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Awakened to Love

February 21-March 4, 2015

My Dearest Peter & Rebekah,

I was resting in my favorite chair in the Upper Room where I always lean my heart upon the softly beating heart of Jesus. I began thinking how to tell others that this is my favorite place on earth.

Now I was asking myself why I felt this way about the Upper Room? Why do I love it more than I loved the Farm where I lived for more than 50 years? Why do I love it more than the cabin in Red River where I have been going for over 60 years? Why do I love it more than all the places I have vacationed during my lifetime? Why do I love it more than my “casita” where I now live?

My tears fell quietly as I waited for the answer to rise from the depths of my soul. Then I hear His Voice within me . . .

“Because “I AM here. I AM here to hold you in your loneliness. I AM here to hear your desperate cry for more of Me. I AM here to kiss you with My peace. I AM here to have you experience My love in the only way that lifts your spirit to become one with who I AM. I AM here to fill your needs that you don’t even know you have. I AM hear to quiet the voices of others. I AM here to heal your wounds. But most of all you are here with Me and I AM here with you to keep you hidden for Myself Alone!”

The Woodcarving

After Peter left the beautiful woodcarving and note with me (go to:, I sat back and held it in stillness, waiting for Jesus to speak to me through it. Then this came to me:

Jesus washes my feet with His tender love
That I may be more purified, dedicated, and
Sanctified to follow
His footsteps by walking in the spirit and to
Carry His Precious Presence
And Radiant Beauty
To others and then to kneel
Before them and to also wash their feet with
His Holy Love.


Yes Lord

Quietly He holds out His arms -
An invitation to rest in His
Silent embrace.

His gaze is upon me,
Waiting to see if I will
Accept His call of
Love and grace.

How can I resist the pull
Of eternity that awaits me,
Knowing how I have longed
With unbridled passion
To be His alone.

I offer Him my heart in
Absolute surrender.
He then fills it with His Presence and makes
My heart His throne.

I have spent most of my time lying prostrate before the Lord with my face on the Lion of Judah rug. It is here that my tears seemed to flow endlessly from my depths.

So I asked –
“Lord, why am I crying all these tears?”
He answered –
“I AM using your tears to keep your heart soft for it to be a pillow on which to lay My head.”
So I thank you, my beloved Peter and Rebekah, for your arms of love and for the Upper Room where I rest hidden beneath the snowfall of God’s love.

Awakened to love,
Lady Mary Viola


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