My Dear Patti,
August 2, 2019
From the daily devotional: "Jesus Calling" for August 2:

Bring me the sacrifice of your time: a most precious commodity. In this action addicted world, few of My children take time to sit quietly in My Presence. But for those who do, blessings flow like streams of living water. I, the One from whom all blessings flow, am also blessed by our time together. This is a deep mystery; do not try to fathom it. Instead, glorify Me by delighting in Me now and forever.

I have been processing events that span a life-time. It's about being so busy that we don't stop to smell the roses or crush flowers that happen to be under our racing footsteps. I am guilty and am asking Jesus to help me remember and repent. I am asking Jesus to help me remember those I have crushed or ignored by my frenzied-feverish way of doing life.

I am 86 and have purposed in my heart to look at the way I have done life and am doing life now. I am asking the Holy Spirit to show me where and why I have hurt others, including the heart of Jesus, without being aware of it. Time has erased the majority of names, but I am deeply sorry for hurting anyone, unknowingly breaking their hearts, wounding their spirits. I have also asked the Lord to help me forgive those who have crowded and crushed me by their insensitive way of "doing life." Without His help, I don't seem to be able to do that. And "YES", He is helping me. Forgiving and then forgetting is a slow process for me. Wounds seem to heal very slowly, but in time they do heal.

I know everyone has been violated, stepped on, even betrayed by someone. Everyone seems to deal differently with their pain, their hurts. Some throw themselves into a new relationship, jump on their motorcycle, reach for a bottle of pills or silently weep until there are no more tears. Others take a gun and do something crazy and stupid with it.

The way I deal with my pain today is to write. I asked Jesus to show me a name and sometimes He does. He showed me your name today. At other times I see all of humanity as my audience. At times I don't even let anyone read what I have written. I always feel a matter of relief after baring my heart. I ask Jesus what I am to write, who it is for and if anyone besides Him is to read it. Overwhelming pain, joy and gratitude are the catalysts that prompt, even urge me to write. I have a wonderful webmaster that stands by, eager to make my heart public via our web site whenever I ask her. She told me a number of times her high calling from God is to make my heart public.

I wrote a letter on July 19 of this year that I did not make public. There are only a handful of people who have read it so far. One of them lives in South Africa. In this letter, I begged weeping and warring prayer warriors to help me deal with my hurting and angry heart. Amazing, how God answered their prayers! Thank you, dear intercessors. Thank you for hurting with me and going to war alongside me.
Let me explain. There is that beautiful lady we had known for close to forty years. Before long, Rebekah and I adopted her as one of our closest friends. She would visit us from time to time, love on us and open new doors for us. By new doors I mean, other beautiful relationships. Every time she came I had a beautiful bouquet of flowers in my heart, a big hug, which I handed to her the minute she walked through the door. But then something happened. I have no idea what might have put our friendship on the back burner of her life. I only know that God permitted it, maybe so that I would write these words?

In recent years, every time we had set aside that special time for one of those wonderful visits, shortly before our friend was due to arrive, she called that something came up that preempted her time with us. I could not give the bouquet of flowers to anyone else. They wilted. My heart was bruised. After the third cancellation, my heart was crushed. The last visit was a "rush job." It was unannounced. She happened to be in town and threw us a few crumbs of here busy life. My heart was not able to respond. There was no bouquet of flowers, no hug in my heart for her. I dealt with my anguish by writing: "Who will weep with me?"

I am still sad, my heart is still grieving, but my heart has started to heal. One day the Lord revealed to me that many, in fact most people today are caught up in such a frenzied-feverish way of doing life, they don't even know when they have sideswiped another life. They don't stop for red lights, don't even see them. They are not aware they have crushed a life, crushed Jesus' heart by not treating Him as their first lover. You see, dear Patti, our beautiful friend of many years did not only crush my heart, she crushed Jesus' heart in me. My healing came, my healing started when I realized that this was not intentional.

When we live life with frenzy, we will hurt others without realizing it. When we try to juggle too many balls, we will drop one sooner or later. I am writing these words not only to you; I am writing and speaking to everyone in the world, even distant generations are included if Jesus should tarry. You will be shown who else is to read this letter. You will know if you are to broadcast these words far and wide and when. Yes, Patti, you are an extension of God's heart. We are all to be an extension of Jesus.

God bless you, dear Patti. You are so welcome to come and sit in the Rocking Chair of God's heart any time. We will greet you at the front door and hand you a beautiful bouquet of flowers as long as we are the stewards of the log cabin on Cloud Cap Avenue in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.
Peter & Rebekah

Who will weep with me?
July 19, 2019

We have all kinds of visitors from near and far. Some come from far away at great expense to spend a few nights in the Upper Room to share their happies and hurts with Jesus and us. The Upper Room is generally the destination for these folks. Then there are those who feel urged by the Holy Spirit to turn into our driveway, but they are unaware of what new things may be in store for them or us. And then there are those who feel obligated to pay us a courtesy visit because their travels happen to take them near or through our town. This last batch is more of an intrusion than a blessing. This group is merely throwing us a few crumbs of their frenetic lives.

When this last batch walks through our door, the Lord has not prepared our hearts for them. We wished they wouldn't have bothered to stop by. We wished we had not been home when they knocked on our door. We wished we had not answered the phone. When these visitors pull out of the driveway, they have merely deposited a whirlwind of their busy and frenetic lives into ours. And busy in this case is an acronym for "Buried Under Satan's Yoke." The people that are so very welcomed are those who are sensitive to and obey the leading of the Holy Spirit. We are always waiting for these to knock on our door.

A recent visitor tossed us a few crumbs of her time. The few hours she was here opened a painful wound that is still bleeding. I asked Jesus, "What do you want me to do with all that pain? Why did you allow a close friend to break my heart?" He said, "Peter, I wanted you to feel my pain when someone throws Me a few crumbs of their time or breaks their promises to Me." Then he asked me to write this letter and also include a letter I had written five years earlier but had never published. And so I did. I weep each time I read the letter. I have been reading it again and again. I weep every time I do. I write when I am in pain. I write while I am weeping but do not always speak or publish the words.

Yesterday a person knocked on our door. She said she could only stay a few minutes because her dog was in the car. I asked if she had opened the link to the letter, "Peter's Next Assignment" I sent her. She said, "I never open any link." I know that there are others who never open any of my links. These links are the passwords to my heart.

I handed her a printed copy of the letter and said, "Please come back after you have read it so that we can have a heart to heart talk. Don't bring your dog so there won't be a reason for us to have a hurried visit."

Jesus has a very human heart. Is there anyone who will weep with me? Is there anyone who will hang up their apron, their busyness, and sit at Jesus' feet with me? Can anyone feel the anguish in my heart?


A Man of Integrity and a Servant of the Most High God replies:

My dear Peter,

As I read your heart-letter to Patti, what came up in my spirit was: "If only the world could read it and react accordingly!" And would it not be wonderful if politicians all over would do so? Then we would surely see truth in the song made famous by Louis Armstrong: What a wonderful world!

May this letter be strewn into the Spirit Wind and be rooted and growing in even the most difficult places.

Your description of being handed crumbs of friendship is deep reaching. I believe it will address many hearts, now and in time to come.

The Lord bless you and Rebekah.




A woman from South Africa writes:

Dear Peter

Internet has been playing up for the last few weeks ~ but don't give up old lady I tell myself. Being without a printer nowadays, I asked Anel my daughter to print it for me enabling me to read it over several times....and I did.

I read your letter to Patti and I must confess....tears, tears...oh dear.

"the only people who deserves to be in your life are the ones who treat you with love, kindness and TOTAL respect. Avoiding and even severing ties with certain people to protect your emotional health is NOT weakness. Its wisdom". There..I said it.

{Oh dear..another notification viz "NOT CONNECTED"...TRY AGAIN.}

I do want to take the opportunity to thank you for the years that I have been blessed to receive your writings. I used to print it and then read it over and over and filed it. My late husband used to read it as well. Thank you again for being a blessing to me and others.

I thank our Father for healing your heart and for healing your dear wife.

God bless you both, Ria


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