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The Story of “The Upper Room”
As told & lived by Peter & Rebekah & Others

Vimmie and her husband Dick have the Rocky Mountain Wildlife Park here in Pagosa Springs. One day back in 1990 Vimmie brought over a six pound girl bear and maybe six weeks old. The name of the bear was Cinderella. We let it run around the Upper Room and get acquainted with some of the stuffed animals. Vimmie thought it would be cute because of the name we had given to the ministry: Stretcher Bearers for Christ. You can see me holding the bear in one arm and a stuffed bear in the other arm. In the picture I am sitting in the rocking chair by the wood box.. I am 57 back in 1990. You can see a part of the picture "Found" to the right and sandblasted sign describing the Upper Room to the left above the opening of the wood box.

As you can see, we've had many different visitors to The Upper Room.

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