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Life Letters

October 15, 2018

It is I Jesus, who has asked my servant Peter to wear the mantle of another apostle Peter. He was not named that name by his parents. I gave him that name when he was only a teenager. But he did not know Me then and did not know why I changed his name. I had my eyes on him from the moment of his conception and before. He was unaware that a mighty angel in silver armor was present at his conception. His mother was allowed to see and meet the angel. She kept the vision a secret until her son might be able to apprehend its significance. It was hard for her to keep his identity a secret forever and by and by let him know that he had a special mission in life, a mission to the bruised, brokenhearted, those rejected and misunderstood by this world, those who did not fit in.

My servant Peter denied my name when he was a young man much like the apostle Peter did. When the apostle Peter realized what he had done, he wept bitterly and I forgave him. When this Peter realized that the approval of man and the fear of man had ruled his life, he also wept bitterly and repented. I prayed for him that his faith would not utterly fail; and told him that when he was converted to strengthen the brethren. And that is what he has learned to do and is doing. I am so proud of him.

I asked him to carry a heavy cross that would reveal to him the uncrucified part of his old nature so that he could fully repent and be cleansed by my blood and forgiveness and sustained by my unconditional love. I asked him to carry a heavy cross so that he would have compassion for others who carried similar crosses. I asked him to carry a heavy cross to deliver him of all unholy judgment. He needed to learn that judging others was not a part of his domain or calling.

When it came to the evening of his life, I allowed Satan to launch devastating and vicious arrows at his handmaiden Rebekah and him. She fell and broke her neck. But I did not allow Satan to kill or paralyze Peter’s handmaiden. At the same time I allowed Satan to launch the ultimate rejection of character assassination, humiliation and physical pain.

Two people that I allowed to sit at their table for many years shot poisoned arrows at him that had been hiding in their hearts. He was stunned and taken off-guard. He nearly bled to death physically and emotionally. There was a reason I permitted this affliction. He needed to know where his real enemies were hiding and where his real strength and security came from. He needed to know that I would never leave him or forsake him. He did not reach for a bottle, a pain pill, a gun or the telephone during the midnight hour of his greatest test; he cried out to Me, Jesus, his Lord, Savior and Physician. And it is then that I could become a living reality to my beloved Peter. It is then that the masks of his so-called friends were removed. Love became a reality and so did evil.

Those who had been backstabbing him at close range with evil thoughts, words of slander and judgment could no longer hide. And once he clearly saw that the excruciating lower back and hip pain was triggered by someone who secretly despised and cursed him, the pain began to fade. Because of my grace and his willingness to endure the pain without medical and pharmaceutical intervention, he learned who the disguised murderers were. I reminded him of my words in the book of Proverbs. “A curse without a cause cannot alight.” I also comforted and strengthened him with the words from the Book of Isaiah: “No weapon formed against you, Peter or Rebekah, shall prosper, and every tongue maligned against you, your are do condemn; that is the heritage of the servants of the Lord.”

When Peter awoke on Monday morning October 15, 2018 and went to his favorite rocking chair in the Upper Room, I asked the Holy Spirit to clearly speak to him. He trembled as these thoughts traversed the screen of his mind. “Peter, from now on you can be assured that those who love you and hold up your arms, also love Me, Jesus, the Son of God. Those who see you and call you a paranoid schizophrenic old man who needs to be on medication, also hate Me in you. Those who slander you are slandering Me and are cursing themselves. Those who ignore and blow Me and my sacrifice on the cross off, will not have Me as their advocate on the day of judgment. The Holy Spirit will no longer be able to reach into their hearts and convict them of sin. I am removing Him from the earth. It will be a long and dark day in hell for those who have said that speaking or praying in tongues is gibberish. Peter, the Book of Revelation is about to manifest itself. The world of the spirit of good and evil will be made more tangible because I will have removed the Holy Spirit from the world. Terror and chaos will be rampant. It already is, but nothing like what lies ahead for a world pursuing its own selfish agendas. I will take you and your handmaiden home before that happens.

Every person dead or alive who has been unwilling to accept their role of pain and shame for my name’s sake, will have no place at my banqueting table. Those who have drowned out my voice by foolish entertainment and pleasures; those who have not allowed Me to speak to them during those midnight hours of great pain but have blunted themselves with alcohol, pills or narcotics, will have lost their way. They will never have considered my will for their lives or the purpose for which I created them – to know Me and my love. In turn, they have allowed the devil, the world and the flesh to trap their souls and take them hostage.

Peter, the world has pinned the label of a paranoid schizophrenic on you. It has been a label of great pain, shame and humiliation. I have allowed this because you needed to know what it felt like for Me and my ways to be rejected. I did not lash back at them. You are not to lash out at them. I did not curse those who rejected me; they have cursed themselves. Those who have called you a paranoid schizophrenic have cursed themselves. Some have done so ignorantly. My Father will forgive them and I will help you to forgive them. I realize that this is not easy. Ask Me to help you forgive and I will.

Peter and Rebekah, know you are loved and heaven is eagerly waiting your return.


I would like to direct you once more to this recently posted web page
Hello and Goodbye from Peter & Rebekah

The Knight in Silver Armor

On the night of his conception,
The night he came to be;
The lady had a vision
God unveiled her eyes to see.

A glimpse into the future,
Which was hard to comprehend,
As it glowed with ancient chivalry,
Times when knights still knew the land.

She knew within her gentle heart
A son she soon would bear.
He would have a quest in life,
Would be noble, would be fair.

This simple, sweet soul vision
God in time proved true.
She loved her little knight of silver,
Watched and wondered as he grew.

The knight in silver armor
Through tribulations came,
Victorious and praising God,
Filled with the Holy Spirit,
Conquering in Jesus’ Name.

His King is the almighty King,
The standard he holds high
As he proudly fights the holy wars,
Allelulia is his battle cry.

Guiding lost wayfarers now
To the palace of the King.
Comforting and teaching those
Whose spirits had felt Satan’s sting.

One day a frightened woman
Sought him out for she had seen
A silver bar above his head
In the glowing of his living beam.

He told her to take comfort,
That her seeing was of God,
And confirmation of a vision
Was given through the “seeing” of the silver rod.

Thanks to the lovely lady,
Mother of the silver knight,
Who released me from a prison
And brought my “seeing” to the light.

Leslie Marie

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