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Life Letters

Happy Birthday

Dear Sister, Pagosa Springs, Colorado
July 30, 2001

This morning I listened to a tape you made for me four years ago. I got a little better acquainted with you and the monumental task that drives your engine. Indeed, you and I are not that different. We have both been challenged to make a difference in this world and have accepted the challenge. I am building on the Chief Cornerstone laid some 2000 years ago. I do hope that before you close your eyes forever, you will join me in building on that Cornerstone and no other (1 Peter 2:6).

You and I are no longer our own. We have not been our own for a very long time. Many of us, you included, want God to direct all of our thoughts, emotions, and actions. Once we opened our hearts up to God, every evil, every unclean spirit in the universe took note and has attempted to impersonate God to us. Do you recall how Satan tried to sabotage Jesus' mission on earth right after the Holy Spirit came upon Him in the Jordan River? Jesus exposed and defeated Satan with the Word of God. The Word is a "lie swatter." That's what I use. What are you using for a “lie swatter?”

There is only one Holy Spirit but many unholy spirits. This world is full of seducing counterfeit angels of light. I sense that there is a big one seducing you. There is a very good reason I say that. You are trying to “reinvent the wheel” and lay a new chief cornerstone. That smacks of pride and delusions of grandeur, like: “Move over Jesus, my plan is better and more inclusive than yours.” You don't exactly say this in your letters, but that's what I read between the lines. Along with Jesus, you want every famous guru who ever was or ever will be to have his or her name engraved on your cornerstone.

Because I love you, I warn you, dear sister. A seducing angel of light is deceiving you. Divorce yourself from that angel. Divorce yourself from every spirit that cannot and will not acknowledge that Jesus is Lord and God. Cling to the hand of Jesus. He alone can take you safely to the other side of fear, confusion, pride and deception. Take no other hand but the hand of Jesus! I have zeroed in on the Word of God to be my exclusive roadmap to take me safely through the jungle of conflicting voices. I shall not, I must not let go of Jesus' hand lest I plunge into an abyss of insanity and eternal darkness.

Life at times may be hard; yet it is wonderful. I laugh a lot. I love to repeat the jingle: “When Christians laugh, the devil can't dance.” Joy now comes from deep within. The joy of the Lord has indeed become my strength. Many call or come by for a visit. God's joy and laughter within me is contagious. Satan can't play with my thoughts and emotions as he used to. I am no longer on a roller coaster of up-and-down emotions. Instead of Satan having me at the end of his string, Jesus now has a firm grip on me and I on Him. I sold out to Him a long time ago. Jesus loves me. I love Jesus. I love people. Jesus loves people through me. I am His delivery boy. All of us run someone's errands.

I am having lots of fun making “rock trout.” I believe I have sent you a picture of the name of Jesus in the shape of a fish, which I sandblast into smooth rocks taken from the San Juan River. Everyone who sees them loves them and wants to learn how to make them. We just taught our son John, his wife Lisa, and three of their children how to make them. They have already started their own ministry and are calling it, “On the Rock.” We have what I might call a “Glorified Kindergarten” in our home. Maybe your “Cinderella dreams” can now become reality if we “hook up” with one another?
I put the whole New Testament on audio cassettes — 26 tapes in all. It is in contemporary English. If you have a favorite book and would like to hear my voice, I'll make you a copy. Let me know.

I am so glad I listened to your audio tapes again. I had that strong check in my spirit not to erase them. I am so glad I obeyed. I do believe you are a Cinderella. The glass slipper will fit you well! But do watch out for imposters. Any prince that tries to lay a new cornerstone comes from the pit of hell. I am inviting you to be my sister and a princess in Christ. Jesus is waiting for you with open arms. Don't disappoint Him. Don't give yourself to any other prince.

Happy Birthday! Seventy-seven is a very good number.

Your Brother

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