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Life Letters


September 23, 2018 Ė Early in the morning          
Pagosa Springs, Colorado          

My dear Laurie and my dear Nancy,

It is four o'clock in the morning. I dare not lie down again and go to sleep. Getting back on my feet has been so excruciatingly painful that I thought I might not survive another onslaught of pain in my right hip. Once I am up, though, and have walked around for a while, I am OK again. An Aleve does alleviate the pain for a number of hours. I have a bottle of 200 on hand and took two Aleves an hour ago. Jesus refused medication (a wine-soaked sponge) when he was hanging on the cross. I am not that brave.

Why do I tell you this at four in the morning? I must ask for your forgiveness and the forgiveness of many others who have been the target of my judgmental attitude. You see, I thought that many, in fact, most pills where the invention of the devil. You know that I have looked insanity in the face and battled it without the use of medication. I thought everyone should do it my way. How judgmental I have been! Now that I have looked physical pain squarely in the face, I have backed off from such a radical and judgmental attitude. God exposed myself to myself, a humbling and painful process. The very thing I thought I would never do, I am doing. God seems to be using pain to purge that stronghold of hell out of me called a judgmental spirit.

I asked myself, "Why have I been unable or unwilling to seek medical aid to alleviate the pain?" This morning I was given the answer when I wrestled with so much pain, The Holy Spirit took me to the story of Jacob in Genesis 32:22-32. It is the story of Jacob wrestling with an angel. I needed to be set free from a judgmental heart and also make the decision to keep on "doing life" even if I had to limp the rest of the way to the finish line. For me going on with life is to take care of my handmaiden Rebekah and keep on telling stories until there are no more to tell. When the last story is told, it will be time to check out.

My heroes today, this morning, are those who continue with life and have continued with a limp like Jacob did. His hip was wrenched out of place when he wrestled with the angel. He did not let go of the angel until the angel of God blessed him. Well, I did not ask the angel of God to bless me while I wrestled with him, but I am asking him right now as I write to you.

Heroes and saints continue the good fight even if they have to limp the rest of the way. That's what you have been doing all along. Those who have wrestled with an angel like Jacob did, know what I am talking about. You have wrestled with angels, You are still wrestling with angels and so am I. My handmaiden Rebekah is wrestling with an angel of pain right now. As you know, she stood at the brink of eternity almost two weeks ago when she broke her neck. It was not her time. God determines the time of our departure, not Satan. Jesus knew when it was time to leave. I believe so will I. My well of many words and letters will be empty. I will have written my last story.

My heroes are those who go on with life even if they have to limp the rest of the way. I cheer for you.. We will meet one day and tell our stories around an eternal campfire with Jesus in our midst. That sounds pretty good to me. I feel sorry for those who have no story to tell.

God bless you. You have been my cheerleaders and held up my arms; now let me be yours and hold up your arms. I am sending a copy of these words to friend Leo, who knows first-hand what it is like to wrestle with the angel of pain. Had I been able to numb the pain completely and permanently and immediately, these words would not have been written. Yes, there is a reason why God allows so much pain in so many lives in this world. It has a sobering effect on souls, at least, itís supposed to.

It's six in the morning. I am going to sit in n the Rocking Chair of Godís Heart in the Upper Room and watch the dawn of a new day unfold.

And here are the words spoken into my heart while I sat in that special chair:


Wives and women, LISTEN TO ME.
If you try to rule over your husband or men,
You will ruin and forfeit many relationships.

Husbands and men, LISTEN TO ME.
If you let a woman, any woman,
Put you in a dress,
Itís your own fault and you are a wimp.

Husbands and fathers, LISTEN TO ME.
If you let your wife discipline your children,
You are a poor father and a poor husband.

Fathers, LISTEN TO ME.
If your children rebel against you or authority,
Itís your own fault.

Fathers, LISTEN TO ME.
If you do not discipline your children,
You will be held accountable in the courts of heaven.

Husbands and men, LISTEN TO ME.
If you do not treat a woman with gentleness and respect,
You will be held accountable in the courts of heaven.

If you do not submit lovingly and with respect to your husband,
You will be held accountable in the courts of heaven.

Children, LISTEN TO ME.
The Word of the LORD says that sons and daughters
who respect their parents will be blessed.

Peter the Lords Scribe and Storyteller

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