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Round TUIT

September 12, 2017

Dear Peter,

Thank you for reminding me today of your story "ABOUT THOSE BUTTONS." I was having a rough mental day, and you are right on time. Any kind word is balm to my soul – your timing came like healing oils from the Lord’s throne. I have been feeling very empty of purpose lately. When I attend our church, I see so many all around who are high achievers, and highly educated, all held in the highest regard. I leave feeling I am a zero now with the immunity issues, and brain issues, which keep me from participating in their world. Now here the Lord uses you to remind me of an area I CAN help in…writing! Thank you­ – I know you are God–directed into my life. You are Always on time – it never ceases to astound me.

Do you recall the little grapevine button wreath I sent to you two a while back–years ago? I sent it to you because it made me think of how you both love many of us so unconditionally…those of us who are differently abled…who live in a “new normal” that is so vitally different than the world’s standard of normalcy. I added the bit of southern humor to it when I sent it…a note saying that I hoped you would use it as a loving reminder, and a thank you, for loving those of us who were “missing some of our buttons” which is an old Southern saying for describing people whose minds are a bit different than “normal” people. I love humor, and it adds such spice to life. Your site has given such hope to those of us who live, and think, differently, and deal with challenges.

As far as a button being a trigger….well I have so many it is hard to describe! When I see a person being put down or belittled due to a cognitive or another physical or mental disability my buttons pop up and spring into action! I feel the Holy Spirit rise up like a protective Mother Bear, and I will defend them immediately. I love to make people feel accepted, and to give HOPE to them, through the message of our Loving Savior Jesus Christ.

Every single disappointment, disability, or failure can be used for ministry later after it happens. If I have learned one thing, is a very high level of compassion springs from that very experience of pain. Trials are God’s training ground, and we gain “eyes to see” people who need love and hugs.

Thank you for letting me have a voice today when I felt like a deflated balloon. I felt quite diminished – I was focusing on my “Used to be” life that is dead and gone now. That is a button I need to retire!

Well this just came into my remembrance…the Holy Spirit perhaps sending this?…I will share…A beloved old pastor gave a sermon, years ago, that really touched my heart….he held up this button…and passed some around, and the church members looked at it in their hands, and were puzzled by it….they whispered and nudged one another,looking for answers…

then he explained it.

Today, friend Peter, you have allowed me to use my TUIT button! I hope that I did something for Christ Jesus today, by sharing my stories, with you. I am honored to be a part of your lives. It makes me weep gentle tears when the Lord touches my broken days with an unforseen note or a package from you two. I know that HE sees me. Thank you for speaking Life into me.Thank you both for being His hands on this earth to us who need a touch of kindness.

In Christ’s Love, your Eternal friend, and sister in Christ,

Betty H.


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