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The Stone Table at Magaan

Several years ago Peter wrote book entitled The Stone Table at Magaan about his journey to Israel. It is available for download below in both Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) and Microsoft Word (.doc) formats. Both files contain the same text.

Update May 2009: Peter has recently completed several revisions to his original text. Of particular note is the replacement of several web links which have changed or been taken offline since the text was originally written.

Of particular interest may be chapter eight of the book. In chapter eight Peter pours his heart out over Jerusalem. His friend John Reed filmed this portion. It can be viewed via these two links:

About the Author

A seemingly irreconcilable conflict was resolved for the author during his trip to Israel. The Jew and the Gentile within his heart were reconciled. Both were grafted into the heart of Jesus and finally found peace. It happened at a restaurant in Afula named “The Duck.” The author chronicles his search for sanity and direction in story-like fashion.

The picture shows the author, Peter Laue, reaching for a date at the Maagan Holiday Village on the Sea of Galilee. The date palm is just a few feet from “The Stone Table” where many fragmented parts of his life came together and into focus. The author, Peter Laue, can be contacted: 965 Cloud Cap Ave., Pagosa Springs, Colorado 81147, USA or via this web address:


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