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The Journal Project

The following pages contain the text, art work, and instruction for creating a journal which allows the writer to place their thoughts/heartaches/confessions, and questions into the Hands of Jesus. Two chaplains have adopted the idea and created a pilot run of 110 journals into which they have incorporated the below text. The Hands of Jesus are screened into the background of each page with help lines (not shown). The idea of doing this was first conceived when someone found our web site: and discovered the painting by Joann Reed on the site map.

We believe that there will be others who will want to incorporate this idea into their ministry. It will be our privilege to help them do so. You are welcome to use this information and these specifications to create your own journals. If, however, you would like to make the publication of the journal a cooperative effort, we ask you to tell us how many you would like to have. The cost will depend upon how many we can print at one time, whether or not you wish to collate and assembly the journals yourself, and what the shipping costs will be. One assembled journal weighs a little under a pound. The dimensions are 8.5" by 5.5". We will only know the actual cost after we receive all the responses to this letter and get a quote from our printer. We have access to a very reliable printing company in Durango, Colorado. We have done business with them for six years and have received the very best and prompt service.

The Holy Spirit has showered His presence upon the first printing of the journals. We invite you to request a sample copy; but please include a gift to help with expenses. It appears that there will be many subsequent printings. In fact, a family in Wichita, Kansas is adopting the printing and distribution of the journals as a part of their ministry. We invite you to launch your own journal ministry or add this idea to what you are already doing. Whether a person gives the journals away, sells them at cost or adds something to compensate themselves for their own labors is up to each individual. We invite your correspondence if you have questions.

We would be happy to have front and back covers printed by Colorquest of Durango; while your local printer prints the journal pages and individuals can collate and assemble the journals. That way a number of people can have a “hands on” experience and have a personal stake in making “it” happen. Colorquest can do the entire printing job if you like; but it must be remembered that there may be a substantial shipping expense. The following response to the journals will fan your enthusiasm:

December 1, 2003

Dear Peter and Rebekah,

The Holy Spirit poured over me when I opened the package from you both today. I could literally feel light shining up from the journals with His hands on the cover. I am glad that I was alone. Lucaas, my little baby, was in bed and my parents were gone; and I could feel His presence - especially reading the message from our Father on the back.

Real physical healing was taking place. Energy traveled down all the way to the base of my spine as I was prompted to lay my head on the cover of the journal in His hands. What you and Rebekah have done is truly such a holy happening. I never fully comprehended (intellectually I did, but not fully in my soul and spirit) the vastness of this project until I physically beheld these journals. It was awesome. I can't describe was like white light just shining off the cover of those books.

Thank you Peter and Rebekah for making Jesus so easily accessible in a world where there are forces which struggle to hide Him---but the victory is already His. As always, He is so timely as recently I have been wrestling mightily with very old demons. These journals are a gift from God. I just had to share this with you and I could not hold myself back - I had to tell you right away.

Thank you for being my friends.
In His Presence,

The cover of the journal will be the Hands of Jesus in color as shown. We will use a plastic spiral method of binding the journals that are acceptable in prisons. We would be happy to send a copy directly to a loved one in prison, hospital or care home if you furnish the name and address.

        We humbly submit this journal project for your consideration and involvement. We believe that Jesus will reach into many lives through this journal notebook. It is our way of giving Jesus something special for His birthday. As an afterthought, the journal can also serve as a guest book.

For more information on the Journal Project, please download either the Word or Adobe Acrobat PDF files linked below. Both files contain the same information.

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