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April 29, 2017

Micah arrived about ten PM on Thursday, September 22 of last year. He and his friend had driven from the Dallas, Texas area, a distance of about 800 miles. We had to squeeze their stay in-between other guests scheduled to arrive the next afternoon.

Early the next morning I looked out of our dining room window and saw Micah sitting on the bench by the lake. Then he walked over to a stand of aspen trees, fell on his knees and raised his hands to heaven. I knew God had graced us with royalty and that we must treat our guests like thy were Godís special kids.

We talked for a while before I made Micah and Jaska my famous melted cheese sandwich using Pioneer sourdough bread, Cabot Extra Sharp Premium Natural Cheddar Cheese smothered with green chili. Both sides of the bread were lathered with lots and lots of butter. I could tell that both Micah and Jaska were enjoying their toasted cheese sandwiches. I knew I had hit the jackpot. We try to keep the ingredients on hand in the event we are surprised by hungry visitors. The Holy Spirit also prompted me to fill Micahís car up with gas. Rebekah happened to be away at the time for her annual retreat with friend Lynne in Norwood, Colorado.

I cannot recall that Micah had spontaneously promised to write a poem for me; but lo and behold, a poem arrived on April 23 that took my breath away. And those who read it, felt that it needed to be shared.

Micah included these handwritten words with the poem:

Thanks again for letting us stay with you. It was a joy and a treasure. You may not remember me now, but I promised you Iíd write you a poem. I hope it has blessed you.

I came with my dear brother Jaska to you Peter.

Blessings to your wife.

May God touch you once again.

Your little brother in Christ, Micah

Why for Peter

Peter-The Lords Scribe and Storyteller


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