This explanation of molting eagles may help you understand certain seasons in your life and some of the strange behavior of those you know. When our kids recently visited us, I was already in the “molting mode.” No one made me feel awkward because I was not my energetic and vibrant self.

What is most disconcerting to “molting eagles” is to question the legitimacy of their molting process by asking, “Are you sick?” or “What’s wrong with you?” or “Why are you acting out of character?” The eagle generally cannot explain what is wrong. When he sees his bedraggled image in the mirror, all he wants to do is “hide.” When young, immature eagles tell him to shape up, it makes him feel helpless and inferior. Young eagles are often very insensitive and say things to molting eagles that can be very hurtful and condemning.

Molting eagles are just not able to shape up when told to “shape up.” They are not able to “pull themselves up by their own bootstraps.” My time in the mental hospital was a necessary season that allowed the new Peter a chance to wake up and be formed. And over a period of time that may vary from person to person, he was transformed. But the new Peter did not look, act or talk like the old Peter. This confused everyone who knew and loved the old Peter. And until his handmaiden Rebekah came into his life, there was not a doctor to be found anywhere who knew how to validate or encourage the new Peter.

Asking a molting eagle what is wrong is like asking a dormant tree why it is dormant. It’s all part of the seasons of life. Peter wished that doctors and the world in general would get a hold of this. It is only by the grace of God that molting eagles are able to emerge healed, new and transformed. Not all molting eagles survive. The word “grace” becomes a living word when a molting eagle looks back on his former life. Those who emerge victoriously through their molting season have greater wisdom,

greater compassion and can soar higher and with less effort. They do not waste their energy bucking the tide or wind but use it to their advantage to sail and soar. They are eager to help other molting eagles pass safely through the molting process. They don’t view them as sick or deformed but assist those going through the process of renewal. They even drop fresh meat into their nests or onto their perches and encourage them with acrobatic performances. 

Peter has been hiding for the past few weeks - isolated on a perch high on the mountain. His ability to fly high and fend for himself had greatly diminished. He did not know what was wrong. Those clamoring for his time and eager to hear his voice had to leave a voice message. His handmaiden Rebekah did what she could to protect him from anyone who might tax him or vex his spirit. Occasionally someone was able to penetrate the walls of protection and wound him with unkind remarks or soulish suggestions and demands.    

But then Peter had his breakthrough. A word of knowledge was given to Sharon who was visiting Peter and Rebekah. As Sharon and her two friends were praying in the Upper Room, the Holy Spirit showed Sharon something. He said, "Peter is like an old eagle that is molting."  Molting, yes, that was the key word that described what was happening to and in Peter. 

  An eagle can live up to 70 years; but in order to reach such a high age, somewhere between the age of 30 and 40, he has to go through a painful and often life-threatening renewal. Not all eagles survive. When molting eagles get into the last state of transformation, often times they will peck at each other, occasionally killing a weaker eagle. Humans have been known to do the same thing.

The renewal takes 150 days. During this time he cannot fend for himself or defend himself. The eagle has to remove his calcified beak by repeatedly knocking it against a rock. After the new beak is formed, he has to remove his old talons before new ones can grow. Then he has to pluck out the old matted feathers before he can grow new feathers. Mature eagles who have gone through their own transformation can hear the unique screams of molting eagles. This alerts them to drop fresh meat onto their perches. In a similar way the ravens provided food for Elijah at Cherith Brook (1 King 17:2-6). All of this is beautifully portrayed in this PowerPoint presentation:

Peter has turned the corner so to speak because now he knows what is wrong. Peter is not sick. Peter is "molting" just like any old eagle. Molting is the necessary process for all who want to go higher in God. Peter will no longer allow condemnation to sabotage or short-circuit this process. Peter is only hiding from those who demand something of him that he is not able to give or is not supposed to give at this time. With the help of God and the help of mature eagles, he will soar again and soar even higher. He appreciates the patience, love and encouragement of every mature eagle. He thanks those who stand guard over his life.  

Rebekah, his handmaiden, made this comment, "America is molting. America is like an old eagle that needs transformation and rejuvenation to live again and soar higher." Yes, Peter agrees with Rebekah. America is in a precarious place. Vultures are already circling around America ready to strip it of its former glory. The proud eagle on our dollar bill is molting. It has shriveled up. What can we do? Rebekah said, “Let America molt. There is no other way America can ever soar again.”  

We say to you, America, “Do not try to fix what cannot be fixed. Do not try to fix what should not be fixed. Endure the molting. Do not complain. Do not find fault with one another. Do not find fault with your leaders, educators, pastors or priests. Bury your prejudices and your arrogance. Do not find fault with God. Do not find fault. Trust and obey God and allow Him to strip away the calcified and self-centered part of your soul. Repent for lording it over others. Repent for wasting your strength and youth on trivial and selfish pursuits. Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought to. Do not peck another molting eagle to death."  

All of you who read these words, who are like "molting" eagles, know that our hearts are with you. We stand guard over you. We pray that you will endure the molting and soar even higher.

 “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings as eagles.” Peter is waiting upon the Lord. The Lord and only the Lord can renew his strength. Be sure to see the PowerPoint presentation! It will help you understand these words and help you on your journey. 

Peter Laue 

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