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The Chapel

October 31, 2014

There is both an old and a new chapel next to the post office in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. It needs to be treated as an heirloom of Archuleta County. The roof of the chapel and the bell tower were originally a part of an old chapel in Juanita, some twenty miles south of Pagosa Springs. Many people worshipped, wept, and got married there.

Some of us are weeping over the way the chapel has been neglected and the grounds remain uncared for. The "For Sale" sign on the property and the weeds speak to my heart,

"I am an orphan. Will someone adopt me and care for me?"

We stepped onto the property the other day and rang the bell. What a beautiful sound! Angels heard the sound and wept. A few of us have already prayed, "Lord, if you have something in mind for the chapel and want to use us to make it happen, here we are."

Our hearts are grieving and so are the hearts of those whose friends and family were a part of the old church in Juanita - once a thriving community in Archuleta County.

We invite anyone who grieves with us to seek God's heart for the chapel. Should it remain where it is and become a spiritual and historically significant part of Pagosa Springs and Archuleta County? Or should it be moved somewhere else where it is cared for and serve as sanctuary for all who enter its doors?

We invite those who care what happens to the chapel to seek God's face. Feel free to contact us.

Peter & Rebekah Laue
Stretcher Bearers for Christ

965 Cloud Cap Avenue
Pagosa Springs, CO 81147


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