Strongholds Are Coming Down by Rebekah

Strongholds Are Coming Down



There are places in my mind I cannot find.
Crisscrossing like sidewalk cracks.
Be Careful! You’ll break your mother’s back!
Echoes through my head with dragon–like dread.

The darkness grows as the light grows dim.
Heart and head begin to pound;
Fighting against this physical whim,
Both beat in rhythmical and opposite sound.

Shearing knife, sharpened icicles,
Piercing, stabbing through the temples.
Frantically, I search for a hand to hold,
Yet, there is no human so bold.

Whispers floating to my ears
(Husband, mother, son),
“Look! She’s come undone!”
Marches in the cold voice of fear.

Tumbling before the mirror, who is this I see?
Ophelia, Medusa, Mad Hatter, all rolled into one –
Insane, disfigured, worms crawling through my head.
What is the matter? I have come undone.

Down on bended knee I fall, and silently I crawl,
Back into my closet of frigid black. It is easier after all.
I close the door and hear it lock.
While into the belfry the dark birds flock.

Shall I shave my head, slit my wrists
And sacrifice myself up as a stew
To this darkness that blew
Into my head with the sound of a horse’s gallop?

Then beating through the beating drums
Comes the voice of the Ancient One.
Casting out all my doubt,
My Mighty Warrior has come.
Feet fitted, standing firm,
I begin the attack, worm by worm.

Belt buckled, helmet in place,
So begins the chase.
Breastplate fixed and shield in hand,
I draw my sword and take my stand.

Incense rises to that celestial place,
Prayers offered by the saints,
Mysterious whispers to the One on High,
Upward, upward goes the cry.

Swinging blade reflecting light,
Slashing through, dispelling blight,
Slaying deeds of darkness, one by one,
Prince of air, come undone!

Cutting through all space and matter,
Destroying lies, gossip, and chatter.
Truth comes like rolling thunder.
Schemes all gone asunder.
Plans and reason cast aside.
Upon the white horse, He rides.

This battle has been won!

The Sword of the Lord – Strongholds are Coming Down


With God, nothing is impossible – Satan: zero! Jesus: won!

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Graphic Set by Designer Lady
Especially done for Cambridge Dove Ministries