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Peter's Transforming Conversation with Jesus in 1992

I spent a part of Christmas Day 2008 playing in my sandbox. One thing led to another. I kept adding more pictures to my picture letter and with each picture I remembered those who had a part - large or small - in each picture - and there were very many. Many are a part of the intricate tapestry that Jesus has woven. The threads they have contributed are part of the eternal design. No one can remove them or add to them once the tapestry is finished and the curtain we call time comes down for the very last time. More time is a part of God's mercy. There is just a little more time for us to add our signatures to the tapestry.

We had an unexpected group of six visitors from near New Orleans two days before Christmas. We had so much snow when they came on Monday evening, they could not get into our driveway and came back the next day. We had never met these people before. They were friends of friends. What an unexpected Christmas present these visitors were to us.

I kept fishing for ways of making the Holy Spirit welcome and tangible for our visitors. As I introduced Jesus as "The Lion of Judah," heaven's portals opened and it seemed to me that everyone entered into His presence or sensed His presence. None of them had been shown that Jesus is both the Lamb of God and also the Lion of Judah; and that they were to invite both into their hearts. The presence of the Holy Spirit was so very real and sweet as I shared my My Personal Testimony -WOW! When I share my testimony, I rarely forget to share my conversation with Jesus back in 1992.

Everyone used a lot of Kleenexes. That is always a very good sign. At one point we prayed for one of their friends who is seriously ill with a brain tumor. The doctors gave her, her name is Jennifer, only one week to live. As we interceded for the 32 year old woman with two small children, Rebekah saw Jesus walking into Jennifer's room. All of this touched me to the point that for two days I felt like putty and very other-worldly.

Oh, how I desire for everyone to meet Jesus as the Lion of Judah. I may elaborate on this letter as time goes on, but for now let me send you what I have. It's like a trial hot air balloon. May it find the jet stream of the Holy Spirit and travel far and wide - even circling the globe. I can see it happening. Oh, how I enjoyed playing in my sandbox on Christmas Day with Jesus watching and smiling. What is the name of my sandbox? Visiting with you via this letter!

We know you are connected to many other lives - many love you, many know you, and you know many. I just love placing this letter into your hands because I know it will have off-springs - lots!

God is raising up an army. All who have invited Jesus, the Lion of Judah and Jesus, the Lamb of God into their hearts are a part of that army. Right now I am serving as one of God's recruiting sergants. Go to the end of this picture letter to receive your "Marching Orders" from King Jesus for 2009 and beyond.



Jesus: “Peter, why have you assumed the posture of a peacemaker all your life?”

Peter: “I adopted St. Francis of Assisi as my role model when I was a child. He was such a wonderful saint and an instrument of peace. I have always loved him and so have many others all over the world. When I was young, I heard a lot of wonderful stories about him and not too much about You.”

Jesus: “Were there some hidden motives why you chose St. Francis as your role model?”

Peter: “Yes, Lord, there were; but I did not recognize them until much later in life. I wanted to be a peacemaker because I was afraid to confront. I also wanted to be loved and admired like St. Francis.”

Jesus: “I don’t want you to be like St. Francis or any other saint. I am to be your only role model. You are to be conformed to My image. Whenever a sinner has been canonized and proclaimed a saint, the Church has given man the glory that belongs to Me. Nothing is lost when someone forgets St. Francis, St. Peter, or Peter; but everything is lost when someone forgets Me.”

Peter: “But Lord, I am so afraid to confront as You confronted the Pharisees and turned over the money changers’ tables. It’s just not my personality, my nature. Many will hate me if I confront as You do.”

Jesus: “I know, Peter, but I want you to have My personality, My nature. That way My children will see Me in you. That’s all that matters. You can trust Me. I only want the very best for you.”

That was the end of Peter's dialogue with Jesus. Now Peter knows Jesus as both the Lamb of God and the Lion of Judah. Peter invited Jesus, the Lamb of God, and Jesus, the Lion of Judah to live in his heart. Peter is on his way to becoming a whole and a healed person. Peter is on "HIS" way! The Lion of Judah is teaching Peter how to reign and roar when necessary.

Peter and Rebekah's The Hiding Place in Pagosa Springs, Colorado

The Lion Of Judah Has Prevailed

The Lion of Judah is Roaring over Zion

Peter's Story of "The Lion and the Lamb" and "Don't Fence Me In" are yours for the asking.

My Precious Sons and Daughters

The world and its ways have attempted to kill you from the beginning of your life. Satan has tried to destroy you and eliminate the work that I have intended for you to do.

I have called you to be My Testimony to the world. I have called you to be an example of My Saving Grace. I love you.

You need to know that those that have harmed you were helpless pawns and under Satan's dominion. They were agents to hinder your real calling in life. Now I will use what was intended for evil to destroy that same evil. You need to know that your or their actions have not made you unclean in My sight.

As you turn your heart and affections completely to Me, I see you as holy and blameless. I see you as my virgin bride, spotless and pure. I desire you to be with me forever, which is possible because of the cleansing work of My Son Jesus,

"The Carpenter from Nazareth."

You are beautiful and valuable to me.
I love you.

Your Heavenly Father

Lo, I am with you aways.
Matthew 28:20

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