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Early Writings

September 20th, 2000

I have spent these last few days giving birth to a matter burning in my heart. I sense an urgency to write and obey the Spirit resting so heavily upon me. I am sharing these words with you because I see you as one of God's chosen vessels to usher in the fullness of time.

We all see one another differently. The way you see yourself may be quite different from the way I see you or God sees you or anyone else sees you. The way the checker at the grocery store sees you may be different again. Those we see with the nature of Jesus radiating from their countenance we often treat with greater love and reverence than all others. In fact, we often lay special gifts at their feet as the wise men did when they saw baby Jesus. But just because you or I are not able to see all of our friends and acquaintances as "God's Elect" must not be construed to mean that they are not.

With these prefacing thoughts, please accept this letter and share it with others only as God directs you to do so. If you do not have the certainty in your heart that someone can receive these words from you with reverence, jubilation, and humility, please do not pass them on. And please include words from your own heart with each letter — make every letter personal.

Dear "Soldier-Saints" far and wide,

The poet Cincinnatus Hiner Miller put these words into the mouth of the first mate who sailed with Christopher Columbus:

They sailed. They sailed. Then spake the mate: "This mad sea shows his teeth tonight; He curled his lips, he lies in wait, With lifted teeth, as if to bite: Brave Adm'r'l, say but one good word; What shall we do when hope is gone?" The words leapt like a leaping sword:

And he put these words into the mouth of Christopher Columbus:

"Sail on! Sail on! Sail on! And on!"

It is my prayer, my petition at the Throne of Grace that the words I write to you today will be like a "leaping sword". It is my prayer that they will not fall to the ground, that you will not let them die, will not let them fall asleep in your heart; but that they will multiply and will call forth "God's Mighty Men of Valor" in this generation.

I have had many glimpses over a lifetime of these mighty men and women of valor. I have read their stories, seen some, touched some, and have heard the voices of others. When I listened to Neville Johnson and Nita Johnson (related in Christ only) deliver their messages at the "End Time Prophetic Conference" in Perth, Australia in 1998, I knew that others saw what I have seen and heard. I write these words to you to bring to culmination the prayers of many intercessors, to give birth to the many prophetic utterances that God would raise up an army of mighty men and women of valor.

The words of the speakers continue to burn in my heart. Paraphrasing the essence of what I heard and remember, they announced and proclaimed that God would be raising up kings, priests, apostles, prophets, evangelists, teachers - like unto Abraham, Moses, Joseph, Elijah, David, Esther, Daniel, John the Baptist, John the Beloved, Peter, Paul, Abraham Lincoln, etc., etc. There would not be only one Moses or one David or one Lincoln with the mantle of these giants of history, but many. The same Spirit that directed and protected these giants of the Old and New Testament would come upon many in this generation. These men and women of valor would usher in the coming of the Lord. They would bring this age of darkness, rebellion, greed, lust, and deception to an end and usher in the fullness of time. We are now being challenged to step forward and fill in the ranks with our unique callings from on High.

I say to you mothers and fathers who have known from the moment of conception that your sons and daughters were destined for leadership in God's army, hold on to those dreams and visions. Don't let Satan steal them out of your heart regardless of what you see with your human eyes. I say to you, "Don't sink their ships with loose lips, but keep their ships afloat not only with many encouraging words and prayers, but also words of correction." Some things must remain hidden until the day of fulfillment. I say to you who see with the eyes of an Anna or Simeon, "If you have seen a Moses or a David in the face of a baby or your baby, you are blessed. Continue to pray for them until they are ready to be revealed. Satan is bent on destroying their lives before they can bear fruit, as he attempted to do with baby Moses and baby Jesus." And if your sons and daughters bring failing grades home from school or get into trouble with the law, continue to believe. I give you the permission to say in your heart, "That just goes to show that these teachers don't know how to teach a child with royal blood."

As you read these words, your heart will be stirred. Suddenly, the Lord will remind you of dreams and visions long forgotten. He will give you the courage to resurrect them, to hold long forgotten pictures and words close to your heart again, weep over them and cause them to live again. Your prayers and tears, mothers and fathers, tether your children to the heart of God. He will remind you of words spoken long ago. Once again you will be able to believe. He will challenge and help you to believe that you and or your sons and daughters are one of those mighty men of valor.

One of our guests had the following vision while spending time in "The Upper Room" recently. I present it to you here. It may describe who you are. If it stirs your heart, don't let it depart. It may be for you; or it may be for someone near and dear to you. I asked our guest to write down what she saw so it could be shared with the elect in the Body of Christ.

I saw a large portrait, 8-9 feet tall, hanging about a foot from the floor. The frame was about 8 inches wide, gold and very gilded and ornate, much as a museum piece would be.

The picture was of a knight in very polished armor. He is standing tall, his right knee bent slightly forward. His right hand holds a long, silver lance that is almost as tall as he is. He is holding it like a staff; but it is a weapon. His left arm is bent and the hand is on the hilt of a sword secured in its sheath. A piece of scarlet fabric is draped over the arm from behind. It is a piece of cloth that drapes from both shoulders. I believe the color has to do with the blood of Jesus. Only his eyes and upper nose are visible. They are piercing and set like flint forward. There is great strength, confidence, and single-mindedness of purpose in his eyes. There is no fear.

The painting is sooty with dust and grease so the colors are dulled. Jesus appears and begins to wipe the picture off with a white cloth. As He does so, the colors become brighter and more vivid. By 3 to 4 wipes, the colors are glowing as though light was coming from the back of the painting, illuminating it.

As I watched, the knight suddenly stepped out from the painting. Streaks of light stretched from the picture to him as he emerged. In front of him I saw two warrior angels with great flashing swords. They were flashing the swords back and forth, clearing the path for the knight. He was not fighting; just following the path they had cleared for him.

On the bottom of the picture is a brass plaque identifying the knight in the picture.

Blessings, Carol

Are you that knight in the picture? Can you see your name on the brass plaque? Can you see a name on that brass plaque? If you can, you have heard from heaven. Then God has entrusted to you the gift of "seeing" and "knowing." Ask Him to teach you how to use the gift to edify and raise up His army.

Three days after Carol received the vision and shared it with us, there was a knock on the door. It was Sunday morning about 10:00 AM. We opened the door. Both Rebekah and I knew immediately that we were looking at royalty. Here was a black man, nineteen years old, six feet four inches tall. His eyes sparkled. He exuded health and confidence from every pore of his being. He was polite but not timid. We had only met briefly by phone a few days earlier. After exchanging a few words with each other, we both knew we were to meet. Why, neither one of us knew. It was to be revealed later.

Our new friend, his first name is Taj, was looking for direction and confirmation for his spiritual journey. From his earliest years, his mother knew her son was chosen for a high calling; and so did he. He had just graduated from a two-year Bible school. He was like soft clay in the hands of his Maker.

Taj was never a stranger in our home. The moment he stepped through the door, it was like we had always known him and had been expecting him forever. He fit right in. He was family. He was like a son. At one point he said, "I wished there would be just one drop of Jewish blood in my veins." And by a witness in our hearts we believe there is.

As we were sitting at the dinner table we spoke about Moses and that we saw him, Taj, as a leader. And as we spoke the word "leader," the Holy Spirit touched everyone. Every time I spoke the words "lead" or "leader" the Holy Spirit confirmed those words. Later on, after everyone else had already gone to bed, I showed him my
prayer staff; and as he touched it, it was as if a bolt of lightning struck him. He quivered in his knees and for a while - his legs became like Jell-O. He was determined not to fall out in the Spirit. He said, "I promised the Lord a year ago that I would learn to stand in His presence and not allow myself to be slain in the Spirit each time His presence touched me." This was to be his first major test. After about ten minutes or so, Taj was able to hold and walk with my prayer staff. He said, "That is not a prayer staff. It is
the rod of God." I showed him a sign with the words "Let My People Go," and when he touched it, his whole being quaked.

The next day I was prompted to ask him if he would allow us to confirm the mantle of a Moses calling upon his life. He replied, "I need to fast and pray before allowing you to commission me." After seeking the Lord for two days, he allowed us to validate his calling as a leader. He may be spending a few more days on the "back-side of the desert" learning how to pasture and lead God's sheep. But one day he and many others like him will come forth with the rod of God and bring the captives out of our modern day Egypt.

Each time anyone has a "God-experience", we have to carefully ponder what we have seen or heard. We must even and always challenge the origin of these "God-encounters." Satan can and does appear as an angel of light, but he is a fallen angel, always trying to sabotage God's master plan. If our ego has not been crucified, Satan has a wide open door to deceive us. If he tried to deceive Jesus, he will certainly also try to deceive us. And he starts with God's elect. Caution is therefore to be our first line of defense. We may not immediately know how to interpret a vision or dream or know whether the experience is to be trashed or treasured. We must also ask whether it is to be shared now, later, or not at all - and with whom. Mary kept many of her heavenly visitations in her heart until a much later time.

There is more I could share with you, but for now I must wait upon the Lord before opening my heart to you again. I adjure you to press in and hear His voice, the Captain of the Hosts of Heaven, for yourself. If you would like me to send you a copy of the audio tape that inspired me to write with such boldness and authority, I will be glad to do so. May the words I have written be as a clarion call to the hidden "Soldier-Saints", to God's elect who are waiting to have their high calling validated. If you see yourself as that knight in the picture frame, step out of the frame now and fulfill your high calling in Christ Jesus. Take the time as I am doing here to write a letter, make a phone call or share this letter. Allow yourself to be used as God's heavenly courier. Fill in the ranks with your unique gifts and join those who have already stepped out of the picture frame ahead of you. And as you step out of the frame, others will see you take this courageous step and be inspired to take theirs.

Rebekah and I have just gotten our passports to be able to go anywhere at any time the Commander in Chief speaks. We have also been challenged to get out of debt and stay out of debt. The clarion call is, "Don't get ready, stay ready and do not be afraid." While we are waiting for our marching orders, we keep our noses in the war manual — the powerful and unchanging Word of our Lord Jesus, the Christ and Messiah. May the Holy Spirit enlarge upon these words and cause them to spring forth into new life, greater passion and greater purpose.

I love you. We both love you and pray for your high calling in Christ Jesus to be revealed and confirmed through the witness of the Holy Spirit in your hearts. Arise, mighty men and women of valor, and go forth to fulfill your high calling in God. The Lord is with you and goes before you. The glory of the Lord is your rear guard.

Peter-The Lords Scribe and Storyteller

Sir Peter

Dressed in the Armor of God
Ready to do battle
Unafraid of Satan
Or the chains that all men rattle.

Protected and prepared to stand
Warrior, part monk, holy man
Defending his part of God's Kingdom
As only a true knight can.

Dubbed so at birth by his mother
Now gray, a new journey started
With sword (staff) in hand
He'll take this land.

Sir Peter, the Lion Hearted – Love, Patsy - Maranatha
The name of the tree that “donated”
the staff is: “TREE OF HEAVEN;”
the scientific nomenclatures is:

Ailianthus Altissima.

Revised with pictures added: 11-27-2007

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