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Life Letters

April 2, 2018

"All I have to do is to picture myself sitting in that chair and I am there," a friend said.

For more about "That Chair" and an Invitation to the Upper Room, click on "That Chair"

Dearest Michelle,

Your letter opened a new portal between heaven and earth in my heart and our home - a very, very unique portal for healing of the heart and mind. You wrote:
          A vibrant young girl from our church, almost 20, has been in the psychiatric unit now for 2 weeks having been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. Some of us are meeting Tuesday night at 6 pm at her parents' house to pray. Tonight, as I was praying, God told me to go to the Upper Room and to pray as if I were there in your Upper Room.
          We got close to this family on a Mexico mission trip through our church 3 years ago. They have a heart for Jesus. We would appreciate your prayers.
          Been thinking of you both..     Michelle J.

Michelle, I tossed and turned half the night after reading your letter. I prayed in the Spirit and quoted Scripture verses silently. Finally I asked Rebekah to hold me in her arms. I felt like an exhausted, fragile, little child. I was reminded of the song by Twila Paris, “The Warrior is a Child”. I knew I had been in a big battle. Rebekah opened her arms and held me, and I was able to get back to sleep and get a few hours of renewing sleep. As soon as I got up in the morning, I had to pen these words to you.

During the awake hours I kept begging Jesus to show me what He wanted me to do. He said, "Peter, write Michelle and have her and the prayer team gathering on Tuesday evening get acquainted with the Upper Room. Then suggest that the mother of the troubled 20 year old daughter, if possible, send a picture of her daughter. If she does, take your laptop computer to the Upper Room and open the screen to the picture she sent, sit in the Rocking Chair of God's Heart and picture the daughter sitting in the Father's lap.

"Pray for her with all the wisdom, life, love, compassion and authority that I have placed in you for those who are troubled and tormented in their mind, thoughts and emotions. I am the only one who can heal her mind and sanctify her imagination. I am not a band-aid or a pill. I am the answer. The healing will begin as prayer warriors persevere at the Throne of Grace.

“The way I will manifest my healing graces is through renewed hope and peace, an abundance of both. Peter, whenever you pray and anguish over souls, always remember that the battle is the Lord's, the victory is the Lord's and the glory is the Lord's. Anyone who does not give God the Glory has taken off his mantle of humility. That makes him a choice target for Satan and the world.

"Up till now you have invited people to come to the Upper Room in Pagosa Springs to receive healing, encouragement and answers to troubling questions. Many have come and have touched the hem of My Garment. From now on that won't be necessary. Anyone who wants to visit the Upper Room can do so by reading the invitation and picturing themselves sitting in the Rocking Chair of God's heart. I want you to intercede only for those who write to you and Rebekah, bare their hearts and ask for prayer. If you reach out beyond your assigned task, the burdens may crush you."

Michelle, this is so awesome, so God, so Holy, so out of this world. Tossing and turning half the night for that troubled child of God was a small price to pay for this new door between heaven and earth to open.

Thank you Michelle for your obedience in writing to us, thank you Jesus, thank you Holy Spirit, thank you Father/God, thank you angels for beckoning the weary and the wounded to come and sit in the Rocking Chair of God's Heart. Prayer warriors rejoice, your petitions and your tears have found an audience at God's Throne. I am so glad you went to the Throne instead of picking up the phone.

I am a happy warrior today. I will continue to be an advocate for those vexed by nefarious spirits whose intentions are to drive us insane. My high calling from God is to march into hell with Jesus for a heavenly cause. The infernos raging in the human mind cannot be fought with a garden hose, water pistol or BB gun. Jesus is the only name that causes hell to tremble and release its captives. It is written and it is true, "...that at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father (Philippians 2:10-11).

Peter and Rebekah

Stretcher Bearers for Christ

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