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  Pagosa Springs, Colorado
January 13th, 2007

Something happened Christmas Eve, 2006 that I don’t ever want to forget. And in telling what happened and sharing a few pictures, I might just be giving someone a belated Christmas present.

During Christmas, Thanksgiving and other special holidays our hearts are often more prone to reach out to those who are not able to celebrate Christmas with us. You wished you could touch them, hear their voices, and see their faces. Some of these friends and relatives are already tucked safely in the arms of Jesus, while others are living in distant cities, countries or may be in harms way on some battlefield.

One such special friend suddenly came to mind and I decided to call her. She was at home. She was alone and it was the perfect time to make the call. Timing, I am learning, is everything. It’s like delivering a bouquet of flowers to the right address at the right moment. I seldom make a phone call without asking, “Lord, is this the right time and person to call.”

When Winnie heard my voice and I heard her voice, we both knew we had hit the jackpot. It was the perfect time for a phone visit. She said, “Peter, you and Rebekah are family.” Those few words had that true ring that responded to something deep

within me. Family according to my definition has little to do with having to be blood related. It’s all about knowing God as our Abba – Father. It’s all about having the same Father.

When I hear the voice of another person, something happens inside of me. I am allowed to know how well a person is. I am allowed to know whether a person is filled with life or is running on fumes. I am permitted to know if one more bit of bad news, chronic pain or one more sleepless night might push a person over the edge. I have been there several times. I know. The Holy Spirit has cultivated an unusual tenderness, compassion and “knowing” towards those who are in danger of calling it “quits” – ready to be swallowed up by the cares of this world, crowded by both reasonable and unreasonable fears, stalked by anger and twisted thoughts and emotions. Winnie was in such delicate place. She did not have to say anything for me to know. I
heard it all in her voice. And as I heard her voice, I saw myself walking to the couch and pick up a teddy bear given to us some 13 years ago. I picked up the bear, walked to our wood burning stove and stood in front of it. The atmosphere was warm, homey, and safe.

I said, “Winnie, I just picked up this cute bear and am holding it in my arms. That bear is you and Jesus is the one pressing it to His heart just now. I am standing in front of our warm Earth Stove.” And since Winnie had visited us a number of times in the past, she was quite familiar with the setting and could easily picture herself being here with us.

And as I was speaking these words, the Holy Spirit came and gently rested upon and filled both of us. We could both feel His presence at the

same time. We did not have to say anything to one another. God happened. His presence was our present. Christmas was here. Christmas filled the whole house. A hushed silence was everywhere. Others in the room listened and observed what was happening – all conversation suddenly stopped.

For those who have experienced the presence of the Holy Spirit, no other words of explanation are necessary. For those who are as yet strangers to the presence of God, I can best describe the presence of the Holy Spirit this way. There are those times we may be compared to a battery that is totally depleted. There is not enough juice in the battery to crank the motor one more time. Suddenly and yet very gently, heavenly electricity is recharging our battery. We can go on. The motor turns over. The car is able to move forward again. Things that seemed impossible and overwhelming a few moments earlier, are no longer threatening. We suddenly know that God loves us and we are safe. We belong. We are family. We are not alone.

The first time I recall getting such a trickle charge was two years ago. I will never forget when and how it happened. Two Jicarilla-Apache American Indian friends from Dulce, New Mexico were praying for a very exhausted and fragile man. Suddenly this man, his name is Peter, began hearing these words quietly and supernaturally spoken into his spirit. “PETER, YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE STRONG ALL THE TIME.” I heard those same words over and over again; and each time I heard them, new LIFE trickled into me. After hearing those same words maybe twenty or thirty times, my battery was charged up. I was able to face life again. I was able to answer the telephone and respond to knocks on the door. Jesus used a somewhat different strategy with Winnie. He used a teddy bear, a warm Earth Stove and a telephone.

Before Winnie and I reluctantly hung up the receivers, I told her I was going to do something special with the teddy bear. I told her I would place the bear next to a stuffed lion symbolic of Jesus, also known as the Lion of the tribe of Judah, and then cover both with a blanket. The Lion of Judah would be there to protect and love her. The picture tells the story.

These words and pictures are from the heart of Jesus for every weary soldier who needs a trickle charge from heaven. May this letter arrive in your letter box at just the right time. We cannot surprise God because He knows everything; but He can surprise us and loves doing so. And if He decides to use these words to charge your battery, this writer would be a very happy camper.

You belong; you are safe. The love of Jesus is your security blanket – yum-yum!

Peter & Rebekah

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