IF I don’t know that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life, I am lost.

IF I don’t know that God is my Father and that He loves me, I am an orphan.

IF I have never said “YES, LORD”, I don’t allow Jesus to show me “The Way”.

IF I am not on the “Cross Road”, God cannot purge the hell out of me.

IF I don’t know that my own righteousness is like filthy rags, I have an ego problem.

IF I don’t have a vision for my life, I am floundering.

IF I panic or grumble, I am not ready to fight in God’s army.

IF I lose my temper, my sword is not ready for battle.

IF I don’t know when to say “NO”, I am a potential addict.

IF I buy my firewood from the devil, the interest will eat my lunch.

IF I go to the phone instead of the Throne, it’s like playing Russian Roulette.

IF I don’t make hay while the sun shines, I may never reap a harvest.

IF I don’t forgive, including myself, I won’t be able to forget.

IF I don’t keep my promises, I am not a person of integrity.

IF I examine myself honestly and courageously, I won’t need a psychiatrist.

IF I confess my sins, Jesus is just and faithful to forgive me and cleanse me.

IF I disobey my heavenly Father (The Ten Commandments), I am a rebel.

The replies we have already received to the “If” words let us know that we hit the jackpot. The Holy Spirit dropped those words into my spirit (Peter's spirit) and I felt compelled to record and share them. Lives are already being challenged and changed. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Holy Spirit. One person was challenged and changed by these words while visiting us recently.

If I don’t know when to say “NO”, I am a potential addict.

The person suddenly realized that she was an addict. She and her mother were addicted (trapped) by a computer game they played together “very often” even though they did not live near one another. She made the decision to "fast" the game. Another person confessed she was spending too much time on her social media Internet pages. I challenged another person to "fast" her smart phone for 30 days and she agreed to do so. It has been an uphill battle. I challenged myself a few months ago to stop drinking a glass of Burgundy every night and poured the balance of a big bottle into the sink. God helped me to be strong with these words from the Book of Isaiah, chapter 50: "Because the Lord God helps me, I will not be dismayed; therefore I have set my spirit like flint to do His will; and I know that I will triumph. (verse 7). When a gift we give God is not a sacrifice or from the heart, it’s not worth anything.

Friends far and wide, don’t allow the devil to put his hands into your pocket and rob you of your money, time and health. Once he has us hooked, it’s hard, in fact, it’s impossible to shake him loose without God’s help. Many die before their time because the devil has his hands in their pockets.

The person addicted to computer games gave us ten dollars which we put in a special envelope. She said, "You need to put those words into your local newspaper. I wished I could give you more."

If you want to add your AMEN to that envelope or put the "If" wake-up call into your own local newspaper or social media page, you would make us very, very happy. Responses are streaming in. Here are three that took our breath away. No amount you send is too big or too small.

Will joyfully share on Facebook and ask my friends to share. It could end up on many people's pages. Though I have no money to offer, God gives us creative ways to spread His inspirations and that's certainly what IF is, an inspiration from the Holy Spirit.: AND I will share on my friend's ministry on YouTube that goes to 15,000 subscribers AND I will share on other channels I follow on YouTube, some have over 100,000 subscribers and I will share a link on my Twitter account and Google Plus account. As many as the LORD directs me to. God bless you Peter and Rebekah. Amen!
Love, Terri/Cassandra

I will make this into a bookmark and use it in the prisons.
Carolyn E. - http://www.isaiahprisonministries.org/

This is awesome, Peter! We are going to copy it and send "It" everywhere with your name on it. Isn't God wonderful to use us older people in these last days! Much love and blessing to you and Rebekah.
Shirley and Glenn

Peter & Rebekah Laue
965 Cloud Cap Ave
Pagosa Springs, Colorado 81147, USA

Notice – the trucker is no longer hauling the trailer filled with guilt ~ pain ~ shame.. He is now able to download and haul God’s grace and mercy to a dying and lost world. Wow, what a wonderful job he now has. He is no longer floundering. He found his purpose.


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