannot earn or win anything from God. We must either receive it as a gift, or do without it. Oswald Chambers

    The supreme goal of God is not for us to go to heaven, but for heaven to come into us. Lori Wilke

    If I do not recognize and acknowledge the deity of Christ, I am none of His.

    Our soul is impoverished when critical reason dominates our lives. Carl Jung

    Christians! As long as we don’t fight amongst each other, we will win.

    When we insulate ourselves from pain, people, and God, we become living corpses.

    When we make up our mind, we must be careful not to close it.

    The only thing you need to know about God is that you are not Him. Dana Ince

    You will eternally be with yourself. Be someone you like. David Vining

    For there to be more of God in a person’s life, there has to be less of “self.” Catherine Marshall

    Avoid the tyranny of the urgent.

    If God would referee this game called “life,” there would be many a flag on the field for interference.

    Without the presence of God in our lives, we are like dry, stale, moldy pieces of bread no one wants to eat.

    Do everything to glorify God, nothing for money.

    When you are on your knees, you are taller than any of your enemies.

    The world says, “You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince.” Jesus might say, “You have to kiss a frog many times before he turns into a prince.”

    Jesus welcomes “in-laws” and “outlaws” alike.

    Men of faith walk by faith, not by credit card.

    God is extravagant with His colors and surprises.

    The poor never have enough for themselves, but always enough to give away. Joseph Girzone

    It pleases God when we count our treasure in friendships and not in possessions. Tita James

    When God decides, He provides. Patsy Basham

    If we cannot recognize the voice of Satan, how can we resist it? If we cannot recognize the voice of God, how can we embrace it?

    Don’t hammer people with the Gospel or you’ll nail their hears shut. Vince Vigil

    When you are in trouble, do you run to the phone or the Throne. Joyce Meyer

    God is like the wind – you can’t see Him coming, but you surely know when He has been there.

    If you are willing to get stretched, hang in there.

    We sometimes make the mistake of copying someone else’s vision rather than getting our own from God.

    A bird does not sing because it has to answer. It sings because it has a song. Chinese Proverb

    Joy is the fragrance of heaven on earth.

    The Gospels reveal God in motion and God in action.

*   Winter 1995
    Love is more than a feeling. Love is an action, love is a choice.

    Perfume evaporates quickly, and so does the fragrance of Jesus’ presence unless applied daily.

    Eternity with God starts the moment we step into His will.

    Don’t hide Christ, hide in Christ.

    These sufferings are God’s tender caresses. Mother Teresa

    If you cannot bloom where you are planted, ask Jesus to transplant you.

    Jesus always goes to the heart of the problem because the heart is the problem. Vicky Brown

    The most important dialogue takes place in our heart.

    The highest wisdom is to obey God.

    Live by faith or die by doubt. Dan Laue

    I’ll follow you anywhere; just don’t push me.

    Crutches! Let’s look at our own and overlook our neighbor’s.

    Obstacles is what we see when we take our eyes off Jesus. Opportunities are what we see when we keep our eyes on Jesus.

    We have to “self” destruct to make room for Jesus in our heart.

    A good testimony is to be preferred above any title.

    Never put pleasure above principles.

    We hold the temporary in our fist while the permanent we resist.

    “Never” is a very strong word to be used sparingly.

    We go to school to get ahead and a head; but where does one go to get a heart?

    The truth is not hidden from us, it is hidden for us. Creflo Dollar

    When we speak many words, we expose ourselves.

    A man’s worth should never be measured in terms of so many dollars per hours, but sad to say it often is.

    We must do the best we can and leave the rest to God.

    Don’t help others to quit, help them to win.

    Helping someone up requires more wisdom than helping someone out.

    The battle is over: Satan – Zero! JESUS – WON!!!

    Words and thoughts can be like bullets. Don’t shoot yourself or others.

    The world says, “Don’t just stand there, do something. God says, “Don’t just do something, stand and wait on Him.” Bob Crawford

    When the word “international” is added to a ministry, it is sometimes spelled: E-G-O.

    Don’t wait til the last minute, then expect others to accommodate your emergencies.

    Love is practical. Jerry Kinder

*   Spring 1996
    Don’t look for opportunities to “Get,” look for opportunities to “Give.”

    When we are in Christ, we can get our hopes up.

    Philosophers say, “Know thyself.” The Bible say, “Know thy God.”

    Everyone can make a difference and everyone should.

    Insight is inside information.

    If you are not a man of your word, you are not a man.

    The man who does not acknowledge and honor his debts is not very spiritual and is not to be trusted; however, he is to be forgiven if he repents.

    God can pull us through a keyhole or knothole if we can take the squeeze. Rita Harvey

    Laughter is internal jogging. Joyce Meyer

    Believing is a mental attitude that agrees with God’s Word. Joyce Meyer

    We can either work harder so we can enjoy more; or work less and enjoy what we already have. Joyce Meyer

    God made every day perfect. Let’s not mess it up!

    Our good works is just so much “stuff” to God.

    Is our problem really our problem, or is our problem our attitude toward our problem? Joyce Meyer

    If Noah had been really wise, he would have swatted those two flies. Clay Harvey

    Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape. Clay Harvery

    Most mistakes are not fatal, just humbling.

    A teacher teaches best by modeling the truth.

    The word “efficiency” has become an idol in our society.

    Folks, if we are two straight, no one will relate.

    When we listen with our heart, we hear more and we care more.

    Abraham was only “one” when I called him, but when I blessed him, he became a nation. Isaiiah 51:2.

    When we can cry, it keeps the heart soft and tender to the touch of God. Millie Dall

    When we can’t cry we wonder “Where is God?” Joseph Breen

    When we have the name of Jesus, we have more than enough Joseph Breen

    Do small things with great love. Mother Teresa

    Love does not demand its own rights, nor sulk when deprived some cherished wish. Love knows how to patiently wait for an answer, and can accept a ‘no’ as gracefully as a ‘yes.” Frances Roberts.

    When we open our mouth, our ears shut down.

    Let’s keep our mouth shut and learn the vocabulary of silence. Joseph Breen

    Whatever and whenever, Lord!

    The Lord never panics!

    Let the Son shine into your life.

    Agree with God by saying, “Yes, Lord.”

    If we don’t believe in Jesus, our only hope is in the lies we believe.

    We know a lot. Now let’s do a lot with what we know.

    Lord, I want to be Your model rather than the world’s model. JoDee Anderson

    Lord, be my agent and I’ll be your model. JoDee Anderson

    Whether I have legs or not, or arms or not, I will keep on walking and reaching out. That’s the spirit of an overcomer who is in Christ Jesus.

    There is only one “Superman.” His name is Jesus, the Christ.

*   Winter 1996/1997
    One nation or one person under God is a majority.

    The poor will always be with you. (Mark 14:7); and so will be the “POOR ME’s.”

    We try to sanitize our lives by going to church once a week. That’s like trying to launder dirty money.

    Men in Scripture and throughout history haven fallen as a result of attaining success without first achieving the character to handle it.. John Bevere.

    We are translated into the presence of God through different gates. There are the gates of music (Praise and Worship), dance, prayer, poetry, prose, the Word, preaching, the sacraments, nature, silence, art.

    The person who does not believe he has a need is indeed a pauper.

    In God’s eyes, a stack of old newspapers and a stack of money offer equal security.

    Don’t operate on someone who is anemic physically, financially, emotionally, or spiritually. Give them first a transfusion.

    Without compassion, our prayers are dangerous. There is channel surfing, internet surfing, spirit surfing, and body surfing. Many of the exciting waves we surf have a very seductive and dangerous undertow.

    Great sermons lead people to praise the preacher. Good preaching leads people to praise their Savior. Charles Finney

    When I met the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, He re-attached the claw to this pussy cat.

    Don’t condemn people for not fishing. Teach them how to fish.

    In the Master’s plan there is a place of everyone under the Son.

    Life is a dress rehearsal for eternity. Leonard Ravenhill

    Don’t talk so much. You keep putting your foot in your mouth. Turn off the flow. (Proverbs 10:19)

    It’s done! (John 19:30). And Satan is undone!

    Don’t be addicted to approval except God’s approval.

    Our tombstone is the book cover of our lives. Brian Burnett

    It’s either God’s way or the wrong way.

    The hard way is better than no way.

    Wolves like sheep. That’s why they like to hand around the church. John Bevere

    Every life is exceedingly significant and God wants all of it. The sheepskin we earn in college can never cover our barren soul.

    You may have a master’s degree, but what you need is a degree from the Master.

    Our soul will never find rest until it has found rest in Jesus. St. Augustine

    If you have never had an “Upper Room” experience, keep looking for it and read Acts, chapter two.

    Our own righteousness is counterfeit holiness.

    All our greatness is like a flower that drops and falls. But the Word of the Lord will last forever. (1 Peter 1:24-25)

    Come unto Me all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest. (Matthew 11:28)

    Confession allows us to dump our toxic waste in a safe place where it is buried forever.

    The truth is not popular, nor does it make you popular. But it is freeing.

    Our insensitivity to the needs of others shows us the deadness of our souls.

    Lord, we thank You for the infinite variety of Your presence and presents.

    Until we are able and willing to weep over a soul, we cannot reach that soul.

    Don’t get buried in a theological cemetery or imprisoned in an Ivory Tower!

    Only sinners need to be saved.

    Anything we own can also own us.

*   Fall 1997
    We are crushed for a reason and for a season.

    The birth, the life, the crucifixion and the resurrection of Jesus is re-enacted to some extent in the heart of every Believer who say “Yes, Lord.”

    In God’s presence we don’t need to be brave, just humble.

    Waiting on god is an exercise in patience and obedience.

    To be in Christ is a creative adventure.

    Money is a tool, not the measure of our worth. Rebekah

    We wound and kill more people with our anger than with our guns. Frances J. Roberts

    Our emotions can be like flash floods, unpredictable and unbridled.

    Don’t judge Christ by those who imperfectly bear His name. Leo Tolstoy

    If we would truly love one another, most of our lawmakers and politicians would be out of work.

    Those conformed to the image of this world are copycats. Those conformed to the image of Jesus are the children of God.

    Wisdom is heart knowledge.

    Suicide holds an empty promise of a better tomorrow.

    There is a big difference between fruit and fruitcakes, between pots and crackpots.

    God will bless the work of our hands provided they are not in our pockets.

    Who I am is more valuable than what I have.

    When we learn to heel, we begin to heal.

    Our eternity will be either “Smoking” or “Non-Smoking.” Shirley Ewing

    Originate, don’t duplicate.

    You may have a reason to be angry; but its plain stupid to stay angry.

    Some live from payday to payday; others live from “prayday” to “prayday.”

    Don’t say it, pray it.!

    When the Church is not prophetic, it is pathetic.

    Even when you are on the right track, you will get run over if you sit down too long.

    We are born originals; but many of us die as carbon copies. John Anderson

    Don’t take your life into your own hands, place it into the hands of Jesus.

    When you serve the Lord, you won’t have time to be self-serving.

    We are all retarded and crippled; yet through God’s eyes we are all lovable and fixable.

    It’s OK to be like Jesus; but it’s not OK to be Jesus.

    When Jesus moves in, He brings along a flashlight and a dust buster.

    Finding God is not a group activity, it is must be an individual pursuit.

    God’s people are in training for reigning. Millie Dall

    Faith that has not been tested cannot be trusted.

    When we throw God out, the devil, the world and the lust of the flesh move in.

    Sin does not only break God’s law; it also breaks God’s heart. Shirley Ewing

    Are you ready to go steady with Jesus.

    Newborn infants are cute but messy; newborn babes in Christ included.

    When we no longer need to rehearse our hurts, we will begin to heal.

    The only way to get some people into heaven is to scare the hell out of them.

    Science and technology are the gods of the 21st century.

    There are many fears; but the greatest is the fear of not being loved. A close second is the fear of failure.

    Backbones are better that wishbones; but “faithbones” are the best!

*   Spring 1998
    If our mistakes are not every expensive, we will probably repeat them.

    You can’t “can” Jesus. He is too big for that.

    There is no safety in numbers; but there is safety in Jesus.

    When we get our answers direct (from God), they are correct.

    The Word of God is true and eternal; however, the devil always tempts us to misinterpret it or take it out of context.

    Hitch your wagon to a star and you’ll go on an ego trip. Hitch your wagon to Jesus and you’ll go to heaven.

    God does not make trash; but we so often trash what He makes.

    We have neither lost nor failed when we surrender to Jesus as our lord and Savior. It’s the only surrender where everyone wins.

    The extreme greatness of Christianity lies in the fact that it does not seek a supernatural remedy for suffering, but a supernatural use for it. Simon Weil

    In His presence there is lots to unwrap.

    We need at least as many “heart” doctors as “head” doctors. But it would be best if the two could function as one.

    Jesus is the only person who never had and never will have an identity crisis. He knows He is God’s Son.

    What’s popular is not necessarily true; and what’s true is not necessarily popular.

    Many of our tears are like pearls in the sight of God.

    When we are able to see others through the eyes of Jesus, we see an accurate picture.

    Why are the godless everywhere so frightened of the sound of prayer?

    Thieves beware! It’s the law or the Lord!

    When we don’t pay our bills, we leave the door wide open for Satan to pick our pockets.

    Here is a myth: “If it feels good, it must be good,” or “If it feels good, it must be right.”

    Love is a dialogue.

    Definition of insanity: When we interpret the voice of Satan as the voice of God, or the voice of God as the voice of Satan.

    When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. June Hierholzer

    Jesus signed His name with a cross. Dan Peterson

    Being conformed to the image of Jesus is an eternal process.

    Jesus sees a reflection of Himself in every clump of unformed clay.

    Jesus loves us where we are, but He will not leave us where we are. He desires to take us higher and closer to His heart. He can only do so if we let Him.

    We invite Jesus to many of our banquets and gatherings, but we rarely allow Him to speak.

    May all our dreams and even nightmares become happy memories.

    Everyone should have at least one nervous breakdown so that they have a chance to start over again.

    The least words said are the easiest mended. Elizabeth No

    We usually don’t get well by talking about how sick we are.

    If we let fear get ahold of us, we will eventually act out its demands.

    The only way to fail is to quit!

    Don’t put me in a “box” unless I am dead.

*   Fall 1998
    We are not meant to live from hand to mouth; we are meant to live from heaven to mouth.

    Those who have spent the longest time in hell will be the most grateful citizens in heaven.

    Jesus did not come to make things easy; Jesus came to make things right.

    If we are willing to do anything, God has a job for us.

    It is better to have a corner in the market, then a corner on the market.

    When we get wrapped up in our problems, we forget His promises.

    I thought I had died to self; but I had only fainted.

    You cannot have a testimony without a test.

    Do not follow signs and wonders. Let signs and wonders follow you.

    Our strength is not in numbers; our strength is in Christ and through Christ.

    The world teaches us to be self-sufficient; the Word teaches us to be God-sufficient.

    Don’t watch where you are going; watch where He is going.

    The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, not the fear of man.

    Spiritual exercise – Walking in the Spirit.

    Come as you are. God will have us no other way. Leslie Werner

    When we know who we are, we don’t have to prove it to anyone. Mack Milner

    Don’t ever let tithing become a ritual that does not involve the heart

    Skyscrapers are monuments to man’s egos.

    Don’t let drugs hijack your brain. Bill Moyer

    The “mentally ill” often need to be protected from the very ones who are ”trying” to cure and care for them.

    How we feel is an unreliable indicator of our well being.

    The world says the apostle Paul had a sun stroke on the Road to Damascus. The Bible says the apostle Paul had a “Son” stroke.

    It is more important for us to look for Jesus in one another than to look for Him in the clouds.

    To abide in Jesus is to rest the soul in a place undisturbed by earthly anxieties. Frances Roberts

    We please God by believing Him; not by understanding Him.

    God gave man free will; and man is responsible to make right choices. Frances Roberts

    The story of the Garden of Eden is re-enacted in every human heart.

    If we cannot sleep at night, maybe God is trying to get our attention.

    Jesus is King of kings and Lord of lords; and when we give Him our allegiance, we are freed from other masters. Frances Roberts

    Unless Christ is our source, we are dancing on an economic soap bubble. Ask anyone who has filed for bankruptcy.

    When we live on borrowed money, we are also living on borrowed time.

    Our worldly riches are merely an illusion of security and power.

    Neither the government nor the church is our safety net. Only Jesus can catch our soul on its way to hell.

    Keep your mouth shut so people can hear God for themselves.

    Whenever we open our mouth, we reveal our whole deck of cards.

*   Spring 1999
    Definition of self-control: All our emotions and desires burning in the crucible of restraint.

    We go to the optometrist for our eyesight; but where do we go for our insight?

    If you are irritable, mean or just plain grouchy, there will be a ten dollar charge for putting up with you.

    God has a sense of humor. He invented it.

    I believe in the Son even when the sun does not shine.

    Unless the devil has danced on my grave, I have not been crucified with Christ.

    When Christians praise the Lord, the devil can’t dance.

    If you are not willing to die for what you believe, don’t believe it.

    Let’s do it right. Let’s do it now. Let’s do it right now.

    When we disobey God, we get hardening of the “hearteries.””

    Individuals are those who have not sacrificed their identity for love or money, except the love of God.

    If it is not a “God-idea,” it is not a good idea.

    Let yourself be challenged by adversity.

    God offers “His Love” to everyone; but not everyone accepts “His Love.” Those who accept God’s love are winners.

    As long as the healing professions are dominated by big business, we will always have an abundance of sick people.

    A president goes to the people for his approval rating. A priest goes to God for his approval rating. Where do you go?

    The devil, the world and the flesh will always suggest a lot of dead-end pursuits that contradict the will of God.

    It’s better to do little things with a lot of love than to do big things with little love. Here is an example of a little thing: Shoveling the snow away from your mailbox so that the mail carrier has easier access.

    If you can’t kill the devil, don’t mess with him. In other words, don’t mess with him.

    Jesus was never in a hurry; and He is our role model.

    If we understand death, we will not despise it.

    Pastors and priests need to shake hands and hearts.

    The only way we can send our treasures ahead to heaven is to give them away here on earth.

    Jesus is a kiss from heaven. Jesus is the Kiss of heaven.

    God so loved the world, He gave and gave and gave. (John 3:16)

    “Our life is a short opportunity to say ‘yes’ to God’s love.” Henri Nouwen

    It is far better to carry our cross than to wear it.

    Oh God, help me to believe the truth about myself, no matter how ugly or beautiful it is.

    God must be so relieved when we go to sleep; then He only has the other half of the world to deal with. Leslie Werner

    When I kiss my wife, sometimes she loves it, at other times she endures it. That’s real love. Peter

    Only the Blood of Jesus can wash my sins away.

    Don’t look to angels, look to where they are looking - to Jesus. Leslie Werner

    It matters not how much we know or do; it matters how much we love.

*   Fall 1999
    Love covers a multitude of birth defects.

    God’s love is a gift, not a reward.

    No sailor distinguishes himself on a smooth sea.

    At the summit of my life I discovered I do not have to be someone, I am already someone in Christ.

    Our greatest cause of stress may come from our sincere efforts to please too many people. Raymond Brunk (Originals - 1001 Proverbs for Today)

    Every evening God pulls the drapes on our busy day, allowing us time for reflection, confession and rest. Raymond Brunk

    The tongue is very soft; but it can cut deeply. Raymond Brunk

    All of us step only briefly onto the stage of life. Let us play our part well. John R. Claypool.

    The emphasis of education must be on how to live, not on how to make a living.

    Lord, make my heart right so I can write what is on Your heart.

    We build halls of fame and fill them with our idols.

    If you forget my name, nothing is lost. If you forget His name, all is lost.

    Who we are speaks louder than what we say.

    It takes both wisdom and restraint to manage our money and our emotions.

    We are called to explore, not to exploit.

    Pain is akin to a hacksaw that drives us to find a way out of prison.

    If a book causes us to fall in love with Jesus, it’s a good book.

    Faith is when you pray for rain and then don’t leave the house without an umbrella.

    If you cannot identify with someone’s pain, you are not to be their counselor or priest.

    Staying sane is a decision.

    Once you can admit you have been a sinner who is saved by grace, it’s easy to drop the veneer of perfection.

    An unhealthy need to be needed allows others to exploit us.

    First we touch the hem of His garment; later we wear it.

    We don’t need a new start, we need a new heart.

    A dictator kills for what he believes. A martyr dies for what he believes.

    We are to bless, not impress one another.

    Our human laws may be like a patchwork quilt of blunders, nevertheless a wise man obeys them.

    Hear His promise: “The Redeemer who would rather go to hell for you than to heaven without you.” Max Lucado.

    It is better for us to be in agreement with God, than for us to ask God to be in agreement with us.

    Eventually we all fall from the pedestal of our self-centered accomplishments.

    Tears mixed with faith and grace produce miracles.

    Sleep peacefully, God is awake. Work faithfully, God is your reward. Live confidently, God is in control. Roy Lessin.

    God’s saints are decorated by their wounds, not by their victories.

    Let Jesus be your chiropractor. He makes the very best adjustments.

    A good exercise for the heart is to bend down and help another up. Raymond Brunk

    A psychiatrist is an expensive friend.

    It’s not how long or loud we talk, what matters is that hearts touch.

    Loud words are like noise to the soul. Speak softly!

*   Spring 2000
    Every time God tries to get our attention through pain, our flesh screams for another shot of novocaine.

    Success has nothing to do with money or degrees.

    We can’t follow God and keep hugging the shoreline.

    The world teaches: “Believe in yourself.” The Word teaches, “Believe in Jesus.”

    The only legitimate fear is missing God’s will for our lives.

    Judge no one! That is God’s prerogative.

    Pitfalls for men: Gold, Glory and Gals!

    To the world you might be one person; but to one person you may be the world.

    The “satanically-managed” man is often moral, upright, proud and individual. He is absolutely self-governed and has no need of God. Oswald Chambers.

    Be honest in your estimate of yourself. Do not esteem yourself more highly than you ought to. (Romans 12:3)

    Heaven is being with God and knowing it.

    If you have not prayed as if your life hangs in the balance, you have not prayed.

    The highest form of worship is obedience to God’s Word.

    The way to win a war is to weep over our own sins first.

    It is the goodness of God that leads man to repentance. (Romans 2:4)

    The way to receive a stranger is to make him feel you have been expecting him forever.

    Raising your voice is a poor way of reinforcing your argument.

    A smile will confuse your critics.

    Growing old does not automatically imply we are growing up.

    In God’s economy there are no accidents, only opportunities.

    Following the path of least resistance is what makes rivers and men crooked.

    The vessel has nothing to do with the richness of the wine, but to remain clean on the inside. Mary Viola

    When we ask Jesus to play second fiddle in our life, He won’t show up for rehearsals.

    If it were not for hope, the heart would break. Thomas Fuller

    Prejudice is judge, jury and executioner all wrapped in one.

    Smoking puts a smokescreen over the real issues in our life.

    Rage is like a stick of dynamite exploded in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Consider the ants. We are all “serve-ants.” We either serve Satan, self, the world or God.

    When we surrender our life to Jesus, Love has conquered us and Love has redeemed us.

    Whosoever influences our life, also directs our life.

    We often spend more time polishing our toys than maintaining our tools.

    Miracles are heaven’s sign language.

    Being kind is more important than being right.. Rebekah

    What an awesome plan: God in Christ and Christ in man!

    When anger is allowed to speak, the judge’s gavel becomes the executioner’s hammer.

    Prayer is consulting with God about everything.

*   Fall 2000
    Doctors, your patients are your invaluable teachers.

    The difference between a deadline and a lifeline is Jesus.

    Without a test, we can’t have a testimony. Rebekah

    Don’t get set in your ways, get set in His ways.

    “That’s my personality” is often an excuse, not an explanation.

    Shepherds, if your flock is not growing or your sheep are sick and puny, please don’t blame the sheep.

    The Church is God’s idea. The walls that separate the churches are man’s idea.

    Jesus is “The Message;” we are to be His messengers.

    Repentance: Turning around 180 degrees.

    If you whine, you are wasting my time.

    When we spew or unload our anger and frustration onto others, they serve as our garbage cans.

    It’s better to keep track of our blessings than our money.

    We are commanded to forgive sinners, not to excuse them.

    When we diagnose a problem incorrectly, we will write the wrong prescription for healing.

    Don’t drug me. I want to live and die in my right mind.

    Some drugs are like crutches. We must not use them any longer than necessary.

    We often trade a spouse, a job, a town, or a church for another; yet continue to be as miserable as before. Maybe the problem is us, not “them.”

    Those we don’t forgive, enslave us.

    Jesus is the very best “interior decorator”; and He does not charge a penny.

    God’s opinion of us makes all other opinions irrelevant.

    It was not what I asked for; but it must have been the right answer.

    Whenever we have to justify ourselves to someone, we allow them to be our judge.

    Walking with one foot in the world and one foot in “The Word” creates a split personality.

    Pain is a catalyst to a transformed life. Don’t allow those “feel better” prescriptions to conceal the real issues in your life.

    When someone loves you, take it personal. When someone rejects you, take it to Jesus.

    Don’t interfere, intercede!

    Don’t always seek His hand; seek His face.

    Don’t give what you have, give what the other person needs.

    Allow others the opportunity to exercise their gifts.

    A moment of crisis occurs when the gods we have made meet the God who has made us.

    Don’t call yourself a Christian if you hate the Jews. Jesus is a Jew.

    He who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.

    What really counts is how much you care, not how much you know.

    Often God sends us the things we need in packages we don’t want.

    Strength comes from obeying God during hard times.

    Every day that’s a repetition of the previous day is a big waste.

    If your head is too large, it is impossible for you to slip through the birth canal and be reborn.

    God does not have any temporary or part-time servants.

    The reason we step on people’s feelings is that we don’t know where they are, and often don’t even care.

    God never gives us discernment so that we can criticize, but that we may intercede. Oswald Chambers.

    I am to live in such a perfect relationship with God, that my life produces a yearning for God in the lives of others, not admiration for myself. Oswald Chambers

    We are all equally precious in the sight of God, but not in the sight of one another.

    God’s rest is the very best.

    God can make warriors out of wimps.

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