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March 14, 2014

What you are about to read happened while I was in my robe and pajamas. Yet, it was so real, that there were moments that I was fearing for my life and sanity.

The terrorists' attack on the World Trade Center Towers in New York City on September 11, 2001 has been like a sleeping time-bomb inside of me ever since it happened. Nearly 3,000 souls lost their lives. These souls are waiting for advocates who will weep and war on their behalf. I have repeatedly asked myself if there is anything I was to do or could do? The fact that I am thoroughly convinced that my God is big enough to turn any tragedy into triumph, has always helped to steady my nerves, fill me with hope and given me the momentum to pick up my pen and go to war if prompted to do so.

And when I recently opened my Bible to the Book of Jeremiah and read these underlined words in chapter 1, they jumped off of the page once more:

The Lord said to me, "I knew you before you were formed in your mother's womb, before you were born I sanctified you and appointed you as my spokesman to the world." verses 4 & 5.

Then he touched my mouth and said, "See, I have put my words in your mouth. Today your work begins to warn the nations and the kingdoms of he world. In accord with my words spoken through your mouth I will tear down some and destroy them, and plant others and nurture them and make them strong and great." verse 9

"Get up and dress and go out and tell them whatever I tell you to say. Don't be afraid of them, or else I will make a fool of you in front of them. For see, today I have made you impervious to their attacks. They cannot harm you. You are strong like a fortified city that cannot be captured, like an iron pillar and heavy gates of brass. All the kings of Judah and its officers and priests and people will not be able to prevail against you. They will try, but they will fail. For I am with you," says the Lord. "I will deliver you." verse 17-19.

I said within myself after reading these words, "Maybe I am to be another Jeremiah and blast what God has put on my heart into the four corners of the world?"

And then in my mind's eye I saw myself marching into the offices of every person who applauded and promoted building a bigger, higher, safer, and more ostentatious World Trade Center Tower and let them have it.

"How dare you", I said, "building another Ego-Tower! How stupid can you be creating another juicy target for terrorists to take down? In God's eyes you are rebuilding another sandcastle. Haven't you learned your lesson? Haven't you learned that bigger and higher is not always better? Don't you remember how God felt about the Tower of Babel? Don't you remember what happened to Israel when they decided to rebuild with hewn stones? Read The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn and you will know that you are inviting the wrath of God to fall upon you and the whole nation. Your pride is as a stench in God's nostrils. May the Hound of Heaven pursue you until the fear of the Lord gets a hold of you and you are humbled and fall on your knees. May prospective tenants be fearful of renting space in the new Trade Center Tower. That would be a wake-up call for you and your investors. That's probably the only thing that would get your attention and let you know you have offended the heart of your Creator-God." I was mad and I let them know it!

Without being aware of it at first, I had confronted principalities and powers of darkness in my own strength. I had forgotten to ask my Commander-in-Chief, Jesus Christ, to lead in battle. My angry, uncrucified heart had gotten me into trouble. I had aroused the sleeping giants of the underworld. I became aware that they are very real even though I was merely addressing them in my soulish imagination while dressed in my robe and pajamas. I became aware that unless I walked into their domain dressed in the full armor of God, I could be dead meat; and I nearly was. But in the nick of time I remembered God's Word and hurled it at Satan: The Battle is the Lord's; the Victory is the Lord's; the Glory is the Lord's. I hurled these truths for hours and hours at the enemy. Those words were my ammunition, my battle axe. This strategy saved my sanity and won the war raging inside of me. I was finally able to go to sleep and sleep soundly. The next day I picked up my pen, my sword.

After my raging emotions had calmed down, I realized that I had gone into battle in my own strength. My angry human heart had nearly caused me my life - my sanity. It was not the first time that I needed to cry out for help and probably won't be the last.

Once more I learned that my God is big enough. I learned that my God is the only God that is big enough to turn tragedy into triumph. A more grateful and obedient heart has mushroomed within me. I learned that the littler I am, the safer I am. Until my Commander-in-Chief gives me the signal to pick up my pen and shoot my mouth off, I better stay silent and hidden. In fact, it's better and safer for Him to do the shooting. He never misses.

Here is the score for this recent battle:

Beware, builders of sandcastles around the world, you do not have heaven's stamp of approval.

Peter & Rebekah Laue
Pagosa Springs, Colorado

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