Peter Had Another Dream

Your response to "Precious Saints," has triggered a response in me. Although it may be brief, I may have captured some valuable strategy for anyone who is serious about laying down any kind of a compulsive habit or behavior whether it might be to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, pornography, sexual perversion, gluttony, unruly spending or whatever.

Not everyone will be ready for what I am going to say next; but those who are, will recognize the value in these words and place them very close to their heart. As I mentioned earlier, I have incorporated "I Had a Dream" in the little booklet called: The Purple Pamphlet. The dream is on pages 16-18. In the dream on page 16 I wrote that I tried to show/teach healed people what they must do to keep their healing, but that no one seemed to be interested.

Highest on the list of what I attempted to teach is this: After we are healed, we must stay on guard so that we are not robbed of our healing. Satan and the world will do their level best to steal from us what God has so graciously given to us. Every person who is healed must install what I call a "DEWS" system. DEWS stands for "Distant Early Warning System." These are systems that can detect the enemy of our souls before he can have a crippling effect on our lives. Many DEWS systems are currently in place that can anticipate with a fair amount of accuracy when and where tornados, hurricanes or tsunamis will strike. Many lives have already been saved because of these warning systems. We must be willing to pay attention to early warnings whether they are physical or spiritual.

Each individual who has been healed and delivered from any kind of an unhealthy or ungodly habit or desires to be delivered, must have a "distant early warning system" in place. There may only be a ten minute warning before a tornado strikes, but that is generally enough for us to seek and find shelter. We must prepare a storm shelter ahead of time otherwise we are undone. We must seek higher ground before a hurricane hits. Jesus is to be our "higher ground." I grew up in Germany while World War II was raging. I lived in a big city that was subject to many air raids. Before the bombs began to drop, we generally had as much as thirty minutes or more to go to an air raid shelter. Some people needlessly lost their lives because they did not heed the warning.

There are also mental and emotional air raids. As you know, the air raids on my mind and emotions have been severe. Lust, anger, confusion, fear and so on have attempted to waylay me repeatedly. At times I hid; at other times I fought for my sanity. I was not always victorious. Each person must develop their own strategy. Someone who is in a wheel chair cannot do pushups; they have to come up with something else.

Last night I had another dream. I will weave it into this letter: A man living in a very nice house had two small, cute dogs. He loved them very much. But one day they disappeared and did not come back for two days. Instead of being overjoyed when they came back, he beat them mercilessly.

I tried to interpret the dream for myself and saw myself as the person beating the dogs. I pictured a father (me) having a very beautiful daughter that he loved very much. She was the apple of his eye. She was a junior in highschool. One day she asked her Dad if she could use the family car. He reluctantly agreed and told her to be back by eleven that night. She quietly came in the backdoor at one in the morning.

When the father saw her the next day there was something different about her; but he could not put his hands on it. A month later she told him she was pregnant. He never learned if his daughter was raped or if she willing gave herself to the captain of the football team. Had she been raped, he would have vented his emotions towards the captain of the team. But in either case, his emotions would probably have been ugly and out of control.

At times like this we often do and say things that are never forgotten or forgiven. Forgiving ourselves for an ugly outburst of words is one of the hardest things to do. These can be life-changing and life-challenging moments. They can bring us closer to the person who has violated our trust or alienate us for a long time, even forever. Most of us remember having been in a few life-changing situations that we wished we could undo. I have.

Yes, there are pills for almost everything these days. One father might have said, "Why didn't you use birthcontrol pills?" Another father might say, "Why didn't you use self-control?" Another father might fault himself for lending his daughter the family car. But the father who has the Father's heart will hold his daughter in his arms and help her walk through a most difficult season in her life - going through the pain, shame, and consequences of an unwanted and unplanned pregnancy. Birthcontrol pills and abortion pills are not the optimum solution. In fact, I sometimes wonder if they were birthed in hell's laboratory? Acts of disobedience and immoral behavior cannot be swept under the carpet. There is only one right solution - repentance. It is the least popular.

Did the daughter become pregnant because she had a "chemical imbalance?" When we get angry, do we have a "chemical imbalance" that should be treated with a pill. When we can't fall asleep or wake up, do we have a "chemical imbalance" that is best treated with a pill? When our thoughts are racing and we hear voices, do we have a "chemical imbalance" in the body or brain?" When we are compulsive and out of control, do we have a "chemical imbalance?" Should a court be permitted to order a person to take medication to control his or her behavior?

I wished that it would be mandatory for a psychiatrist to also be a priest. Confession is at the very heart of healing. Soon the need for pills and more pills would be a thing of the past if every doctor would also be a man of God and a doctor of the soul. I am doing more than "wishing." I am asking Jesus to use me to hasten the day that the use of pills to treat the mentally ill will be as obsolete as the dial telephone.


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