I (Peter) depend upon the Holy Spirit and God’s timing as I send you this picture of a portion of a Jerusalem wall that depicts the area where the Upper Room was located. John Reed, my traveling companion to Israel, took the picture and numerous others while we were in Israel in 2005. If what you see and read touches you, we have a kindred spirit.

Words from Peters Journal
September 21, 2005

Painting by Rebekah Laue

The sword here represents the wall that is coming down between the Jews and the Gentiles.

My servant Peter is well qualified to speak My heart. He is an old man by human standards as he writes these words for Me. The passions of youth are no longer dictating his reckless behavior and words. He has allowed Me to bridle his passions and has allowed My Spirit to move upon his spirit. I have called him from afar to reconnect with his ancient roots that go back to the seed of Abraham.

I have moved upon the hearts of My hidden saints in America to send him to Jerusalem, accompanied by My servant, John. I have hidden Peter and John away amongst a cluster of homes below the Blue Windmill. The Jaffa Gate is within walking distance.

Yes, My servant Peter is well qualified to speak My heart to My beloved land and to the children of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I allowed him to watch a synagogue burn to the ground when he was only five. I protected and hid him like I protected My servant Moses when he was a child. Yes, the place of his birth, Germany, was never a safe or friendly place for My children. There will never be a safe place for My children outside the land of Israel until My beloved Son is established in the heart of every man, woman and child.

Like Moses, I groomed My servant Peter in the house of Pharaoh and allowed him to surrender his heart for a season to the pleasures of this world and to become addicted to the applause of men. But one day I came upon him like I came upon Saul on the road to Damascus and changed his name forever; and he, Paul, became My voice to the Gentiles. In like manner, I came upon My servant Peter. He is My voice to both Jew and Gentile, for he carries the seed of both Jew and Gentile in his blood.

My servant Peter left the house of pleasure and power, trading it for a garment of rejection and ridicule. But I planted by his side his handmaiden, Rebekah, to undergird him when fear, terror and confusion attempted to ravage and devour his soul.

Today My servant is no longer aiming to please man or himself, and that is why I can speak to him and speak through him. In the sovereign hour of My visitation, he chose Me, and I began to cultivate My own heart in him. I took out his stony heart and gave him My heart of flesh. Today, he knows My heart because he knows the heart of My only begotten Son, Jesus.

My servant, Peter, is not the only one wedded to My heart. There are others who have yielded their will to the will of their heavenly Father. I speak to them and through them, both to encourage and also to reprimand My children. At times I shout my instructions; at other times, I whisper them into tender and anxious hearts.

It is I Who brought My servant, Peter, to the land of Israel. I brought him from afar to see with his own eyes and to hear with his own heart what you have done to My Holy City and My beloved land. I have given him the gift of words to speak with favor or fury. If he blesses you, it is My love. If he chastens you, it is also My love.

He has walked through the Jaffa Gate with his friend, John, but stopped short of the Wailing Wall, your most holy site in all of Israel. Both Peter and John had heard enough. They had smelled enough. The stench of the hawkers of trinkets and peddlers of food sickened their hearts. With few exceptions, filth was everywhere they looked and walked. Armed guards with machine guns monitored the pilgrims who had come from afar. Men with long beards and black hats tried to block the way of pilgrims, hoping to receive shekels and or impose their rules of tradition upon them.

I speak to you now, O Israel, as a stern Father. Hear My Son, hear the words of My beloved Son. He spoke to you 2000 years ago in the temple courtyard. You did not like His words; you did not hearken to His words; but they did not fall to the ground. They will accomplish what He spoke and what was prophesied. His words live and shall be broadcast into the heart of every Jew near and far, and then, the end shall come. Some will go to their eternal reward of damnation while others rule and reign at my side.

Israel, My love, hear the words of My beloved Son. Hearken to them. He died so that your sins will be blotted out. No more sacrifices are necessary. No other sacrifices that please Me are possible. There is no other name given in heaven, on earth, or under the earth by which your soul can be saved. You cannot earn your reward through good deeds, through much learning, or through attempting to keep all the laws and traditions. You must receive salvation as a gift of My grace and mercy, or not receive it at all. There is only One who has conquered death and hell. His name is Jesus. You must call upon Him while there is breath on your lips. No one can do it for you. You cannot do it for anyone else.

The words of My Son shall live today, tomorrow and forever. Time and distance does not strip them of their power. Language is no barrier. They shall be spoken into every human heart – past, present and future. Then, the curtain man calls time shall be no more. Some will weep forever; others will celebrate at My Throne of Grace forever.

The followers of My beloved Son, His disciples, faithfully recorded His words for this generation and all future generations. I am using My servant, Peter, to place these words in front of My people, My chosen ones. They shall be written in every language My chosen people speak, write and understand. They shall travel around the world. They shall crush those who mock them and save those who receive them with thanksgiving in their hearts.

Thus speaks My beloved Son to the crowds and to His disciples as recorded in Book of Matthew beginning with chapter 23:

THEN JESUS SAID to the crowds, and to his disciples: “You would think these Jewish leaders and these Pharisees were Moses, the way they keep making up so many laws .....................”


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