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In our backyard by the lake is a fire hydrant. It is connected with a pump to the water in Lake Pagosa. Water circulates from the lake through the fire hydrant and then flows back into the lake.

This is how the idea for a fire hydrant was birthed during the summer of 2005. Michael, the man in the wheelchair, was on his way from Phoenix to visit Peter & Rebekah in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. These summer visits were annual events and more frequent whenever possible.

Before Michael and his Mother Susan arrived, I was shown in my mind’s eye that I was to do a prophetic act as soon as Michael arrived. After Michael scooted down the hallway in his self-propelled wheelchair, I went to the garage and got a three-quarter inch faucet. I held it on Michael’s belly button and ceremoniously opened it up with these words, “Michael, the Holy Spirit showed me that there are Rivers of Living Water stored up inside of you, but that you do not have many opportunities to release that water. Jesus instructed me to help you find an audience for the abundant Life of God in you.”

As I was ceremoniously turning the handle of the faucet, I saw a picture of a fire hydrant in my mind. These words accompanied the picture, “Peter, a little three-quarter inch faucet is not big enough to release My Life backed up in Michael’s spirit. Michael is fire hydrant material for the Kingdom of God.”

Shortly after Michael and his Mother returned to Phoenix – actually Peoria, I went to the Department of Water and Sanitation and asked if I could borrow or buy a fire hydrant. The folks generously offered to give me one that was no longer needed. All I had to do was to get it. And I did!

It was not until the following year that we found the right place for the fire hydrant and created a setting where visitors could sit and learn about Michael and talk to Jesus. Occasionally the presence of the Holy Spirit would wash over guests. Some would spontaneously jump into the lake in their street clothes and baptize themselves. A few people were healed, including broken relationships. One marriage was restored. A wedding at the lake followed shortly thereafter. People who were all plugged up and were not acquainted with their spiritual gifts or place in the Body of Christ would come alive as they turned the wrench on top of the hydrant. In some cases folks just wobbled on their feet because the presence of the Holy Spirit drenched them from head to toe.

But what about Michael? Did Michael have new opportunities to release the Living Water that was backed up in him? Well, maybe a little more but rarely like he was that fire hydrant. And then one day, recently in November of 2011, I challenged Michael to share his life via the Internet.

Anyone can now meet Michael and hear his testimony by clicking on the picture of “The Fire Hydrant” or on Michael’s wheel chair. I believe this will be the beginning of a new, rich and fulfilling life for Michael and for all who can now invite him into their living room or hospital room via the Internet.

I believe with all my heart that Michael will be stirred in his spirit when anyone anywhere clicks on the fire hydrant, and that Living Water will rush out and quench the thirst of the viewer. Your computer mouse is your key. Your computer mouse is the wrench that will open the fire hydrant and release the Living Water stored up in Michael. Your computer mouse may be the key to help you discover your own spiritual gifts and place in the Body of Christ?

Many will marvel and receive fresh courage and hope for themselves. They will be able to view their own infirmities, their own sorrows, disappointments and failures through new eyes. Physical, spiritual, and emotional healings are in store for many.

Where there was no hope, hope will be restored. Where there was no joy, joy will be restored. Where there was no gratitude, gratitude will be restored. Where there were no solutions or answers, there will suddenly be solutions and answers. I recently had cataract surgery. Listening to Michael tell his story will be the equivalent to having cataract surgery for many whose vision had become clouded.

Father-God wants to and loves to surprise us. Today He wants to surprise you through Michael’s story. Michael coined these words and I like them a lot, “We can’t surprise God because He already knows everything; but He can and loves to surprise us, his children.”

To God be the Glory for all He will do through his servant Michael – The Fire

Hydrant. Finally the fire hydrant will come into its own and not just sit there. Use your mouse and “click away.”

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Michael's Video Story

Michael's Song
lyrics by Bryan Martin


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