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Life Letters

The Fullness of Time
March 6, 2016

The Carpenter from Nazareth swept the carpenter shop for the last time. He looked about, making sure that all the tools and lumber were in their right place. He took off his apron and hung it on a hook. Then he looked for Mary, his mother, kissed her good-bye and said that his cousin John was waiting for him at the Jordan River. Mary had a strange premonition as Jesus disappeared over the next hill that she might never cradle a grandbaby. She did not, but instead she is cradling many adopted babies in her heart. She is a very good Mother.

The fullness of time had come for Jesus. He knew without a doubt who he was and who his real Father was. He knew what his high calling was. It was a hard calling. Until the day he left the carpenter shop, he did what his earthly stepfather told him to do. He learned a trade and obedience in the carpenter shop. After leaving the carpenter shop, he became subject to a higher authority, his heavenly Father. He only did what he saw his heavenly Father doing; and he did it well and without murmering. Above all, he wanted to please his Father. He loved his Father.

At the Jordan River John baptized Jesus, and as he did the Holy Spirit descended upon him. The Father spoke, “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.”

Jesus spent the next forty days in the wilderness, fasting and praying and contending with the devil. He was tempted by the devil and defeated him with the Word of God. Yes, Jesus knew the Word of God because he is the Word of God. He is God in an earth suite, not an alien in a space suite.

All of us are granted the opportunity, probably more than once, to lay down our tools, our toys, our worldly weapons and possessions, our selfish and sinful way of life and meet John the Baptist at the Jordan River. And then, like Jesus showed us, we are to be ready and willing to contend with the devil, the lust of our own flesh and our ego.

I hung up my apron, laid down my secular tools, weapons and worldly ambitions when I was a young man. I learned to use my hands and learned to listen to and obey my new heart. A part of my family and a part of the church became my adversaries. Strangers, outcasts and rejects became my new friends and family. When I proclaimed that Jesus is God come in the flesh and my God, I fell out of favor with the world and its gods. By earthly standards, I am an old man. I know that my work is almost finished. Before leaving, I plan to hike up to Pagosa Peak*. In my spirit I am already standing on the peak looking into the valley below. This is what I see.

I see the many who have already taken off their aprons and have followed in the footsteps of the Carpenter from Nazareth. I see many more who are ready to do the same. I see those who have exchanged their worldly garments for a mantle of humility. I see many equipped and ready for the glorious last battle.

Somewhere, someone is hanging up their apron today, because it is their fullness of time. Just do it!

Peter Laue - The Lords Scribe and Story Teller

* On Tuesday, July 26 this writer plans to hike up to Pagosa Peak with the help of God and the support of friends and family. We will be leaving our home on Cloud Cap Avenue at 6 A.M. Janna Ranson, a friend and neighbor, offered to be our tour guide. She has hiked up to the peak numerous time and knows the way. The distance from the trailhead to the summit is 2 miles and the rise in elevation from the trailhead is 2000 feet. The trail is very difficult, steep, and rocky in places. The summit is at 12646 feet. The trailhead can be reached with a four-wheel drive vehicle.

Everyone who has a heart for God, enjoys great fellowship, loves the mountains and a good hike is invited to join us. Pagosa Springs is in southwestern Colorado, 200 miles north of Albuquerque and 300 miles west of Denver. It is located on US Highway 160.The climb is a slam dunk for veteran mountain hikers and bikers, but will be brutal for couch potatoes. If Tuesday, July 27 is the wrong day or Pagosa Peak the wrong destination, we ask Jesus to let us know in a way that is so obvious that no one can miss it. Stormy weather would be one of those obvious deterrents.

A hiker has placed a seven minute video of the trail and it's surroundings on You Tube. Here is the link:

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About That Mountain

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