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Life Letters

August 16, 2013

Around the world in my robe and pajamas! What a way for Peter to travel! What a way for any of us to travel! Visitors come from near and far. They come in all colors, shapes and sizes. And when they leave, they take a part of us with them and leave a part of themselves with us. We like it that way. When my passport expired a few years ago, I did not renew it and don't plan to. For the past few years I have preferred visiting with friends on our turf on Lake Pagosa. Here I am shaking hands with Malik who came from Texas recently. We found this note in the Upper Room after he left very early in the morning.

Let me explain! Malik came looking for the Lamb of God and instead found Jesus as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. We commissioned him into God's End-Time Army before he left. If you look closely, you will notice that he is wearing the Lion of Judah medallion. He asked to be baptized in our lake before leaving. He is 23 and the main bread-winner for five people plus himself. He holds two jobs. Six people live in a one-room apartment. He has an angelic countenance and nature; and boy, can he pray. Rebekah dissolved into tears when Malik got on his knees to pray for her. The meaning of his name is "Eternal".

I rarely get out of my robe and pajamas these days, even when we have visitors. That's one of the privileges granted to octogenarians. A lot of times I walk to our nearby mailbox dressed that way. On a few occasions I have even driven to the nearby airport that way. It's only two miles from our house. If someone wants to fly here, we'll gladly pick them up. The airport can accommodate small planes and small jets.

Yes, the years have done their number on this threadbare chassis called Peter Laue. Things that used to be a breeze have gotten harder and harder to do. I finally decided, because of the stern suggestions from Rebekah, to let others climb a ladder and remove the snow from our roof during the winter. Trips to cities, large or small, near or far, are hard. On some days they are next to impossible. And yet, I am traveling around the world and love doing so. But how do I do it?

One day a visitor questioned, even challenged my attire and my lack of enthusiasm for getting dressed and into a car, plane or boat. I pondered the remarks of this solicitous guest after he left. I asked myself, "Is there something wrong with me? Am I grieving the Holy Spirit? Am I out of order for not following the social etiquettes dictated by our culture?" Answers came gradually and keep on coming.

Jesus spoke these words into my heart; and He continues to elaborate on them, "Peter, I can and would like to take you around the world with Me, but not in the way the world or your logical mind suggests. In fact, I would like to take all my friends around the world with Me. I have given you a pen filled with my heart, passion and purpose. I want you to write. I have given you a webmaster who loves you and eagerly awaits each story you pen so that she can post them on your web site. I have given you an audience of one or two and at the most, three or four. They sit on your couch or lawn chair and wait for you to tell them stories and do your prophetic acts. They arrive at your door at my appointed time - some call ahead, many don't. They will listen to your stories and will take them where they bring healing, hope, direction, and at times, hilarious laughter. I am glad you listen to Rebekah who reminds you not to be any weirder than necessary.

"Your heart's desire and mine have been to go into every living room in the world, so you can tell your stories and mine. One way or another my disciples have done this for the past two-thousand years. They will continue to do so until I return and establish my Kingdom on earth. This can and is happening at this very moment at an exponential pace because of the printing press, the Internet, television and smart phones. Anyone who wants to meet us can enter our names into their computer search engine or smart phone, meet us face to face and listen to our stories. You don't know who these people might be who check up on us; and you don't need to know.

"The Holy Spirit is your traffic director. I am only directing those to your home, your phone and your website that are eager and ready to meet you and Rebekah, your handmaiden. Your story "To Hell and Back" is my gift of hope to those who are languishing in dungeons of darkness and despair. Every visitor is also my gift to you - my Christmas present. There is still much you need to learn. Allow your visitors, whether they be young or old, to be your teachers. Everyone has a story. Just ask them.

"Peter, I know what I am doing. Worldly applause would be your undoing.. I choose the ones who are to walk by your house and stop to enter. I choose how people are to see you. I choose the ones who are to take your stories around the world, to their neighbors, and to their next of kin. Some may see you as a general or a counselor, a father or a friend, while others may see you as a little old man. I am the One who decides how and if guests will remember you and the stories you tell them. I have hidden you in 'The Secret Place of the Most High' because both rejection and applause would kill or cripple you. In the past you have flirted with thoughts of traveling around the world in a jet. That would have been your undoing, because this was never my plan for your life. You would have had a 'look at Peter's ministry' instead of a 'look at the Lord, your Savior's ministry.'

(the white dashes in the picture are snowflakes)

"Yes, Peter my friend, indeed you are now traveling around the world because you have chosen to walk in my footsteps. Every person who walks in my footsteps is traveling around the world with Me. It matters little whether they are blind, deaf or in a wheelchair, old or young, educated or uneducated by worldly standards. When my Spirit rests upon someone, I can and will do great exploits through them. Eternity will reveal who those mighty men of valor are, not some worldly opinion poll.

"I can heal the sick, open blind eyes, raise the dead and cast out demons. As long as someone has surrendered to Me totally, I can take them around the world with Me and show off my mercy and power through them. I am taking my friend Joni Erickson around the world with me every day. And yes, she is in a wheelchair. The diving accident that crippled her was no accident in my eyes . Your season in a mental hospital was no accident in my eyes. My death on the cross was not an accident. It was my Father's love personified for you and the world. What my adversaries mean for evil, I am able to turn into victory. That is one of my specialties.

"Peter, there is no need for you to get another passport. There is no need for anyone to get a passport unless they have received their traveling orders from Me. But only a few ask Me if they are to go on a cruise or do exploits for Me away from home. They go and only ask Me after they are already on their way. Feel free to stay in your robe and pajamas. Stay off ladders and together we will travel around the world for many more years. I will even take you around the world when you are no longer wearing your earthly garment. As long as you keep walking in my footsteps, your stories and your life can never be erased. Together we can do great exploits. Together we are turning the world right-side up. What I started 2000 years ago, you and my other followers are finishing. You are living on the right side of victory because you are living in Me and I am living in you."

Peter & Rebekah Laue
Pagosa Springs, Colorado

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