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Angel of the Street

I had to look hard and long, but eventually I saw an angel walking the streets of America. Angels come in many different disguises. This angel slept in the park, looked in dumpsters for food and begged for pennies on the street. I could have easily overlooked the true identity of this sojourner were it not for the witness in my heart that I was in the presence of royalty.

Eventually I wrote a story about this angel and published it along with other stories I had written over a period of years. The angel prompted me to share the story on an audio cassette. After many promptings I finally consented and added prayers birthed from the depth of my own soul that was lost and found.

My angel kept asking for more and more of these tapes. To her they seemed to be more precious than silver and gold. She gave them to those who were lost and needed to be found. She wept over the lost with a broken heart and melted my heart with her tears and prayers.

One day the Holy Spirit showed me the fragrance of God’s presence was upon these stories; and I was moved upon by the compelling hand of God to create an audio book of all the stories I have lived and written. The four 90 minute tapes that emerged are called "The Other Peter's Prayers and Epistles".

I dedicate this audio book to Bethel, the name of my angel. You can find her on the streets of the world and in the story called, “Especially for Fathers.” Look hard and look with your heart; you might be passing royalty in the guise of the ordinary.

Audio Epistles

Peter ~ The Lord\'s Scribe and Storyteller

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