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Life Letters

As Weak as a Little Kitten
February 16, 2013


Peter & Rebekah have both been basket cases a number of times and can therefore be trusted to minister to “Wounded Warriors”. Peter & Rebekah know exhaustion, despair, fear, confusion, and anger first-hand. Therefore, Peter & Rebekah have been called to provide a safe place, a sanctuary, for those who are on the verge of a melt-down. Come to the mountains. Come to the Upper Room.

Jesus has prepared a place for “Wounded Warriors.” It is called the Upper Room. Yes, Jesus is waiting to heal and restore “Wounded Warriors” so that they can pick up their swords once more. Click on the highlighted words and you will know if the invitation to the Upper Room is for you and if you are to respond now. Click on the words: My Legacy to learn if you are to be a part of God’s End-time Army after being restored.

Forty years ago this writer said “YES” to Jesus and “NO” to the world when he came out of Egypt. But then it took forty more years for Egypt to come out of this writer. With Jesus’ help, he has retraced Moses’ footsteps as best as he knew how. These words are not his words; they are from the movie “The Ten Commandments” by Cecil B. DeMille. Thank you, Cecil, for producing this epic movie.

Yahweh prepares Moses for his High Calling

“Into the blistering wilderness of Shur, the man who walked with kings now walks alone: torn from the pinnacle of royal power, stripped of all rank and earthly wealth, a forsaken man without a country, without a hope, his soul in turmoil. Like the hot winds and raging sands that lash him with the fury of a taskmaster’s whip, he is driven forward, always forward, by a God unknown or a land unseen; into the molten wilderness of Zin, where granite sentinels stand as towers of living death to bar his way.

“Each night brings the black embrace of loneliness. In the mocking whisper of the wind he hears the echoing voices of the dark, his tortured mind wondering if they recall the memory of past triumphs or wail foreboding of disaster yet to come. Or whether the desert’s hot breath has melted his reason into madness. He cannot cool the burning kiss of thirst upon his lips, nor shade the scorching fury of the sun. All about is desolation. He can neither bless nor curse the power that moves him, for he does not know from where it comes. Learning that it can be more terrible to live than to die, he is driven onward through the burning crucible of desert, where holy men and prophets are cleansed and purged for God’s great purpose. Until at last, at the end of human strength, beaten into the dust from which he came, the metal is ready for the Maker’s Hand.

The Shepherd Girl speaks into the heart of Moses!

“Our hands are not so soft, but they can serve.
Our bodies not so white, but they are strong.
Our lips are not perfumed, but they speak the truth.
Love is not an art to us, it is life to us.
We are not dressed in gold and fine linen;
strength and honor are our clothing.
Our tents are not the columned halls in Egypt;
but our children play happily before them.
We can offer you little;
but we offer you all we have.”

The posting of this epistle coincides with this writer’s eightieth birthday. That’s when Moses got started to fulfill his high calling. That’s when the metal was ready for the Maker’s Hand. He has trashed his worldly trophies. He has been stripped of all worldly rank. Only now can he be led by the Spirit of God instead of the voice of reason and self-serving desires. His shepherd’s staff has become a weapon of warfare. His pen is his sword. His shepherd girl is his helpmate. The words he writes are not his own. No weapon formed against them shall prosper.
Peter’s Staff – Click to learn more

There are many who are retracing the footsteps of Moses at this very moment. There are many who are confronting the Pharaohs of this world. There are many who have been called to be advocates for those whose voices have been silenced by cruel taskmasters. This writer would like to meet them. Please come forward. Come to the mountains. Let us come together and have our Commander-in-Chief speak to us. His name is Yeshua. His name is Jesus. He is God. He is my God. He is the God of all who call upon His name, the name that is above all other names. He is there wherever two or more are gathered together in His name.

I have read the end of “The Book”. You have read the end of “The Book”. The victory is ours. The glory belongs to God.

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