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  Pagosa Springs, Colorado
May 16th, 2006

Last night was a rough night for me. I was clobbered by anxiety concerning upcoming bills like house and car insurance and property taxes. I was probably one of thousands or even millions who lost sleep for the same reason. I refused to take a sleeping pill to get back to sleep. I try to bring all those kinds of fears to the Throne of Grace. My handmaiden Rebekah is not my banker. I try to shield her as much as possible from these kinds of concerns.

Well, this morning my seemingly well-constructed dam burst. As we were sitting up in bed and holding hands, Rebekah asked me how I slept and what I dreamt, all my concerns and fears spilled out. I was unable to hide them any longer. It was not an easy day for her as she silently moved through the day helping to shoulder my concerns with prayers of intercession.

But I got a nugget from God that turned the lost sleep into pure gold. Jesus reminded me that my security was not in the equity we had accumulated in our home. Our security was in Him. We were to look to Him as our sole and soul provider. And then I was reminded of the huge deception many of us had bought into. How many
others see their security built up as equity in their home, their Social Security, their 401K, IRA, or retirement accounts, their stocks and bonds, the gold coins squirreled away somewhere, their titles and degrees, their good looks, healthy bodies, pretty wardrobe, etc & etc.? None of that is to be our security. The Lord said, "Peter, all of that is no more than a puff of smoke in My eyes. Don’t waste your life making a pet out of your piggy or pity bank."

A few minutes later I picked up a daily devotional given to us by recent guests. The book fell open to page 133. As I read what it said, CONFIDENCE and LIFE and HOPE came back into my spirit. I then read the words to Rebekah and she was also greatly encouraged.

Then I said to Rebekah, "Let's think of a couple of people who are a light in a
dark world." You came to mind. So, this is also for you. Indeed you have walked through the valley of the shadow of death; but there is now more light at the end of your dark tunnel. You are full of the Light of God. Many will see Jesus in you and find their way back home to the “Father's House” when they see you.

Peter & Rebekah
Stretcher Bearers

Philippians 2:14-16; Daniel 12:3

Child, you shine like a bright and brilliant star that lights the sky in the darkness of night. For I have called you to light, to righteousness and holiness, and to purity and blamelessness. I have called you out of darkness into My marvelous light.

Loved one, those who love righteousness, those who are wise, shine brighter and brighter unto that perfect day. And though your light was dim in the past, that no longer is so. For I have called you by My grace, and by My power you are becoming radiant and brilliant. You are becoming a light for others to see, a light to follow, a light of illumination, a light to show others the paths of righteousness.

O loved one, that brightness, that beauty is the power and presence of My Spirit conforming you to My image. Have not I said that I am the light of the world? So you too, beloved, are a light shining in the darkness of this world.

Yes, I have ordered it, so that the darkness may have light, and those in darkness may see and come to the knowledge of the truth. O dear one, you shine as a star in the heavens.

Child, do not some use the stars for navigation and guidance to help find the North from the South and the East from the West? So, likewise, you are a bright shining star to help pilot those lost in the sea of darkness into the light of My presence.

O beloved, shine on. Let your light be seen. Do not hide it or let it grow dim, but let it always radiate My presence.

Page 133, “No Better Place than in the Center of His Presence” by Bob Pangburn

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