Rebekah’s Miracle

September 13, 2018

Rebekah, Peter’s handmaiden for 46 years fell in the living room of their home Monday morning, September 10. She bumped her head against a cabinet and broke her neck – the first and second vertebra. These types of breaks are usually fatal or at a minimum, leave the body paralyzed. She was first taken to the Pagosa Springs Medical Center and then airlifted to St. Anthony’s Hospital in Denver at 5:30 that same day. Friend Nancy rushed to her bedside from Woodland Park, Colorado the next day. She has been camping in Rebekah’s room since Tuesday, 9/11.

After many x-rays and MRI’s the doctors determined that surgery was not necessary because it was what is called a “clean break.” She is now wearing a neck brace that locks the neck into the right and healing position. She is being taken by ambulance tomorrow morning 9/14 from Denver to Pagosa Springs where she will be a patient at the Pine Ridge Extended Care Center for healing and therapy. The Care Center is four miles from Peter and Rebekah’s home on Cloud Cap Avenue and four miles from Dan & Judy’s home, their son and daughter-in-law.

The letter you will be reading is from Peter Colla, a friend of Peter and Rebekah Laue and a physical therapist. It was written on 9/12 and sent to Nancy, who in turn read it to Rebekah in her hospital bed at St. Anthony in Denver, Thursday morning of 9/13. It made Rebekah’s day, Nancy’s day and Peter’s day.

Dear Nancy, my name is Peter Colla, I am the Physical Therapist of Rebekah and Peter, but more importantly I am their “Sergeant At Arms”. Would you be so kind as to read this message to Rebekah.

Dear Rebekah,

I just got off the phone with Peter as he gave me the tragic yet glorious news regarding the recent attempt on your life. As expected, I was shocked, but then relieved to hear of the miraculous protection you received while being injured in such a life threateningly dangerous place on the body.

“On the Body!” What does that mean?

In Medical School they teach us that the First Cervical Vertebrae is the pivotal place on the top of the spine whereby all of the life sustaining crucial nerves delicately pass by, making it a transition point from the brain stem which, by the way, is the life controlling part of the brain unto the rest of the body, which in turn relies on its direction and innervations passed along, to function even marginally. Any severe damage to this spot, interrupting these signals leaves nothing functioning below. The majority of people who suffer any kind of trauma here let alone a fracture, which is much more explosively dangerous, very rarely live, and certainly do not escape without sever paralysis!

The first thing Anna said when I told her that you sustained a fracture on the First Vertebra was; “Wow that’s an incredible miracle!”

What is written and taught about fractures of this place in the neck cannot be understated, and in my own experience of thousands of patients, I have only known two who had survived the incident, and both of those where Cervical Number Two and not One!

This just shows how much of a key and important role YOU play in the body.

On a spiritual level, or in sign, presenting an attack that will come against us is always in proportion to the function or path we fulfill and or walk in the Body of the Church. Which means the Devil doesn't know the future, but he does see on a spiritual level the path or function we live with in the present, and thus attacks us there!

You are definitely pivotal and delicate, yet instrumental for the function of the body! This is clearly demonstrated by the attempt on your life.

After speaking to Peter, I knew I must write you, not even knowing what to say. I then walked out to my car as I was heading to a place to think and contemplate, asking God to tell me what I may write to breathe some kind of hope into your ear.

What is amazing was, as I looked to the sunset I immediately saw what appeared to be a pillar of fire descending all the way down from the high clouds to the edge of the ground? I had never seen in my entire life such a sunset, and such a strange yet powerful depiction of the awesomeness of one of God’s evening renditions, which I took immediately as a sign.

I was overwhelmed, even trying to take a picture with my camera, which could barely scratch the images uniqueness or improbability of its presence. I will send you a copy of that picture.

I immediately felt within the message that this image was as a representation of God telling me:

“They came at My most tender and vulnerable child, a major attack against the Kingdom’s army.”

“Trying to take out the head by attacking one of my Key, delicate and pivotal pieces in the body.”

“But they failed!”

“Now the wrath of God will descend upon them like a pillar of fire.”

“For it is because of my love, Rebekah that you overcame, and it is by your faith that you will overcome and triumph, already growing and being stronger then ever before.”

“The battle is already won!”

Rebekah, we all speak the words of eager participation when the enlistment call of the Army of God is mentioned, boasting brave posturings with almost naive statements of promise as we imagine ourselves charging forth in some heroic effort for the causes of God. All the while never imagining the actual moment of accounting actually will pull us from our comfortable chair or rustle our feathers in the least.

You, my dear Rebekah, took up the challenge, you charged the machine-gun nest, you picked up the many comrades and pulled them to safety, making yourself vulnerable to attack.

Be strong, be of good cheer, for you have won the battle by overcoming, you've earned a Purple Heart.

You are a hero. You are my hero, I am proud of you.

I love you, Peter and Anna

Bless You


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