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Life Letters

Dudley's Date Bars and Other Yummies

Dear Virgil and Barbara, Pagosa Springs, Colorado
February 24, 2000

Sometimes it is those very small and simple things that let us know we are traveling on the King's Highway. Knowing we are right on track makes all the difference between a very good day and just an average day. Well, let me tell you how significant your recent input into our lives has been so that you can rejoice with us.

A few days ago we found a UPS parcel in front of our door early in the morning. It was a gift from you to make my birthday more special. It was filled with goodies from Dudley's Bakery in Santa Ysabel. Anything from Dudley's is like mail from home. Santa Ysable, although only a very small dot on the map holds special memories for Peter and Rebekah. We stopped there numerous times when we were courting. We also went to the mission and soaked in God's presence both in the chapel and also on the lawn underneath large shade trees.

A few days after the package arrived we had a visitor from Vacaville, California. He drove 1300 miles to find his place in life and place in God. He had traveled to Germany, Mexico, and Australia to make that elusive connection with His creator. Through a set of circumstances, all quite miraculous, he found his way to the Hiding Place in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. Spiritually, he was nine months pregnant. We sensed this over the phone, by letter and also the moment he stepped through the door.

I was just enjoying one of the date bars from Dudley's when he knocked on the door. I offered him one and told him who sent them and where they came from. I said, " Chances are you won't know where Santa Ysable is." He smiled and said, "What a coincidence, I lived in Santa Ysabel in 77 and 78. I worked for the US Forest Service." That little connection immediately began to bond us. It's as if we had "Date bar communion." It is as if angels had worked overtime to create this love feast.

We knew in our spirits that our friend was spiritually hungry and at the same time extremely fragile. We knew that only the Lord was allowed to touch him. We took him to the Upper Room guest chamber and acquainted him with what was available in terms of spiritual food, physical food and other pampering amenities. We told him we were available if he wanted to talk but that it would be better if he made direct contact with Jesus without our involvement. He asked if we had a copy of our autobiography available he might read. So we pointed it out to him on the bookshelf. That was last Sunday around 2:00 PM.

Two days later he knocked on our front door. He wanted to talk and tell us what happened. First, he told us about the similarity between his and our lives. He was particularly taken by an incident in the autobiography, "The Wood Blossom" that paralleled his life. It dealt with an incident where my boys had given us a seedling loquat tree from the parent tree in their yard. I say, "their yard" because divorce had split our family apart. That tree meant a lot to me. The tree went through all kinds of trials to survive. And when it finally got established in our backyard, it was more of a bush than a tree. Our friend had a parallel experience with a loquat tree. It was far too unusual to be a coincidence.

What a set up! God was orchestrating the whole thing. My experience with divorce, pain, the loquat tree, etc. took place when his children were not even born. But there is more to this story. As our guest was looking at pictures in a magazine about America or Colorado, I can't recall which, he was listening to one of our audio tapes called "The Other Peter's Epistles." Well, in conjunction with telling my stories, I had also interspersed the text with prayers including praying in the Spirit. You can probably guess what happened, our friend was baptized in the Holy Ghost and received his prayer language. In a twinkling of an eye, Jesus became real to him. He was a changed man. There was life and light in his eyes. What a miracle; what grace! What a joy and privilege it was to see this transformation.

I gave him the audio book with four cassettes filled with the stories I have written over a period of years. I also placed into his hands a set of tapes by Joyce Meyer entitled Grace, Grace and More Grace. He took those tapes to the Upper Room and began listening to them. The next morning he knocked on our door and said, "I am ready to leave. I got the goods and am eager to get back and tell others. Those Grace tapes are really good and one of these days I really would like to get a set." Well, it "so happened" that we had an extra copy on hand we could give to him. Our friend Tita first introduced us to Joyce Meyer about five years ago.and sent us the Grace tapes. Most counselors and psychiatrists can't hold a candle to the way she exposes and treats the garbage in our lives. In fact, it was our friend Tita who suggested this new friend come to "The Upper Room."

Another super delight connected with this visitor is that he is a lieutenant in a large prison with 6000 inmates. It had become a difficult and unfulfilling job. He was at a point where he was counting the days to his vested retirement six long years down the road. Now he knows he has something to give to the inmates besides filling out paper work, making schedules for guards, etc. We gave him a number of prints and cards of Rebekah's "The Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail" prints. One of these he will put in his office. The others he will share and show to the chaplains in the prison. God is going to use this man to reach into a very dark place. What joy. In fact, lately a number of prison ministries have requested copies of the same picture. Many people have helped us put this picture into print. We just printed 5000 more cards and 10,000 more postcards. We ask a blessing on everyone who helped us print and distribute them.

So you can see how magnificent and merciful our heavenly Father is as he prepares the smallest details for our redemption. Those who are truly hungry for answers will find Jesus, the Answer. It is awesome to be a spectator. I am so eager to give this very good report to you while it is fresh on my mind. I know you will be encouraged. We love you so very, very much and thank God for you. You have prayed those 100 fold blessings to descend upon us. Indeed, they have.

I will send a copy of this letter to a few others. I know they will be encouraged and also be reminded there are no unimportant details in our daily walk with God. For you to go to Dudley's Bakery in Santa Ysable, California when you did, was the most important thing you could have done that day to advance the kingdom of God amongst men. Timing is so very important. Your timing was perfect. That box filled with goodies from Dudley's Bakery was like fresh manna baked in heaven's bakery. What a beautiful present you have given to me and Jesus in me! I am having so much fun. Each day is so rich and full. The difficult years of my life are a small price to pay for the joy of my salvation. Be encouraged by these words coming to you out of an overflowing and grateful heart. With all my love,

With all my love,

Rebekah adds her love!

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